How to Frenchify Your Summer

How to Frenchify Your Summer

How to Frenchify Your Summer

Summer is here and the weather is hot. We got a good early taste of the heat before the first official summer day. Travel to France right now isn’t cheap, so if you are working on a budget these tips will help you recreate a French summer at home. Frenchify your summer with these suggestions. I would love to know if you have your own ideas on how to have a French-inspired summer. Comment below and share how you will Frenchify your summer this year.

20 Ways to Frenchify Your Summer

  • Picnic. This is one of my favorite activities to do in Paris with friends or solo on the Seine. You can always instantly transport yourself to Paris with a Parisian picnic in your back or front yard. Grab a Turkish towel, a picnic basket with your favorite foods, and a bottle or two of wine. You can’t go wrong with a baguette and cheese.

  • Learn how to host a French picnic.

  • Drink French Rosé Educate yourself about French wines with friends. Rosé favorites include Whispering Angel, Miraval, Minuty, and Aix. The list could go on forever. Try to discover something new and different this Summer.

  • Spend an afternoon at your local museum. Chicago Art Institute has an incredible collection of French impressionist artists. A great activity to do on a weekday or rainy afternoon.

Frenchify your summer

Frenchify Your Summer

  • Friday apéro to kick off the weekends. Invite some friends over for rosé and some small French-inspired appetizers. Dinner in French and À Table are good cookbooks to look for inspiration.

  • Wear stripes. I am a big fan of stripes, and the trend covers everything in my closet, from dresses shirts, and even bathing suits. My family is fully on board with the stripe trend, and it isn’t unusual for us to match occasionally. I own this Bretton striped shirt in two colors.

  • frenchify your summer everyday parisian
  • Saint James is the place for authentic Brenton Stripes and knitwear, and they ship to the US. I got this one when I was in Paris a few years ago.

  • Play pétanque. If you have space, you can set this up at a local park or in your backyard. You will find people of all ages playing this French classic all Summer long in France.

  • Make a Fruit Galette. Use your favorite Summer fruits to create this French pastry at home. Blueberry, peach, mixed berry, the possibilities are endless.

Frenchify Your Summer

frenchify your summer everyday parisian

  • Master a Cheese Plate. I love an excellent comté, brie, and truffle cheese, but I am always up for trying something new. (except for blue) Ask your local cheese shop, I have a cheese section in my grocery, and they always have recommendations for new cheeses to try.

  • Frenchify Your cheese board
  • Go for a Bike Ride I got a bike for my birthday this year, and it was the best gift. I love going for bike rides around the city on the weekends. If you don’t have a bike, you can try out a bike-sharing system similar to vélib in your local city.

  • Refresh your Summer hair in between washes with dry shampoo from Klorane.  Use this after workouts or at night before bed. The dry shampoo can be great for giving life back to bangs too.
  • Take the month of August off. The French are known for taking a holiday in August, which means many businesses and shops are closed in Paris. Even if you have exhausted your PTO, you can have a French-inspired weekend at home.

How to Frenchify Your Summer

  • Evening cocktails/French 75 Up your cocktail game this Summer. Stock your bar and get creative. If you are looking for inspiration, David Lebovitz has a great book called “Drinking French”

  • Farmers Markets Visit your local farmer’s market and shop seasonally. I love Green City in Chicago. P.S. Don’t forget your market basket.

  • Plant Fresh Herbs in Your Garden. This raised garden bed is a beautiful addition to any garden.  Basil, mint, and lavender are all fragrant and fun for summer. I have struggled with basil but have had success with mint this year.

  • Watch “A Good Year” One of my favorite movies, and it will transport you to Summer in Provence. Pull out your favorite rosé and make a night of it.

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  1. Love this! Thank you for this series, I’ve been fortunate enough to have been to Paris a few times and am looking forward to my next trip. Until then I will enjoy Paris through your posts and photos.

  2. I enjoy these posts, too! I was in Paris in June but came home wishing I’d bought more souvenirs so I searched your archives and discovered your link to the Paris museums boutique site. I’ve already placed 2 orders and the shipping is reasonable and quick and I was delighted to order items from the Louvre! Would love more ideas on French boutiques or stores that ship internationally in future posts!

  3. I am so happy to see that you have brought back the Frenchify series! Travel is not available to me right now so incorporating the French sense to everyday living is lovely. Over the years your clothing choices have become a pit pricier. I was wondering if you might do a high/low selection from time to time. Thanks again for bringing back Frenchify!

    • Yes! It is one of my favorites. I also love Under the Tuscan Sun. I will have to watch it before I leave this week. ✈️

  4. Love this! I am looking for a new straw basket to take to the market (the one I have now has rope handles that are uncomfortable on my shoulder when full). Is the one linked the one in the first pic in Paris? Is it comfortable when full to carry?

    • Hi Anita,

      Thank you! This is one of the most popular items readers have bought this summer. I don’t think any bag is fully comfortable if it is too heavy. I would leave it to a picnic blanket and picnic items and you should be good 🙂

  5. I have been listening to A Year in Provence on audio with Libro. It’s narrated by the author and transports you to France!

  6. I signed up for a course at my local Alliance Française after many years away from it. I studied there for 7 years and loved it so much I even became a volunteer for events. I credit them for taking me from basic HS French to ‘functional fluency.” Classes are online which is the silver lining allowing me to attend again. They also have many cultural events (online now) and membership gets you access to the Culturetheque mutt I media library (also virtual). Formidable!