Summer Salads

I love a good and refreshing salad. I eat some sort of salad daily. Summer salads are perfect on a hot summer day. Pair one of these with grilled chicken or shrimp for an added protein.

My sister and I love a watermelon and feta salad. When we make it, we send photos back and forth to each other. This is so simple and easy to recreate at home.

These were made with Philippe Starck Degreene bowls. I love these bowls because they have a plate on top for easy serving and also keeping the salads preserved when entertaining. My grandma used to put a plate on top of her food to keep it hot. If you are serving a salad outside, you can do this to keep the bugs out until guests arrive for serving. You can also use the plate for easy plating. They come in small single servings and large entertaining options.

watermelon Summer Salads on a white bowl

Summer Salads

Watermelon Feta Salad

There is no measuring with this. I just cut and toss into a bowl depending on how many people are eating. If you are one person, do a single serving of each ingredient. If you are entertaining, make a big bowl. I just throw it all in the bowl and toss and serve with olive oil, salt, and fresh lemon juice.

Kalamata olives

red onions


fresh watermelon


fresh feta

olive oil/salt/fresh lemon to serve

Peach and Mint Pasta Salad

This so simple and delicious using farmer’s market-fresh ingredients. I pulled the mint straight from my garden.

cold pasta I used fusilli I cooked the night before

fresh peaches chopped

feta or fresh mozzarella





watermelon feta salad on a white bowl

Do you have a favorite summer salad?

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