What to do in Paris on Your Birthday

@fannyflory Maison Sisley Paris 

@fannyflory Maison Sisley Paris

What to do in Paris on Your Birthday

My birthday happens to fall in April which is one of my favorite times to visit Paris. The city is in full bloom and there is a buzz of happiness in the air. The city isn’t just for engagements under the Eiffel tower or romantic getaways it is also a great place to celebrate a girl’s weekend away or a birthday. Here is a list of five ideas for those who are thinking about or planning a Paris birthday celebration.

1. Spa time. By now you will know my love for French skincare products and my favorite are from Sisley Paris.

I can tell you from first-hand experience from a facial at the Sisley Spa in NYC that it is quite the experience. What is better than getting pampered on your birthday to make you feel special? I can’t wait to stop by La Maison Sisley for a facial when I am in Paris. The last facial left my skin glowing and it’s the perfect way to fight that tired jet lag look and feel refreshed.

@fannyflory Maison Sisley Paris 

@fannyflory Maison Sisley Paris

2. Take a cooking class! I have taken several at La Cuisine Paris and I can’t recommend them enough. I have done the macaron class and a pastry class where I learned to make éclairs and chouquettes. The classes are done in English and you will meet some great people while you learn to cook/bake some of your favorite French dishes or pastries. Next on my list is baguettes and croissants. Who wants to join me?

what to do in Paris on your Birthday @everydayparisian

what to do in paris on your birthday via everyday parisian cooking class from La Cuisine Paris

3. Book a photo shoot. If you are traveling to Paris solo or with a loved one or group of girlfriends I can’t think of a better memory than professional photos. I went years without a photo of me in Paris and I finally had some taken by my friends of IheartParis They have been capturing me over the years and have given me the best gift of photographs of me in Paris. They will make you feel comfortable and natural so you don’t have to worry. Make sure to pack something colorful and fun for your photo session. I always leave my outfit choices to the last minute!

iheartparisfr photographs in front of the eiffel tower of rebecca plotnick

4. High Tea. You can have one pastry with a candle or why not go big and go for a full high tea at one of the luxury hotels. I had the pleasure of enjoying high tea at Le Bristol on my last visit and there were so many sweet treats I had to take a box home. The lobby is stunning and even if you dine solo like I did there will be people watching to keep you company. I even had a group next to me send me over a glass of bubbly.

what to do in paris on your birthday @everydayparisian

5. Shopping. The best way to guarantee you will have a present that you will love is to pick it out yourself. Paris is the perfect place to do some damage when it comes to shopping. The euro conversion works in our favor right now this may be the perfect time to buy yourself a Chanel, Louis Vitton or Goyard bag you have had your eye on.

Goyard Paris, France 

Goyard Paris, France

Bonus: If heading any of these ideas are out of your budget and you are looking for something to remember Paris without breaking the bank. Grab a book at Shakespeare and Company and sit on the Seine with a picnic or at a café. You can’t beat watching the world go by in Paris.

shakespeare and co in paris, france what to do in paris on your birthday

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  1. I would love to have tea at le Bristol on my next trip!
    I’ve done the croissant class, and it was fun. The recipe doesn’t cross over very well using American flour.
    I’ve tried, but they don’t come close! I loved the fromage class (wine, cheese and bread). It was a small, friendly group of people.
    Happy Birthday!

  2. My whole trip to Paris will be for my (*cringe*) 50th birthday next year, albeit a month or 2 early. But that high tea looks awesome. I’ll have to pick a day to designate as my "French birthday" and celebrate as if it was. Thanks!

    • You must have a squarespace website as that’s not my name. LOL I can’t delete my comment, sorry. I’m Barbara Livieri, Jason and I share website update duties for our camera club. Don’t know how else his name came up. LOL

  3. Another great list! I’m planning a Paris birthday April next year so I think I’ll do a facial and high tea and a photoshoot is tempting.

  4. I have an April birthday too! It’s my dream to spend my birthday in Paris, hopefully one day I can get there in the spring. These are great ideas. They sound like lovely ways to spend your special day!

    • April birthdays are the best!! Happy Early Birthday! You will get there!! I am wishing for you too! The spring is so beautiful and the blossoms are everywhere. Thank you! Keep me posted if you make plans to visit! xo

  5. I have visited Paris in April and it was dry and sunny, a blue sky makes people happy and also helps make good photographs! We like to explore a city on foot and after a day of walking (for hours!) I would have loved to visit La Maison Sisley Paris for a foot massage and spa! I hope you have a lovely trip and enjoy your birthday in your favourite city.