Links I Love Week 17

The weather this week has been mostly cold and rainy. I am still in sweaters and boots and it is the end of April. This is pretty typical for our weather here. I have had some ups and downs and some days where I am just really in a funk. I have taken to some self care, long showers, matching pajamas and a lot of stress baking. I made challah french toast (recipe here) and anytime I can spend in the kitchen cooking or cleaning helps me remain calm and distracts me from the news.

My favorite read of the week and an important one. We Need to Talk About How We Talk to Each Other

Dispatch from Paris: A Certain Dish for Uncertain Times

What to Buy When Building a French Bar at Home

I was inspired by David Lebovitz and his great Facebook videos so I bought his book Drinking French. I can’t wait to dig in and try some of the drinks.

Why am I having weird dreams lately?

Denuded of Tourists, Paris Reveals Its Old Beating Heart

These Parisian Postcard Drawings are beautiful and affordable. Support a local artist in Paris

You Can Now Visit the Christian Dior Exhibit Online

Italy’s Finest Hotels are sharing 18 Recipes to bring Italy home to you

Escape to The Loire Valley from the comfort of your own home with this wine tasting class. I am going to join on Wednesday night.

I am so excited to offer an online course with Whitney of Blonde Atlas, “Paris Like a Local” we sold out the first two classes in hours so we added one more.

This week I have really been on edge. I swear I was doing so well for the first month of quarantine and then I cracked. I watched this video of Dorie Greenspan making lemon cake. It was an instant mood boost. I met her in person and she is so sweet.

Transport yourself to Paris with this sounds of Paris soundtrack from My Little Paris

WFH Burnout is real. How to Avoid it

Why Cocktail Hour is Back

Even in Paris, Homemade Sourdough is Inevitable

Photos of Paris During Coronavirus

Adore Me sent me some bathing suits, matching pajamas and bras. I love them! This brand is affordable, fits well and matching pajamas are one of my favorite things.

Meet the American Bringing Bourbon to France

Frenchify Your Outdoor Space (this one was so fun to put together)

Harpers Bazaar did a beautiful piece on photographer Jamie Beck and her isolation creation series in Provence.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas under $100

The 5 Things The Lockdown Has Taught us About France and The French

Grace Atwood shares with Cosmopolitan what it’s like to be an influencer right now

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