Holiday Cookie Boxes

holiday cookie boxes everyday parisian

When I was growing up, my dad used to get this tray of cookies right around the holidays from someone at his office. He would bring it home and we would all go crazy digging into peanut butter buckeyes, sprinkle cookies, and adorable cutouts of Christmas trees. My sister and I still have fond memories of this cookie tray that would stay hidden in the freezer long after December for us to nibble on.

Baking is my love language no doubt. When I visit my sister, I cook and bake as much as possible, and before I leave I make sure to stock their freezer well. Once the pandemic hit, and I wasn’t able to travel to my family, I started mailing cookies. My sister gets Auntie cookies and my dad gets my biscottis. He now requests a regular shipment of biscottis delivered.

I originally saw this idea on Half Baked Harvest and then snagged these cookie tins on Target.

What’s Inside:

Auntie Cookies

These have become a signature family cookie. It’s Dorie Greenspans’s Vanilla Sablé recipe with sprinkles instead of sugar. I send these with Rainbow sprinkles usually, but for the holidays I did red and green sprinkles. You can easily pick these up at Amazon or Target.

holiday cookie boxes everyday parisian

Biscotti with Chocolate Chips

These have also become a family staple cookie. My dad LOVES them. I recently added dark chocolate chips to the recipe and they made them even better. One recipe makes a large number of cookies. Be prepared to share if you are one or two people at home. When I make these, the neighbors get some, dad gets some and I get some for my coffee.

holiday cookie boxes everyday parisian

Chocolate Covered Pretzels

To make something Gluten Free, I made chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles. I melted the chocolate in the microwave, dipped, and sprinkled. It was super easy, but messy. It takes a good amount of time to dry completely so be patient.

Vosges Chocolate Toffee

Another Gluten-Free item. This one I did not make but ordered from a local spot in Chicago called Vosges. You can order them as they ship nationwide. The funny thing is, my family all text that they loved the toffee the most out of everything. Thanks, guys! The one thing I didn’t make 🙂

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

This is the sugar cookie recipe. It uses a LOT of butter, but it is the holidays after all. I had plenty of cookies from this one recipe. I had a request from my niece Emma for snowflake cookies since she lives in Florida. I also did Christmas trees and gingerbread men.

holiday cookie boxes everyday parisian

holiday cookie boxes everyday parisian

holiday cookie boxes everyday parisian

The Royal Icing can be so messy. Last year at my sister’s, I decided to use a squeeze bottle instead of a plastic piping bag and it made all the difference. I grabbed a bunch of these on Amazon earlier this year for salad dressing and I had extra to use for icing. For under $10 for 6, this will change everything.

holiday cookie boxes everyday parisian

holiday cookie boxes everyday parisian

holiday cookie boxes everyday parisian

Let me just say that the process seemed a bit overwhelming with no time off for the holidays due to my full-time jobs. But, I carved out time on a Sunday to make it happen because I was dedicated and this was important to me. I wanted a way for my family to all feel connected even though we were apart. Everyone got the same amount of cookies and types of cookies.

Wrapping and Packing Cookie Boxes

I ended up sending all my cookie boxes via UPS 2 Day shipping. It was expensive but I wanted them to arrive fresh and somewhat on time. I wrapped each type of cookie in a different bag with a twist tie. I am happy to report, they all arrived in one piece. I did add a little tissue to the tin to help with any available empty space so they wouldn’t move around. I did this with some not all.

I hope this inspires you to make your own family cookie boxes and start a new tradition for the holidays.

Do you have a favorite family cookie?

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  1. When I was in college, my roommate’s mother would send cookies and she would put a slice of bread (broken into a few pieces) into the tin. Apparently, the bread made them stay fresh while in transit. I haven’t tried sending any cookies this way personally, but they were delish!

    • That’s so nice! That makes sense, I throw one into my brown sugar and it keeps it fresh. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Is you Biscotti recipe posted some where for us all to see. Great idea. I always make a tin of cookies for my family. We have one German christmas cookies recipe that has to be made every year.

  3. Did you use gluten free pretzel rods for the chocolate covered pretzels? If so, did you get them locally in Chicago?

    Also, are you still willing to email the biscotti recipe? 🙂

    • Hi!

      I got Gluten Free pretzels at my local grocery store. It was just one family member who got the GF ones and the rest of the mini rods were sent to other family members. Both of the pretzels were purchased at Plum Market in Chicago.

      I will forward the Biscotti Recipe to your email 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Rebecca! These look delicious and your photos are a great help! Love having them all in one place. Can’t wait to make Biscottis!

  5. That biscottis recipe – my coworker actually said they were orgasmically good and my husband absolutely loves them!!! I’ll be making them again – and soon!