My Fall Uniform

It is officially September and the weather hasn’t quite turned but there was a chill in the air this Friday that had me reaching for a sweater. I bought this one from JCrew a few months ago and almost forgot about it because it was tucked away in my closet. I had to do a quick shower and change for a meeting and I put on jeans. I should tell you that I rarely wear jeans all Summer. I am a dress/skirt girl all the way. There is always a moment when I transition back into jeans and cross my fingers they still fit the same. Dresses are way more forgiving than jeans. 

Good news is they still fit well! I threw on a t-shirt, sweater, and my blondo flats. It was raining so these are perfect since they are waterproof. I ran outside and looked down and smiled, my Fall uniform was now complete. I didn’t grow up going to school with a uniform but I always find myself gravitating towards the same types of items and I have a certain look for each season. I will be wearing this outfit in different variations ALL season long. 

The blondos are great for three reasons. They are affordable, comfortable yet stylish, and they are waterproof. How many times have you gotten caught in the rain and ruined a pair of shoes? I sure have. I currently own about 5 pairs of blondos and counting. 

my fall french uniform everyday parisian

You can never go wrong with a crisp white shirt, black jeans and a red lip. If I am going out with friends, this is a classic go to look. I am just getting into being more adventurous with the red lip. My favorite color is a burgundy red from Sisley. 

Do you have an outfit or bag you wear on repeat? 

All photos of me are by Liam Graham Haehnle

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  1. I loved all of your recommendations! I purchased a pair of Blondos and the j crew blazer. The Blondos have been a great go-to boot – especially with the unpredictable weather I face in New England this time of year.

    • Thank you! I am so happy you love the blondos. They have been a favorite of mine for years. They hold up great and I love that they are waterproof!

      Happy Holidays xo

  2. This is my fall uniform as well, so needless to say I approve. 😜 I got that same sweater jacket at J.Crew last September and wore it all over Dublin a few days later. It is great! Mine is navy and has striped cuffs, which was a little bit different from what they have now. Just a classic piece to wear for years.

    Happy September,