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It is no secret that I have struggled to make it through a book this past year. The last book I was reading in 2020 was “The Woman in the Window” my plane ticket still serves as a placeholder when time stopped and I never finished the book. Granted, the woman struggles with agoraphobia (the fear to leave her house) as we all entered a lockdown, I just felt it wasn’t the best book for my increased anxiety.

I have picked up a few books and put them down. I have never been one to surrender to not finishing a book. The latest book I couldn’t get into was “Mistress at The Ritz” I tried multiple times and others wrote in saying they could relate as well to my feelings on the book.

I am currently reading, “The Paris Library” it is a new release and so far it has grabbed my attention. I just started it but I am 50 pages in and I am invested in the characters, unlike previous books in the last year.

I am finding times to read before bed and over my morning coffee during breakfast. It feels good to finally be in the swing of reading again. I promise to keep you posted on how my reading progresses and if I am able to finish.

For other books that are in my queue to read next, “The Paris Seamstress” and “The Book of Lost Names”. I have always been interested in WWII France books. Two of my favorites if you haven’t read them are “All the Light We Cannot See” and “The Nightingale”

To find other books on my bookshelf, you can read this post or find them here on the blog.

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  1. I am currently reading The Violin Conspiracy by Bernard Slocumb. It is about a black child prodigy who finds that an old fiddle of his great great grandfather’s is a Stradivarius. Racism and prejudice doesn’t hinder this young man’s reach to win the Tchaikovsky competition. However, on the eve of the competition, the violin is stolen. The book is about determination, family, racism, and love.

  2. I loved The Paris Seamstress. I also recommend A True Pleasure, a memoir by Lucinda Holdfortth. She walks you through Paris and talks about historic literary people and how their lives helped changed Paris.

    • Hi Pam,

      Thank you! I am so happy you enjoyed The Paris Seamstress. I can’t wait to read it. I will add A True Pleasure to my list.

      I hope all is well. xo


  3. I highly recommend The Alice Network. It’s a WW1 European spy mystery book and a lot of the book is set in the city of Lille, where I lived for a bit which makes it even more interesting. I found myself getting really into the characters and it has a very gripping finish!

    • Hi Carolyn!

      Thank you. I read the Alice Network a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

      Keep the recommendations coming! xo

  4. I love WW2 France books as well…. there are 2 GREAT follow ups to The Paris Seamstress. The Paris Orphan and The Paris Secret, all by Natasha Lester. I’ve had trouble getting into some of my own book choices also. I’ve found that during Covid times, certain books were so sad and heartbreaking I just couldn’t. I tried the Tattooist of Aucschwitz – no way. I also tried Gentleman in Moscow, I was confused and bored with it! I just bought All The Ways We Said Goodbye and yet again, I just can’t get into it! So, I decided lighter and with good family dramatics, that’s my new focus! Finished The Titanic Sisters by Patricia Falvey and Truly, Madly, Guilty by Liane Moriarty – enjoyed them both! Anything by Adriana Trigiani – she is truly a very funny family drama writer.

  5. You mentioned two of my very favourite books — All the Light We Cannot See and The Nightingale — I loved them so much. I both listened to and read The Nightingale. I have just finished listening to The Dressmaker’s Gift which was another story about the war, set in Paris and very good; it thoroughly drew me in. Two other excellent titles that I suspect you would enjoy are Little Fires Everywhere and Where the Crawdads Sing. For a trip to the English countryside with an intergenerational mystery try anything by Kate Morton.
    I must say that my book club has been wonderful over the last year; we have continued to meet virtually and although there is less wine and food than at our in person meetings, the conversation remains engaging and provides a really important social connection. We never pressure people to finish the books, but most of us do and our meetings are casual and fun. Maybe you can join or start a book club as a way of easing back into the "new normal"?

  6. A fun book is THE SECOND WORSE RESTAURANT IN FRANCE…….hope you enjoy !!!
    Also loved the book THE GOWN the making of ( then) Princess Elizabeth wedding dress,

    Love your posts!!!!!!!!

  7. I’ve read ‘Woman in the window’ but as someone e who’s had agoraphobia, it is a hard read at this time.
    I read a lot…WWII reading great is ‘The Paris Architect’-you cannot put down. Design, architecture, building hiding places for Jews during the war.
    ‘Paris by the Book’ Liam Callahan…
    Art enthusiasts like ‘The Art Forget’…Anything by Shapiro.
    Also loved ‘Origin’ by Dan Brown. For those who love art and architecture in Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid. His research is spot on and I’d just returned from Spain so doubly enjoyed.
    Susan Ashley

  8. Hello! Just thought I would recommend some great books for your reading pleasure. I am a avid reader as I read about a book a week on my Kindle. I have read hundreds and I recommend the following; The Tattooist of Auschwitz, Cilka’s Journey, and Lullaby Auschwitz. I can also recommend the authors of other great books as follow; Grace Green, Robert Bryndza, Joann DiMaio, Greg Olson and many others. I hope your week is going well and I will try your recommendations of the books listed. I love, love, love your blog and can’t wait until your new entry comes! I live in the southern tip of Illinois and retired from the university a few years ago. I don’t know what I would do without my computer, Kindle and IPhone during this pandemic. You have helped make my quarantine much brighter! Hope you have a blessed day.

    My best,