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Shop Montmartre Parisian Balcony Print Here

It finally feels like late Spring here in Chicago and I am loving it. I have sat outside for lunches/dinner at home and it is so great to feel the energy of the city when I am out for walks. Paris reopened their terraces this week and I wish I could have been there to experience the city in person. I made a Goat Cheese Salad to transport myself to Paris for an afternoon. You can get the recipe here along with other French-inspired recipes.

Henri turned 6 months this week. I made this adorable 30-second video of him and our adventures to celebrate the milestone. He also got fixed this week and is recovering well at home. I head back to Cincinnati this coming week to help my dad and visit with friends. I will be taking a little time off so I can focus on family. I have some fun posts planned for next week so you won’t miss me too much.

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s links I love.

Binge without Borders: Lupin, Call My Agent!, and the Global TV explosion

Monet’s Garden plans to reopen (see the photos here)

This t-shirt has my name all over it. I Love You Sundays in French from Sézane. It is currently in my shopping cart in a size Small

The warm weather inspired me to update my wardrobe with a few new dresses. If you are looking for some fun and affordable dress ideas for your closet, you can check out this post. I recently purchased this dress and I know I will be wearing it all Summer long.

Traveling to France right now? Here is what You Need to Know according to CNN

The Eiffel Tower plans to reopen mid July after being closed since the start of the second lockdown in October.

Paris Bookshops are designated essential, but these landmarks struggle to survive. You can read or listen (4 minutes) via NPR.

Filling your Summer calendar? Slow your roll. via NYT. I will share more of my thoughts about this later this week in an upcoming post.

Museums in Paris also reopened with the Parisian terraces: Here are the 15 must-see exhibitions according to Vogue

The Redesigned Bourse de Commerce reopens in Paris after 3 years. Take a look inside with this video.

I printed this Paris Blue Hour and framed it in 24×36 for home. I am not sure where it is going yet, but I love it big!

Your Grandma’s Plates are in Demand. I loved this article because I am planning on bringing my grandma’s plates back home with me.

I have loved using my blue plates from France that I bought a year ago for every meal. These are similar ones available here.

A Country By Country Guide to Reopened Europe. via NYT

Excuse Me If I am Not Ready to Unmask. This is always a good conversation to have before meeting with friends you haven’t seen since before the Pandemic. Everyone has different comfort levels and it’s good to

My friend Meghan shares her adorable Parisian-inspired studio in Brooklyn with Apartment Therapy. I have a few pieces hanging on her walls. Can you spot them?

‘Fully Booked for a Month’ Paris Cafés and Restaurants finally reopen after being closed for 6 months. I have experienced this in my own city with not being able to get an outdoor table on a Friday/Saturday night. It is so great to see restaurants busy again.

My friend Jane of La Cuisine recorded a podcast episode with The FrancoFiles. You can listen to it here.

How the 1973 Battle of Versailles Changed the Course of Fashion History

This is the watch charging station I use on my desk for charging my Apple Watch, AirPods, and Phone all at once.

I made these shrimp tacos for a quick dinner and they were delicious. The added pineapple and spice was the perfect combo. I will make these again.

This dress has been restocked in most sizes and is one of my favorite looks for Summer.

New Ice Creams to try this Summer in Paris

I saw a dog during my Henri walks who had this water bottle and its genius. It’s about to get hot in Chicago and I need something portable for Henri. I ordered it from Chewy and Henri loves it.

Can families hang on to the slower pace of life? via WSJ (May need a subscription)

For those of you getting back to traveling, how to manage travel anxiety in a crowded airport This is a helpful read and I could have used it before taking my first plane ride in over a year.

For finding a Turkish rug like I have at home, you can try this Etsy shop where I purchased some of mine.

Survival Secrets from Six Female Small Business Owners.

The Friend’s Reboot debuts at the end of this month. I remember watching it in college and again going through a bad breakup when I couldn’t sleep.

This looks like the perfect picnic blanket for Summer.

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  1. Hi- Discovered your site a few weeks ago and have been reading and enjoying both your photographs and your information. Question: Do you have a favorite French actor? After watching A French Village more than once, mine is Audrey Fleurot! The show Spiral remains a top ten favorite so add Thierry Godard to the great actor list. Call My Agent is so funny- I watch it while eating my lunch for comic relief from the gloom and doom news.

    Thanks for taking us to Paris- have never been but you make it feel as though I have!