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Well I am finally back in Chicago after a short but sweet trip to Paris. Have you started to read “The Paris Diaries”Paris Diaries Day 2 I still feel like I am catching up on sleep and this week, I am jumping on another plane to NYC. I can’t wait to fill you in on what I will but up to in the big apple. I hope to meet some of you for an impromptu coffee date on Wednesday. Check the Every Day Community Page for details. 

How the Top Chef in the World is Modernizing The Form via Food and Wine

8 of the Most Stylish Hotels from Mexico to Paris (hint I stayed at one this last trip) 

For the book lover, I just discovered this hidden gem boutique hotel in Paris. I can’t wait to visit next time. 

11 French Words French People Actually Use that You should Know via Frenchly (this is a great one) 

How to celebrate Le Chandeleur, National Crêpe Day in France

5 French towns you have never heard of but should plan a Visit

The only show I watch on TV, is “This is Us” I don’t know if I can handle tonights episode. Does anyone else watch? 

Macron: Baguettes should be Unesco- listed treasures

Two Years after the Attacks, The café at Paris Bataclan Reopens

Preserved in Time: World War II Bunker hidden under Train Station

Myth or Reality : A Parisian Tells the truth about those Paris clichés (I saw this while I was in Paris and Julie was hilarious) It was a great way to learn about Parisian culture. 

Where to Find Classic French Cuisine in Paris via La Cuisine Paris 

Last week, I joined A French Frye in Paris for a post stroll café chat. You can see it all here. I answer some of your questions about Paris and it was so fun to be in front of the camera for a change. 

For the walk on the Left Bank with A French Frye in Paris you can see it here. I was SO happy to see all of you join in on the fun. Thank you for your support! 


A few Things I am loving right now:

This Bonjour Sweater from JCrew

These adorable socks arrived as a gift from my friend Kat. I can now guarantee that two days out of the week my socks won’t have holes 🙂 

Diptyque has a new Rose scented candle that I got to smell in Paris. I LOVE it. Hint, Valentine’s Day present.

Sisley just introduced a new eye pencil. I am loving the champagne color my friend Magali sent me. I already tested it out this weekend and I can’t wait to wear it again soon. The pencil goes on so easily so you don’t need a brush and it is small enough to toss in your bag. 

I got a haircut this weekend, my bangs are growing so fast so I shortened them a bit and I freshened up my color. It is the perfect shade of chocolate brown. Did you know I have had grey hair since I was 15?  I am headed to NYC this week for a launch party that involves hair so it was perfect timing. I have been going to the same hair person for a year now (which might be a record now) Tell Demi that I sent you if you are in Chicago. 

This post does include affiliate links which helps contribute to my coffee and croissant research. Merci!

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