My Paris Agenda Spring 2024

my Paris agenda everyday parisian

A few years ago, I started the tradition of sharing my agenda for Paris trips. They always have some structure and a purpose. This time around, I am celebrating my birthday with my husband a few weeks early. Our schedules matched up for work and personal life to be able to go this particular weekend. While I have been traveling to Paris for years and know the city well, my husband is still learning his way around. We are slowly building our favorite spots list from our trips.

left bank Paris spring

I am fond of the Right Bank of Paris, while my husband is drawn to the Left Bank. For this particular trip and in compromise, we are staying at a new hotel on the Left Bank. I always disclose where I stay after a trip for safety and privacy. This hotel hasn’t been reviewed much, and I keep digging the internet for more information.

Luxembourg gardens spring paris

The good news is, our hotel is close to Luxembourg Gardens, which means I can arrive here early in the morning before the crowds. Visiting the gardens in the early morning is one of my favorite things to do when I visit. There is so much magic in the calmness.

When I travel alone for work, I have been known to try out multiple hotels. This time around, we are staying in one for the long weekend, and I must say I am thrilled to unpack and be in one spot for the entire time.

Last year, I published the first edition of The Paris Guide. It took months to write down all the knowledge I had collected over the years of traveling to Paris. I will add to the guide this time in anticipation of upcoming spring/summer travel and the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Through publishing The Paris Guide, I learned what readers want when coming to Paris. I aim to make an easy and affordable guide to Paris to help you have the best trip! I love Paris and hope you return with similar feelings about the city of light.

My Paris Spring Agenda

left bank paris spring agenda

I hope to catch some of the spring blossoms for this trip to Paris and provide a blossom report for those traveling soon. Cherry blossoms should be popping in the city soon after the magnolias finish. The weather forecast continues to change, but overall, it will be a bit cooler than I hoped. I modify my Paris spring packing list as the clock counts down to departure. You can see an idea of what I am packing here.

left bank cherry blossoms in bloom Paris

Sweaters, boots, a trench coat, and an umbrella will be my uniform this weekend. Rain or shine, I am ready for this weekend with my husband. I don’t know if he has ever experienced a rainy day in Paris with me. Surprisingly, he had never seen “Midnight in Paris,” a classic.

what I am packing for Paris in the spring everyday parisian

Where I Plan to Eat: My Paris Agenda

For food, I have booked several reservations for new spots to discover and a few favorites. I take my recommendations seriously and want to ensure I visit past spots, too, to ensure they still live up to my standards. There is one restaurant I loved last spring that I am looking forward to returning to. Plus, I have been dreaming of cinnamon babka and coffee from 10 Belles for months.

I am arriving before my husband for a few business meetings before the weekend. Since it is Easter weekend, I want to make sure I can see a few partners before the holiday begins.

Weekend Activities for Paris in The Spring

I don’t have any museums booked for the weekend, but I have a spa I am trying to add to my Paris pampering list. We have a favorite cheese shop on the Left Bank. I hope we can pop by, and if the hotel has a terrace or balcony, we can enjoy the view of the city. There is a wine bar near the hotel I have booked that has had some great reviews. My husband and I love jazz, and several spots close to the hotel are on my list to discover.

Stay tuned to Instagram stories for behind-the-scenes new Paris discoveries for The Paris Guide and future blog posts.

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  1. I love your shares about Paris! My father was from France and I have been able to travel many times over the years. I was there twice last year. 😃 I see that you and your husband love jazz. While staying in Le Marais last year, we found a little jazz club, 38Rev, by our hotel. It’s small and in a cave, very intimate. You may mant to check it out. Looking forward to hearing about your trip! Enjoy!