5 Favorite Business Tools to Jump Start 2020

5 favorite buisiness tools to jump start 2020

If you are looking to jump-start your business in 2020, this post is for you. These are the 5 business tools that I use all the time and personally love.

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This is a great resource for making your emails pop! It is SO important to have an email list. I started mine later in my business and I wish I focused on it way more than my follower count on Instagram. I serve my email list each week with valuable Paris content. Flodesk is way easier than Mailchimp and there is a flat rate. I don’t have to worry about how many members are on my email list, the rate never changes. The monthly subscription is $40, but with my link, you can save 50% for life! This was my favorite find of 2019.


Skillshare is a great resource for learning just about anything. If you want to build your social media, take better photos, or spark your creativity in 2020 this is for you. I am giving you 2 months FREE here to test it out and beat the winter blues.


My biggest traffic driver on social is not Instagram or Facebook, it is Pinterest! Once a pin goes viral, you have an amazing flow of traffic that takes people straight to your valuable content. Let’s be honest, it takes so much time to draft and write a blog post. Pinterest is a great tool to get readers to your site for FREE! I signed up for Tailwind about a year ago and it makes my life so much easier. I plan my pins out a week in advance, usually on a Sunday to prep for the week. Tailwind pins for me during peak traffic times. (Tailwind does all the work) You can actually plan days, weeks, and months ahead! You can try your first month of Tailwind for free here. ($15 value)

Creative Market

If you are looking for fun fonts to jazz up your logo or website, Creative Market is where to find them. This is where I found the font for my logo and blog. The prices are super reasonable. I sign up for their weekly emails where they send out FREE fonts! This is a great resource to have and use.


If you haven’t heard of Canva, you are going to thank me! It has made my blogging life so much easier. You can pop photos into a template and create anything you need without a design background. Leave all the hard work to Canva and their amazing designers. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram all have their own formats and aspect ratios to fit and Canva formats everything perfectly.

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