What You Loved the Most in February

I am a stats girl all the way. I love looking at my stats and seeing what is trending and what is not. I really dive into these stats on ways to make the blog better for all of you.

In 5 years, I have taken one paid post opportunity which is a brand that I already bought, used, and loved. My photography, The Print Shop is my main form of income. I do make a tiny bit of commission from affiliate links. I call this my coffee and croissant money because that is what it comes out to. Henri would call it his treat money. There is no cost to you for using my links to purchase items. The retailer gives me a small percentage of the sale as a lead for sending you.

I believe in what I share with you and your trust as a reader is so important. These top 5 items were collected from my stats on what you loved the most. Thank you for your support! xo

Sézane Jack Sneakers

These were a clear winner. For $145 this is a fun way to Frenchify your wardrobe and instantly upgrade it to French Girl status. Move over ballerina slippers, this is the hot new shoe.


I am so happy you loved Vuori as much as I. I bought a pair of pants (if you are tall get the long)at the end of 2020 and they are one of my favorite purchases. They are either on me or in the laundry. I need a second pair. Plus, a zip-up hoodie to add to the collection. I know Spring walks, I will need a hoodie with pockets for Henri. For those of you with men in your life, the performance joggers are amazing and so are the shorts.


Duralex is a simple way to Frenchify your kitchen. These French glasses are a kitchen staple. I was surprised to see them at Nordstrom and they come in two colors. You can also buy them here in clear glass which is what I have in my kitchen.

Braelyn Ugg Robe

Comfort is key right now and so many of you invested in a Braelyn Ugg Robe. The price is great at $88 and it comes in a variety of colors.

Lucille’s Kitchen Watercolor Designs

As a small business owner, I was so thrilled to see how many of you supported this Etsy artist based in France. THANK YOU! She does such fun and colorful designs for your kitchen.

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