Beauty : Valentine’s Day Fragrance Guide

valentine's day fragrance guide

One of my oldest friend’s Alexis has shared a love for Paris since we sat next to each other in French class. I am not sure what age we actually met I just always remember being friends with her. I am an Aunt to her adorable twin girls who are just a little younger than my niece Emma. Alexis and I have been in Paris at the same time where we spent time hanging out at my favorite Parisian cafés and most recently our schedules matched up to meet in NYC this past Autumn. Alexis is a trained perfumer and we make time to explore fragrance shops to discover new scents and she has taught me a few things about fragrances.  Our friendship has evolved over the years from playing on the playground to a more sophisticated conversation about life, business, and family. After all these years we are still friends and share a love for Paris all the same. Alexis is the Fragrance expert for the blog, in this latest post from Alexis, she shares a few Valentine’s Day Fragrance gift ideas. 


By Alexis Wintrob

Perfume may be the most personal of style choices. It can define you before you even walk into a room, and it may just be what lingers in others’ memories long after a party is over. So whether you are looking to attract the attention of a new suitor or make a subtle suggestion to your special someone, here are a few scents sure to please on the 14th. 

For the lady who is looking for an iconic, classic scent with a twist, Chanel No.5 L’eau delivers no that promise. While the original Chanel No. 5 is the quintessential symbol of French perfumery, it can be quite overwhelming a first sniff for some. This new, fresh take on the legendary fragrance is a lovely and much lighter rendition of this legendary scent. 

YSL’s new Black Opium Floral Shock is the Valentine fragrance I covet the most. The lovely top notes of fresh lemon beautifully blended with rich fruity florals exude sophisticated, yet sexy notes. This one will definitely spark your Valentine’s interest. 

Need to grab someone’s attention? Hermès L’Ambre des Merveilles is an elegant, yet mysterious fragrance. The woody amber notes give a warm and spicy sensuality that can’t be ignored. 

When I think of fragrances, I associate them with colors and Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming embodies the perfect Valentine reds and pinks. Its top notes of bright red berries blended with beautiful rose and peony notes with a luxurious musk for the dry down. 

Maison Margiela’s Replica Collection features several fragrances perfect for the romantic holiday.

By The Fireplace – Cozy fragrance for a snowy Valentine’s Day, features rich, warm notes

Flower Market – Sophisticated, delicate florals

Glow – Fresh, energetic citrus notes

Lipstick On – Feminine Powdery Floral 

As you gear up for our most romantic of holidays, it can’t hurt to pass along some hints to your Valentine… or forget the Valentine and just treat yourself to something new and invigorating to keep things fresh and fun in the heart of Winter.  

 Alexis’ life has long been shaped by her passion for art, fashion, and fragrance. Her professional career began working with non-profit arts organizations before she transitioned into a corporate role focused on identifying emerging socio-cultural, color and fashion trends for one of the world’s largest beauty-care companies. Alexis also studied fashion design in Milan and traveled to Paris, Nice, and New York to complete a series of intensive trainings to be a perfumer. After almost 10 years in corporate positions, she recently opened her own trends and fragrance consultancy

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