Links I Love Week 9

We finally had some sunshine and warm weather in Chicago! This made me smile and gave me hope for Spring and outdoor activities with friends in the future. I haven’t had a weekend with “plans” in a while and this weekend I had a zoom bachelorette party for one of my oldest and best friends and a zoom cooking class on Sunday. It feels good to have “plans” again and I love that I can do them in comfy clothes and no shoes and Henri can come too!

I spent some of the weekend doing a little Spring cleaning and making donation piles from the kitchen. I just moved last year but things seem to pile up and there is so much I don’t use/need. Henri and I got out for a good long walk in the sunshine and we both ended up taking much-needed long naps in the afternoon.

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s links I Love!

Something new to stream this weekend that is set in France.

21 Sheet Pan Recipes via Food and Wine

This Paris apartment is incredible! Very over the top and not your typical Parisian tiny apartment.

Learn more about an American in Paris the founder of Madame de la Maison in this feature article.

The best food and travel shows to watch right now

10 simple ways to improve your relationship by the end of the day

I intrigued by this sleep candle and the notes in it. Lavender, jasmine, and basil sounds like an amazing combination

If you are in NYC, this France in NY map might bring a bit of comfort to you. There are 370 places bookmarked

Also, New Yorkers here is some other good news.

An honest article, Covid Blues are here to stay. When International travel is expected to resume.

10 Things to do with Kids in Paris (bookmark for Paris planning)

I love this army green Dispatch jacket from Madewell. Currently 25% off.

You are not imagining it. The Pandemic is making your hair fall out. I was shocked when my hairstylist mentioned this to me during my visit last week. I had new growth due to hair loss over the last year. Thankfully my diligence in vitamins over the last six months has helped.

How to store butter at room temperature

Vincent Van Gogh Paris painting from 1887 to make public debut

I love this Vuori zip-front sweatshirt. I have a pair of their pants and they are so comfortable.

How to have a perfect staycation at home, according to hoteliers

12 Things to make you feel like you have it all together.

If you need a Waterproof rainboot. These are $21. I ordered a pair in size 9 (it says to size up) and will report back. They have most sizes available but they will go fast.

On a similar topic, I wrote how to keep your house clean. These are systems I have put in place that help me feel like I have control when everything feels out of my control. This wasn’t a planned post but a reader asked a question and it prompted this post which turned out to be a popular and relatable one with readers.

The masks I wear when I am out and about are currently 20% off. I love the pink ones. They also make ones for kids. I have bought Bobby and Emma some. I did a restock for the home since sometimes they go missing like socks. I dry them on the drying rack instead of the dryer and I double mask with another mask underneath for safety.

This new Petite Patisserie opened in Paris this week.

I made this Tumeric chicken pita for dinner this week and it was so good! I added it to the recipe master list with notes so you can refer back.

Lupin’s portrayal of the real Paris is positively thrilling

I haven’t seen an airline safety video in over a year. This new one from Air France is beautifully done and might make you want to book a trip to France.

Pottery Barn shares great tips here on how to build a gallery wall. For a more affordable option, I love the frames from Target.

The first Cinema-Hotel is opening in Paris and it looks so cool! I am bookmarking this for a future stay.

The new Spring collection from Sézane is here. You can see my favorites here. Also, if you need help with sizing, you can check out this post.

Today is the last day to enter the Paris Print Contest. I am giving away $250 credit to the Print Shop along with $250 credit to Framebridge. All the details are in this post.

French baker was given a legal warning after refusing to take a day off

I love this blue and white striped sweater from JCrew currently 50% off and my pleated midi skirt is also on sale. I bought this skirt last February and wore it in NYC.

What’s it like to work with a matchmaker. I have worked with a few 😬over the years so I really thought this was interesting. No success with either of them but it was good to try and have a different selection of matches. The big takeaway was not to limit yourself and you may have to look outside your comfort zone of age/interests. (via NYT)

10 Eating and Drinking Rules Italians Live By. I have really enjoyed the Stanley Tucci show on CNN “Searching for Italy” and just watched Tuscany which brought me back to my days in Florence. Italy will always be my first love.

The people who got Pandemic puppies are in over their heads. This is ME! Henri is a joy, but also I struggle with training him. I hired a trainer but chickened out because I didn’t agree with her social distance opinions and figured having a crazy puppy totally fine with me until I can do classes outside. (via NYT)

If putting yourself feels weird, read this

On the blog this week:

An update on Henri (He had a BIG growth spurt)

How to Frenchify Your Home

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  1. I picked up some waterproof rain boots from your Nordstrom link
    I LOVE them!! So comfy
    Thank you for the post 🙂

  2. Thanks for another great post! Henri is so sweet and there are many online, very good resources, to help you with his training.

    I also wanted to share my new passion with you and your readers — virtual live online tours! It is actually quite amazing to log into the website at the time of your pre-booked tour and see and hear a highly qualified guide walk (or in some cases bike) you through an interesting area of their city or town. The video and sound quality are excellent and there is a chat function so you and the other participants can ask questions and make comments. The tours are free, but are supported by tips — which really helps these tour guides as of course they rely on tourists for their income. I have been to wander Paris in the evening, seen mosaics in Tehran, walked across the bridge in Budapest, visited historic sites in Treviso (just south of Venice), seen Amsterdam at night, admired plum blossoms in Tokyo and have booked many more locations. There are currently four locations in France and more being added all the time. Check it out at

  3. Please don’t get discouraged with Henri.You are definitely doing the right thing in following your gut on his training. Any virtual classes,I wonder, to help in the meantime?
    HUGS to you both

  4. Puppy training is so hard! I think there is a masterclass on the subject – you may want to try it. Treats are an excellent motivator – we ended up just using his dog food (and then gave just a touch less at meal time so he wasn’t over eating). Good luck!

  5. I’m a huge francophile yet somehow I only discovered your website last month. It’s so fantastic! I peruse it with my coffee every morning and it’s given me a lot of inspiration, both for future trips to France and French pick-me-ups during Covid. Thank you for your work!