5 Ways to Frenchify Your Wardrobe

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The French are very simple when it comes to their wardrobe. When a classic Parisian comes to mind, you may think of a beret (which is only worn by tourists) and a striped Breton shirt. I love my stripes, don’t get me wrong but you are seeing this less and less when it comes to the modern French woman. It is more seen in the South of France and in little kids.

French Makeup

The classic red lip. The French wear little makeup and care more about their skincare when it comes to appearance. I have seen the cat eyeliner come into fashion lately on younger Parisians. Mascara, blush, and lip color is all you need. You can see some of my favorite lipstick colors here.

French Bag

For a classic French bag, look no further than Polène. They have a cult following not just from Parisians but visitors worldwide who visit the store for their first Polène bag. The bags are pricey but classic and should last you for years. My favorite Sèzanne has a variety of styles from the bucket bag to the work bag.

sezane bucket bag everyday parisian


There are three solid coats that help Frenchify your wardrobe. A good trench coat for rainy days and the transition from Spring to Summer and again from Summer to Fall. A leather jacket, it is an investment but yours should last years. A wool coat for the cold winter months.

Trench Coat

5 ways to frenchify your wardrobe everyday parisian

Leather Jacket

A good leather jacket is a great transitional piece. I wear mine all Fall until it is time for a warmer coat. I have had two over the last ten years or so. I wrote about it here that it is the only jacket you need for Paris.

5 ways to frenchify your wardrobe everyday parisian

Wool Jacket

I bought mine last year from Sézane. The camel color was so out of my comfort zone as I usually wear a lot of blacks but I ended up loving it. I wore it all the way through Winter. Again, an investment piece but well worth it. I will wear it again this year. My previous coat was from Sandro. I remember dating a French guy in Paris and I was looking at the Sandro coat which was so expensive. He told me, you are going to wear it for many years so it is worth the price, he was right.

5 ways to frenchify your wardrobe everyday parisian


5 ways to frenchify your wardrobe everyday parisian

The French love a good scarf. Even in the warmer months, it is an accessory you will find French women wearing. It is ideal in all seasons around their neck to keep warm. You can pick up one at Galleries Lafayette or Sézane as a great souvenir to remind you of your trip to Paris. Wear it often in your daily wardrobe.

Ideas on How to Wear a Summer Scarf

How to Tie A French Scarf

If you learn anything from this post on the French wardrobe, it is to invest in high-quality items that are more classic than trendy and you will wear them for years to come. The investment in these items is worth the price.


I feel ballet flats have had their moment and now the trend is all about the cute sneakers. I never thought I would say this when it comes to the French style but hip sneakers are worn with dresses, shorts, and jeans. I own a pair from Madewell that I love and Sézane has a great pair too. They are comfortable to walk in all over and still stylish. Tall knee-high boots are still on point for Fall/Winter. It takes a few years for a trend to carry over to the US so if it is still fashionable in France, it is a good investment for the US in terms of wardrobe.

5 ways to frenchify your wardrobe everyday parisian

If you want to go one step further, you can Frenchify Your Lingerie

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  1. Hi, Rebecca, Thanks to this wonderful post of yours I have fallen in love with Sezane’s fantastic offerings. Milles merci for your recommendations and appreciation of all things Français. I discovered your blog too late to order your beautiful calendar for 2021, but will be primed for next years. I hope you continue to be inspired and to post. Cheers ~ Alexandra (Seattle, WA)

    • Hi Alexandra,

      Thank you so much! Sézane is so much fun and it adds a little French flair to any wardrobe. I will continue to post and inspire from home in Chicago. Lots of love to you in Washington and stay safe. xo