Recipe List

Everyday Parisian Recipe List

Everyday Parisian Recipe List

This is the easiest way to save and share all of the Everyday Parisian recipes I make on a regular basis with all of you. These are recipes you have seen me mention/cook on Instagram. I hope this inspires you to cook at home. This list will continue to evolve and grow.

Cheddar Jalapeno Dutch Oven Bread. This has become a regular quarantine recipe on the rotation. I just need to figure out how to do it with whole wheat and still taste good. It’s so easy and takes about 4 hours total.

Granola. I found this recipe just through google and it has become a staple. You can add your favorite fresh or dried fruit to it. Almond milk or yogurt goes well too.

Shrimp Tacos. These are easy and you can modify the spices with what you have at home. The green sauce is delicious. I subbed with 2% greek yogurt.

Avocado Kale Ceasar and Sweet Potato Fries. The dressing is so good. I kept it in the fridge to use again the next day.

Ina’s Roast Chicken This is so good and easy. My family loves when I make this.

Sheet Pan Rosemary Dijon Mustard Chicken and Potatoes with Feta Yogurt dressing. I skipped the rosemary but it was still delicious. The sauce makes the dish with the potatoes. I subbed Brussel Sprouts instead of asparagus.

Roasted Tumeric Chicken Pitas. I made this on a weeknight and my mouth is still watering. I ended up using the feta yogurt sauce from the above recipe. I had some leftovers from the previous night. It was so good I am still thinking about it. A few notes. I cut the spices in half and it worked better for me and wasn’t overpowering and only used one tablespoon of oil. I used whole wheat pita from the grocery store and toasted it in the oven just before eating. Instead of fries, I used potatoes that were also leftover from the above recipe.

Sweet Potato Gnocchi This is so good! It makes a good amount and enough for leftovers. I subbed in some whole wheat flour and low-fat ricotta. I also replaced the broccoli rabe with kale and took out the cream for a lighter dish. It is a little time-consuming so if you want to break it up into making the gnocchi and then finishing up the brown butter part, you can easily do that.

Sesame Terriyaki Chicken. Easy for a weeknight dinner. I love the marinated cucumbers. I make extra so I can snack on them the next day.

Chicken Tinga Tacos. Perfect for leftover chicken in your fridge. I have been ordering this from a local spot in Chicago and I didn’t realize how easy they were to make at home. I used homemade guacamole on the bottom instead of avocado slices.

Sheet Pan Shrimp Tacos. These were delicious and surprisingly very easy and quick. I would say skip the jalapeño sauce. I had corn, rice, homemade chips, and salsa on the side. A great weekday meal with lots of flavors.

Sticky Apricot Chicken Perfect for kitchen staples and if you have a few chicken breasts and you are stumped on what to do with them that is a bit different. It’s quick and easy and I would say kid-friendly as well. It reminds me of orange chicken but a healthier version.

Miso Salmon and Sesame Ginger Noodles. I ended up making a different version of salmon but the noodles were so good I made them two weeks in a row. Good cold or hot.  

Whole-Wheat Spaghetti, with lemon, basil, and salmon. I subbed shrimp but you could do any fish. It was so delicious and flavorful. This would be so good in the Summer.

Unstuffed Spicy Tomato Basil Shells. I used whole wheat noodles, cut the oil in half, and 2 % ricotta. The ricotta lemon mixture was out of this world good. I used the remainder lemon, basil mix to throw on a salad.

Sun-dried tomatoes and kale pasta This is a weekly repeat these days. This is something we eat when using pantry staples and fridge staples. Kale is on our weekly grocery list. I skip the white wine on this one. We typically add shrimp or chicken to the top for protein.

Lunch Recipes

Sesame Noodle Bowls. I halved the tahini sauce on the noodles and used these green jade noodles which are way healthier. The chicken was just cooked with light olive oil and no sauce. I stored them in the fridge and they were delicious and easy to bring out for lunch in a pinch. I love these glass containers to individually store ready-to-go meals.

Orzo Salad This has become a house staple. We keep orzo well-stocked in the pantry. I love this year-round and it makes a great side dish for lunch or dinner.

Everyday Parisian Soup Recipes

French Onion Soup. This one uses chicken stock instead of beef stock which I prefer.

Potsticker Soup. I have made this so many times. It is easy and delicious! I typically add a half cup of angel hair or rice noodles to the broth to make it more filling.

Cheesy chicken tortilla tortellini soup This has become a fall/winter staple. It’s so good! We typically will do a quesadilla on the side to make it more of a meal. I make my own chicken broth so if I have some frozen it helps speed along the process. I skip the black beans and only do two cups of enchilada sauce. I like Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce the best. I also add 2-3 adobo peppers for an extra kick. I like things spicy!

Spinach Tortellini Soup. This has become a staple at home. I use my homemade chicken broth and Trader Joe’s tortellini. I keep it in the fridge to reheat for an easy Winter lunch.

Avgolemono (lemon rice soup) with chicken. I love anything lemon and this is delicious and I crave it on a Winter day all the time. There is a spot not too far from my house that makes this without the chicken. I found this recipe easy to make at home.

One-Skillet Greek Meatballs and Lemon Butter Orzo. I skipped the dressing and it was still amazing. The whipped feta is everything and Orzo is a staple in my house.

Everyday Parisian Dessert Recipes

Biscotti Recipe. My dad begs me to send him. I add chocolate chips to the recipe.

World Peace Cookies. My nephew loves these double chocolate cookies. You can slice and bake them and the dough can stay in the freezer for a few months. This is perfect for when you are craving a warm cookie out of the oven.

Lemon Yogurt Cake Recipe. I added blueberries to this and tossed in a bit of flour so they don’t sink to the bottom.

French Madeleine. I love these with raspberries or blueberries. You can even add chocolate chips.

Lemon Pudding Cakes with Raspberries. Delicious. I ended up cutting the sugar by 1/4 cup and still tasted great!

Auntie Cookies. You can add any type of sprinkles you want. I change them up with the season. My niece and nephew love these!

Chocolate Lava Cake for Two I was always intimidated to try to make this at home but it is super simple and turns out great. It bakes in about 12 minutes and you can make it for one or two people.

Chocolate brownies I recently made these and they are the best mix between chewy and cake brownies. They were a big hit and disappeared by the next day. I would add walnuts to them next time just because I prefer them that way.