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links i love from everyday parisian

This weekend I spent photographing a James Beard dinner at the Four Seasons here in Chicago. One of the guest chefs was Michael Mina and he will be opening up two French Restaurants here in Chicago. I tasted a few of their dishes including fois gras and a puff pastry with escargot this weekend. Incredible! The restaurants open in the next month or so. Stay tuned! I will be checking them out for sure. 

From The Everygirl a blog that is based here in Chicago, 5 Tips to Avoid Looking Like a Tourist in France

A Great Read about Solo Female Traveling and why everyone should give it a try. 

Everything you wanted to know about French Bread from my friends at La Cuisine Paris

For those of you in Chicago come hang out this Sunday at Posh 

For those of you in Chicago come hang out this Sunday at Posh 

On the subject of Bread David Lebovitz talks about the boulangerie of Ten Belles. It looks incredible and will be on my must visit list this Spring. I need to try that chocolate bread. 

Why I say no to $1,000 Gigs – This is a great read for influencers or people starting out in the photography world. 

Parisian Decor Tips from My Domain 

Hats are considered “The New Tattoo” according to New York Times Fashion

This past weekend I did some Spring Cleaning so I get to do a little shopping to replace things that were donated. I am prepping for my trip to Cuba so I am all about the sundresses, sandals, and I am going to need a hat. I just got my itinerary this week and I am so excited! The schedule is subject to change but there is one thing on the agenda I didn’t think I was going to be able to do but it is written in the schedule. I promise to share once I know more. 

I ordered a few dresses from Nordstrom and JCrew so I will have to try them on once they arrive to see what I like. I will be taking these with me to Paris too so they have to work for both places. 

I often get headaches with sunglasses believe it or not but I am going to try out a few or these and see if any of them work. 




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