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I have officially moved! I am adjusting to the new space and dreaming up what I want it to look and feel like.

First things first, hello fireplace. I have dreamt of having a fireplace for years. We had one as a kid growing up, I remember cold nights in Ohio with my family gathered around the fireplace playing board games. I haven’t had one since I moved out of that house when I was 18 so here I am 20 years later and I finally have them again.

fireplace with flat iron image everyday parisian rebecca plotnick

The ceilings are HIGH so small art just doesn’t work. I need one big piece of art. This one is 60×40 and fits the space nicely but I really want to stack some art over the fireplace. Maybe 4 pieces in total?

I moved my old couch in this space along with two chairs and my coffee table and there is a bookshelf for ALL of my books. I have nicknamed this room The Library. There is even a little reading nook and the morning light that floods this space is dreamy. The space is almost complete minus a few other pieces that need to be ordered.

My dreams for this room:

Sunday mornings drinking coffee and reading The New York Times

Dinner Parties with Friends

Late night chats on the phone and in person.

Girls Nights

Movie Nights

Family Nights

Game Nights around the fireplace

My family finally visiting Chicago again.

A dog or two (Louis and Henri)

Books and Books in my reading nook

Naps on the couch in the Winter

People watching from the window

A Christmas tree in the corner.

Birthday celebrations.

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  1. That sounds amazing! One of my big wishes if/when I buy a house is a library! That and a basement bar : )

    • Thank you, Lauren! I have dreamt of a library for a long time. It has been so great being reunited with all my books again.


    Moving, full of apprehension but also full of new exciting things.

    Best wishes Vivienne

  3. A fireplace! How wonderful. 🙂 Sending you all the best wishes as you settle in to your new home. I am enjoying these moving posts. Moving is definitely stressful, even if we know it’s the right decision. But leaving parts of our old life behind – although sad – makes room for new, happy times and opportunities to come. And they will!

    • Thank you! I am really excited for the fireplace. We have some long Winters in Chicago so it will come in handy. Moving is so stressful! I am okay with not doing it again anytime soon. This will be a good move with lots of good memories to come. xo

  4. Blessings on your new home Rebecca, it’s going be beautiful when you make it your own . Moves are never easy but this is the beginning of better things coming your way xoxo stay well be safe thank you for such a heartfelt blog merci best wishes on your new home Clara

    • Thank you so much, Clara! I am looking forward to making this special place feel like home. ❤️ I hope you are well and safe. xo