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It was a busy week here in Chicago! I am still working on the finishing touches of a new site for The Print Shop. Henri and I had another puppy class which left us both ready for weekend naps. I baked a lemon yogurt cake and made raspberry sorbet in my new ice cream machine. I dined outdoors at the new Avec rooftop in River North.

In case you missed the news, Henri and I got cast in a short video for a company. I can’t wait to share more details soon, but it was originally scheduled for July but now it was bumped up until June. I need to schedule him a haircut soon so he looks camera-ready.

Today is Mother’s Day in the US. Just a reminder that moms come in all shapes and sizes and look different to everyone. Find your own unique way to celebrate the special people in your life. Dog moms, stepmoms, aunts, grandparents, next-door neighbors, single dads that play both roles are all moms too! If you are dealing with a loss this year or missing someone special, find a way to honor that person today and always. I am sending love to all of you that are struggling this year. ❤️

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s links I love.

As Paris plans to reopen terraces later this month, I loved this post about all the great Summer terraces for Paris. Some I know about, but there are others that are new to me that is going on my list for my next trip.

Links I Love Week 19

The Mothers of All French Sauces (recipes you should know)

If you are looking to invest in a Nespresso, this one is on sale! Plus, did you know you can recycle the pods? You can watch this video here for more details.

Home organizational tips from the guru Emily Henderson.

Will your pandemic relationship survive in the real world?

The Ritz is opening their own Patisserie in Paris this Summer. This is a great and more affordable option if you love the novelty and luxury of The Ritz, but can’t afford to dine or stay here.

I am crushing on this cane black chair for under $300 and it is finally back in stock.

The challenges to reopening Paris’s famous café and bar scene

Strawberry season is just around the corner in Chicago and I can’t wait to try out this recipe.

Obama’s dog Bo passes away over the weekend. The story made me cry because I know how much love Henri has brought me and they were lucky to have Bo for 12 years.

Paris Like You Probably Never Seen it Before I had this slated for last week and I forgot to include it. So many readers sent this to me to read.

France is Reopening to Travelers. Here is Everything You Need to Know According to Afar

I bought new earrings this week. If you still don’t know, I am allergic to the metals in so many earrings I have only worn one pair for years and I lost the back which turned into a mess and going without anything in my ears for months. I bought these which are very small and so far so good after 24 hours.

These two prints are back in stock and perfect for the kitchen. This one and this one. Coffee and croissants.

The best new hotels in the world. Even if these aren’t in your budget, they are so fun to dream about. Add them to your dream vacation list.

For that in-between Spring weather, this striped shirt is so French and perfect. I wore it on Friday and I am so happy I pulled it out of my closet.

Expanded terraces are coming to Paris this Summer. These may become a permanent thing. We have something similar in Chicago and I love it.

The Sézane Summer Lookbook is here. I will update this on Sunday once it is open to the public with my favorites. I have my eye on a few dresses. Here is a sizing guide if you are in the US and you are looking to see how the sizes run in comparison from American to French.

The Best Sandwiches to Order for Lunch in Paris (bookmark these!)

Wanted in France: Thousands of Workers as Hotels and Restaurants Reopen

On the Blog this Week:

Reader questions answered on the blog. I cover everything from my relationship status to my trips to travel to Paris again.

My homemade chips and salsa (a healthier version) this is a weekly staple.

What You Loved Most in April

My Kitchen Staples

Where to Buy A French Market Basket Online

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  1. I just ordered the Paris From The Air book!!! And I’ve just started looking at flights to my favorite city for this Fall. I’ve had my second vaccine dose and finally feeling like maybe, just maybe, traveling for pleasure will be possible sooner rather than later.

    • Amazing! I hope you love the book. I think Fall in Paris is going to be so wonderful. I know a ton of people are booking for Fall so don’t wait too long if it’s something that you are strongly considering.