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This week was a tough transition back after taking time off of work. I found out my French teacher Caroline accepted a job in France and will be leaving on Tuesday. I have some French homework to finish up before our last lesson tomorrow. Not only has she been a great teacher, she has become a friend and I will miss her! I was thrown a few other unexpected curve balls this I made it through with the help of friends and laughter. We had our first snow of the year in Chicago which brought about 5 inches this Saturday, it was a fun way to spend the weekend. How was everyone’s week?

9 French-Inspired Resolutions to Adopt this Year I love all of these!

Jamie Beck of Ann Street Studio had her baby and the post literally had me in tears. What a beautiful story and I couldn’t be happier for this internet stranger. Her work as a photographer is incredible. I have been following her story for a while now and just love how she looks at the world.

Wellness Trends for 2019. I am so happy to see oatmilk is on the list. I love putting it in my coffee every morning.

Two firefighters were killed in a blast at a bakery in the 9th arrondissement in Paris

The Louvre is now FREE every Saturday night in 2019 from 6:00-9:45pm. I once did a scavenger hunt on Halloween at night and the Louvre was empty. It was such a unique way to experience the museum. Map out what you will visit during your free hours. I don’t know how busy this time period will be now that it is free.

How you can experience Paris in the 1920’s today. This has some great places to explore for your next trip.

Grace and Frankie is back on Netflix. I found out that you can watch it in French with French subtitles. Caroline and I were looking for something for me to watch in French and I am so happy this is an option and I stumbled upon it by mistake. I can’t wait to watch and practice my French at the same time.

Why cheese plates are everywhere right now.

I want to explore more of France in 2019 and this island is on my list. Has anyone been?

A friend sent me the cutest holiday card in the form of a booklette! I am a little late to the holiday card game but I would love to send one of these out next year.

The 10 most beautiful small towns in France

Your Ultimate Guide to Living Paris Like a Local

I am putting this on my Valentine Wish List. Rose scented limited edition candles from Diptyque. I may end up gifting these to myself. I love burning candles while I work at home in the Winter.

I listened to this podcast while working this week and I loved the message. Even if you aren’t a fan of Jennifer Lopez, this is a great message on pivoting and not giving up.

second chances podcast

I love this sweater for a Winter date night in the color coffee.

Why the US passport is getting weaker.
Beauty Empties.

I finished this eye cream which has been a favorite of mine in the last year. I used to not use eye cream and now I can’t live without it. This is my third one of this and it is worth the splurge.

sisley paris eye cream

Can you pull off a beret if you aren’t French?

Everything you need to know about hygge. Thank you Jennifer for sending this to me. I have been wanting to explore this more and embrace Winter.

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There are 625 members and counting in the Every Day Parisian Facebook Community Group. That is 625 potential NEW friends! A lot of people have asked me how I met my community of friends in Paris and it was from social media. I want to give you the opportunity to meet a Francophile friend in your own city or Paris. Make sure to sign up for this closed group and introduce yourself!

On the blog this week:

A Year in Review. My 2018 Blooper and Highlight reel (more bloopers than highlights)

Paris Perfect Rentals Place Dauphine. I have a few more apartments on my wish list to stay in during 2019. They have some amazing Eiffel Tower views on the Left Bank.

A lot of people were asking about this photo from The Place Dauphine post. It is available for purchase in The Print Shop here

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. merci!

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  1. Bonjour, Rebecca! I loved the French-inspired resolutions and 1920s Paris posts! I also started following Cheese by Numbers on Instagram. I think it will actually help me with my cheese plates. Merci beaucoup!

    • Hi Michelle! I am so happy you enjoyed the links this week. Keep me posted on your cheese plate progress! xo