Links I Love Week 44

This week was full of personal stress, work stress, and I am also feeling the stress of the upcoming election. As part of my 100-day challenge, I have been committed to moving once a day through dance or yoga. Monday night, I finished work at 10 pm with work and went to bed without a class. My back and body have been paying for it every day since. All that stress is in my lower back and won’t seem to go away.

If you are in the US, we turn back the clocks this weekend. I will hopefully be enjoying an extra hour of much-needed sleep and plan to take it easy this Sunday. France has started their second lockdown, here are all the rules and what you need to know.

Shakespeare and Company are Begging for Help to support their struggling business. You can buy books, gift cards, canvas bags all online. Help support this special part of Paris

Traffic jams stretch in and out of Paris on the eve of lockdown

Melody Gardot has a new album out and it is perfect for Winter days at home. I love it! You can listen to it on Spotify here.

Place Dauphine turns into a movie set for The Pursuit of Love

David Lebovitz shares a new bean to bar chocolate shop in Paris. This is on my list to try when I am back, especially those praliné dark chocolates.

My friend Lily has written a new book about Paris called, “There Is Only One Paris” available through Amazon

I have my eye on these shoes for around the house in Winter.

This will be my first year having Thanksgiving away from my family. This helpful guide from Williams Sonoma has so many great tips on making the turkey, fixings, place cards, and kid-friendly activities.

The best hot chocolate in Paris according to La Cuisine and a recipe to make your own at home.

These soothing eye patches from Klorane have been a lifesaver when it comes to puffy eyes and lack of sleep. My niece loves them too so I pack them in her care packages.

Paris to plant 170,000 new trees and turn key spots into urban forests

McDonald’s Social Media Person Cries for Help. I can totally relate. I ran a social media account for a company for three years.

My Kitchenaid mixer is on sale at Bloomingdales. I use this a few times a week. It is one of my favorite kitchen items.

I am adding this robe to my Christmas wish list.

Speaking of Christmas, Sézane’s new home items make perfect gifts

How to Prepare for Another Coronavirus Winter if You Live Alone

This dessert goes out to the crust lovers (NYT)

I saw the movie, Rebecca, this week, has anyone else seen it?

This kid-friendly tea set is adorable and perfect for tea time. Teach the kids early to Frenchify Your Tea

What happened to the couples who quarantined together? (NYT) I have two friends who met and have been engaged in 2020.

Is home furniture rental the next big thing?

On the blog:

Frenchify Your Date Night

Mastering the Art of Sleep

Holiday Cards are now in The Print Shop for Presale

Home Updates

My Boll and Branch Bed

Just a quick reminder that my normal email on Tuesday will not go out as regularly scheduled. November 3rd is election day. Have you voted? I voted on Friday.

*This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission from items purchased from my links at no cost to you. Merci for your support! xo

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  1. I love your blog Rebecca I also want to say loved the calendar and the photos are absolutely gorgeous!!! I also follow lily she’s adorable am a Patreon supporter of hers I also ordered her book today I love her she’s a breath of fresh air !!! As for the movie Rebecca yes I did see it and I did enjoy it it was a little bit deep but I did enjoy the movie take care of yourself be well stay safe life is just not the same no more as always thank you for writing your blog look forward to reading it all the time merci Clara

    • Hi Clara,

      Thank you so much! I am so happy to hear you know Lily and you are a supporter of hers. She is super sweet and knowledgeable about Paris. I hope you are staying safe and well. Lots of love xo

  2. When I saw the Melody Gardot post, I laughed because we could be fast friends IRL. I’ve been a huge Francophile since age 12 and studied in France 3x (2x in Paris) so I love your blog. Sending my best from Minneapolis!

    • Thank you, Dana! We totally can be fast friends IRL 🙂 I was so happy to see she had new music out. This year feels so quiet and this has been an instant mood booster just listening on repeat while I work. Lots of love from Chicago xo

  3. I love your blog!!! Every weekend I catch up with it and remember the months I lived in the 7th arrondissement! I tried to find your friend Lily’s book on Amazon and it did not come up in the search. Has it been published in the US? Thanks

  4. I am heterosexual, 72 year old, Conservative, married (50 years to the same woman!), Mid-continent, Grandfather, American male. But I love the French language, adore Paris, relish all the times I have sat in Paris’ literary sidewalk cafes (especially Deux Magots). Rebecca, I wait all week to have my Sunday coffee with your reading suggestions in my lap. Merci!

    • Good morning, Stephen!

      Thank you so much for joining me on Sundays with your coffee and favorite links. I am so happy to have you here.

      Congratulations on your 50 years. ❤️

      All the best,

      • We will be in Paris summer 2021 if the virus calms down. We’d love to share a cup and croissant with you? Stephen (and Donna)

  5. I always enjoy relaxing on a Sunday morning and perusing your links. I find it a well-needed break from the news! I love your sense of style! And I really love the prints from your shop. You have a beautiful business!

    • Thank you so much, Heather! I finally look forward to Sundays once I introduced this. I am so happy to hear you enjoy them. Have a great Sunday. xo