My Summer Reading List


This was originally an instagram post then turned up in my Newsletter but just in case you had trouble find it. Here is my Summer Reading List. It is long and I might need a few light reads to break it up (suggestions welcome) It may take me until Fall or even longer but let’s see how I do. Feel free to read along with me from anything in the stack. I would love to know what you have enjoyed and what you are reading now!

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Some books that aren’t pictured that arrived after I shot this are “Les Parisiennes” which was a reader recommendation and also “Why We Sleep” Just looking at the index on this book had me intrigued. 

I started with “Beneath a Scarlet Sky” my friend gave it to me to borrow and she couldn’t stop talking about how good it was. She keeps asking where I am to check my progress and discuss.

“A Bite-Sized History of France” Gastronomic Tales of Revolution, War, and Enlightenment was sent to me. I have only read little so far. It is great to read a chapter at a time that focuses on a different topic. 

“Orphan Train” This was given to be by a friend.  Has anyone read it? I have heard good things!

Everyone Brave is Forgiven” I don’t know much about this one. I will report back. Also from my friend. 

“Mischling” My friend raves about this one. She gave me a big stack as you can see. 

“Before We Were Yours” 

There you have it! My long list of Summer Reading. I will keep you posted on how I am doing and I hope you will decide to read along with me on one of these books.

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  1. Sadly, "Fromage a Trois" comes out in October. I am looking for a good read in late September on my flight to Paris…but will keep it in mind when I return as it looks like an enjoyable story. "Beneath a Scarlet Sky" is amazing and very good. Did you know Pino Lella (main character) is still alive and living in California?

    • Hi Deborah,

      Have you read "The Perfume Collector" that might be a good read for your flight to Paris. It was a book club favorite last year. I have not finished "Beneath a Scarlet Sky" but I am enjoying it so far. I did not know Pino was still alive. I love knowing this. Thank you for telling me! xo

  2. I have read Before We Were Yours and Everyone Brave is Forgiven. Both were excellent, in my opinion. Before We Were Yours was a difficult subject but handled insightfully I thought. I’ll look forward to hearing what you think of them. I’m adding the others to my, extremely long, list of books to read!