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Happy May! We are in for another month of quarantine here in Chicago. We are now required to wear masks when leaving the house. I have a few already but I did order some from Madewell so I can wash and wear them again. The highlight of my week was finding peonies at a local flower shop. I spotted them in the window, ran home to give them a call to pay over the phone and ran back to collect them. Every morning seeing them on the kitchen table makes me SO happy. They were expensive but so worth every penny for happiness. It is the little things that mean the most right now. My other highlight was hearing from my sister and her kids. Every time we FaceTime it brings me so much joy.

19 Easy Pastry Recipes to Make Your Kitchen Smell Like a Boulangerie

French PM reveals detailed plan to end lockdown in France

I was supposed to be in Mexico this past weekend so I went with a Mexican theme night for dinner. I made this Dutch Oven Jalapeño and Cheddar Bread and Tortilla Soup from local chef Rick Baylas. I have to say cooking bread in a dutch oven was ridiculously easy! It was almost so easy that I thought I wasn’t doing it right and gave up and pitched everything. I used this Le Creuset Oven

4 Lessons About French Skincare

Paris in Music Videos: A Journey Through the Decades

JCrew is preparing to file bankruptcy

9 Little Ways to Go Easy on Yourself Right Now

My favorite walking shoes are over 50% off right now. They are currently sold out at Madewell but they are available at Nordstrom. They are great for a walk around the neighborhood. Make sure to buy socks so you don’t get blisters.

21 Easy Home Projects to Tackle While You’re Hunkered Down

Paris Zoom backgrounds for your next zoom meeting.

I have spent so much time in the kitchen lately, I have been doing a lot of cleaning and reorganization. Plus, I am getting really good at leftovers. (I hate leftovers) I ordered these to hold all my food in the fridge to keep my food fresh. A steal on Amazon for $40. I also ordered these for the pantry which haven’t shipped yet, hopefully soon.

This blue lightweight sweater is currently in my shopping cart at JCrew. I feel like I will wear it all the time. I have the heavier Winter version in camel brown.

These Baking Kits are so cute and a great idea to do with kids or alone.

This Little-Known Paris Art Deco Landmark Inspired a Young Christian Louboutin

Builders Back at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris After Coronavirus Shutdown

41 Italian Movies to Watch If You are Dreaming of Italy

Essential Café Etiquette for Paris (bookmark for your next trip to Paris)

“These employees had never been out of work their entire lives”: New York French Brands in the face of the crisis

Paris Jazz Playlist on Spotify for your listening pleasure

Six Quarantine Date Ideas for Singles and Couples

My new Sézane Favorites from the May Collection

How to Visit Vintage Paris, Virtually

Tata Harper is offering 25% off right now on their site. I swear by their resurfacing mask for an instant glow.

11 Italian Cocktails You Can Make at Home

We’ll Meet Again: How My Paris Friends Are Making the Most of Lockdown by Marissa Cox

How Paris in Springtime 2020 was Lost to French Lockdown

Elderly People look at their Younger Reflections in this beautiful photo essay

The Street that Still Offers Paris Hope

Paris Closes Rue de Rivoli to Cars (this is something I wish I could see)

This just in as I publish this, France to Extend Covid19 Health Emergency to July 24th

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