Links I Love: November Week 4

paris seine view

For the Thanksgiving Holiday, I have been down in Florida with my family. I helped out with cooking for Thanksgiving and I made this Chocolate Flourless Cake which was a huge hit. Saturday morning, my niece woke me up around 8 am announcing they made me breakfast for “Auntie Appreciation Day” when I asked her what was for breakfast she said there were “sandwiches and WINE” I am not sure what I am teaching her but, maybe she confused wine with coffee?! It was the joke of the day with the family. We had a full day but, we still made cookies until bedtime. I leave on Tuesday so I am trying to squeeze in as much kid time as possible. 

Why This is the Best Time to Indulge in Food Like the French Do

Tiger shot in Paris after Roaming Streets near the Eiffel Tower via BBC

25 Gifts for The Francophile under $50

A Brothel, Repurposed and Restored, Reveals another Paris via NYT

A video explaining the butter shortage crisis in France and how it is affecting croissants. 

This Classic French Knife is made by a Single Craftsman

Great Paris Gift Ideas You Can Buy Online

A Chocolate Maker Competes with both The David and Goliath’s

The World’s Best Cheese Has Been Chosen and It Isn’t from Italy or France

Paris is Building Three New Bridges over The Seine

What Stores are Open in Paris on a Sunday

paris bookshop right bank

Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sales are on. These are some of my favorite items on sale and what I have purchased this weekend. 

I use my Nespresso every morning and this one is on sale for only $99 if you are looking to buy one this is the time to buy one.

For the dance/ studio these are on my wish list from Alo Yoga

My favorite Gold Mirror from Anthropologie is only $298 and that is a lot less than I paid. If you have your eye on it, snatch it up before the sale price is finished. 

A few things I purchased this weekend with the sales, I got this adorable JCrew Oui/Non Sweatshirt which I included in the gift guide. They are running 40% off so I snatched up this sweater and sweater dress before it sold out. This sweater was not on sale but I couldn’t pass up the red color and the bow! 

This post does include affiliate links which helps fund my coffee and croissant research. Merci!

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  1. Thanks for these great links. I can’t believe that about the tiger, how crazy! I’m glad no one was hurt but it’s sad the tiger was killed. The article about finding shops that are open on Sundays was really helpful, especially for little necessities and markets.

    • I couldn’t believe the news about the tiger. Can you imagine? It is so sad that the tiger was killed and we actually had a whole family discussion about it. I am happy the Sunday Shopping Guide Helped it can be difficult but it is good to know there are options. Happy Sunday!