Links I Love Week 28

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This week’s links are coming to you from the Naples airport. It has been an amazing trip to Italy (Positano and Capri) but the time has come for me to return home. I am so excited to be reunited with Henri and my bed.

Finding a newspaper in Capri and Positano wasn’t as easy as I thought. I get the WSJ and NYT delivered at home and love flipping through the pages each week. My hotel in Positano couldn’t get a newspaper and the hotel in Capri was always one day behind. There was a newspaper stand in the square selling the same day behind NYT. I had limited wifi at the beach where I did my reading under an umbrella.

Beach umbrella in orange and white

Links I Love Week 28

Grab your coffee and croissant and join me for this week’s links I love.

This week I celebrated 5 years in blogging. I spent the day in Capri and had a nice toast of Prosecco from my balcony. I have had a great trip to Italy and I am so sad to be returning home. In case you missed it, you can read up on The Italy Fund and how Italy was my big motivation to get through the last 18 months.

France has opened to U.S. travelers.

I am not sure if I shared this yet, but this is so helpful. The rules continue to change and traveling in Italy was very confusing. I had a PCR test both upon entry to Italy and the US. Everyone told me different advice and it was best for me and peace of mind to get to and from easily and safely.

There is a specific kind of joy we have been missing. My sister sent me this article to read. I always love when she contributes to links! via NYT

I discovered lupini beans in Capri/Positano and I had a lot of questions about them. My sister loves them so I am excited to find them in the US. This article explains more. They are similar to edamame but salty and addicting.

My full list of what I packed for Italy is here. I packed in a carry-on. You can see the tips on how to pack light here. I wore everything I packed except for one bathing suit (a full piece) and that is just about it!

A first look at the new Sex and the City reboot. There is no official launch date but I will be curious to see how they spin this.

Why a French culture war you’ve never heard of causes huge traffic problems

Movies to watch if you are dreaming of Italy.

I had a wonderful meal with my friends in Capri. I saw them in Chicago right before the world locked down. They opened the most amazing garden/cooking school in Anacapri. I have been buying their olive oil for years. I am placing another order once I get home. If you want to support a small business in Capri that has a great product, this is it. It makes a great gift for all those who love Italy/cooking.

Chicago friends, this is the full list for Movies In The Park. I have done this a few times and it is so fun. A great and safe way to spend a summer evening. Pack a picnic, make it a date night or bring the kids.

I have never been good at wearing sunglasses. These were the BEST investment for Italy and I wore them all the time. I didn’t get the chance to try them on in-store I just placed an order for pickup right before I left. These are what I have been wearing in all my photos.

The Link Between Self-Reliance and Well-Being

If you are planning a trip to Europe anytime soon, this is a good read.

The rules keep changing and it is so good to know to expect the unexpected and plan and recheck before flying out. If you are traveling through a country like I am, it is also important to know the Covid rules of that country and the requirements to pass through.

Couples are dealing with post quarantine separation anxiety. Have you experienced it?

There is more to Summer rosés outside of Provence. Here are some to try.

Where to go on holiday in France this Summer

You know I love my Diptyque candles. This set is available for the Anniversary Sale and they give you a small candle of different scents to decide your favorite. You can also break these up for little gifts for friends in care packages or when you head over to someone’s house. It is such a good gift!

Where to celebrate Bastille Day in NYC

France ditches masks outdoors. Italians are still required to wear them outside.

Supergoop glow stick is back in stock. This gives you 50 SPF protection and perfect to pop in your bag for reapplication to stay protected. I love mine and use it all the time.

Seize your Summer in Chicago, discover these 9 neighborhoods. I get a lot of requests for a Chicago guide. I haven’t done much with Covid so this post may be helpful to those who are visiting.

Pastis, a perfect aperitif for lazy days of Summer. via NYT

How to expedite your US Passport application. A friendly reminder to check the date of expiration and renew with 3-6 months left on your passport.

How the Pandemic changed dress codes via WSJ

I love this Cup of Jo post on how to do anything.

Summer in the Cities: Chicago via NYT

This Longchamp tote is what I walked around with mostly in Italy from beach to dinner. When I was exploring with my camera, I used a camera bag from Cuyana. It looks like it is currently sold out but this one is similar.

If you are looking for Summer salad inspiration try this one, this one with corn and avocado, or this one with lemon.

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  1. I continue to enjoy your “Everyday Parisian!” The article about “Collective Effervescence” was really delightful and I hope our world moves toward that as Covid restrictions are lifted. I also loved the French Vogue piece on where to go in France this summer. It gave me a chance to use my high school French again!

  2. You forgot one…Finding Your Feet where you get to see a bit of Italy and England. It is a great movie and one of my favorites.