Links I Love : October Week 4

paris seine photo

I spent the weekend in my hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a lot different from Paris and Chicago, but there is always the comfort of home. My sister, her husband, and the kids also were in town this weekend. We always enjoy taking Emma and Bobby to our favorite parks and restaurants we had as kids. I was able to meet up with high school friends for brunch and we had a big family dinner. We spent an afternoon apple picking with the kids, and ended up with way too many apples. My sister made an apple crisp for dessert and our suitcases are a little heavier with apples to take home. 

As often as I travel, I manage to forget at least one thing. This time around I forgot two essentials. I can’t sleep without a sleep mask, I have two by my bed and I am going to to have to add one to my travel bag.  Emma ended up crawling into bed with my all three nights which was adorable but I didn’t get the best sleep. I have a favorite yoga studio in town and I surprised them all by visiting for a class. I packed all my workout clothes including leg warmers for the colder weather but I forgot pants!! Luckily, my sister lent me a pair of hers and it all worked out. 

Am I the only one that forgets something when they travel? 

A Peek inside the French Fridge 

France’s Butter Shortage Could Put The Beloved Croissant in Danger

The Evening in Paris Dinner with Dorie Greenspan for The New York Times

Paris Gets Its Mojo Back

My friend Kat introduced me to NPR “How I built This” Where have I been? I love these podcasts and I am so inspired by these entrepreneurs. I loved this one by Sara Blakley The creator of Spanx. She still owns 100% of the company 15 years later. 

Earlier this week I posted a rainy day photo in Paris and I asked people to name a song they would play to go with the photo. I loved your responses so I created a Rainy Day Paris Playlist 

Why it is Illegal to Take Photos of The Eiffel Tower at Night

How to Sound Like a Native French Speaker via Frenchly. (I love this one) There is a video with subtitles. 

Julia Child, like you have never seen her before via Bon Appetit

In case you missed it, The last of The Paris Diaries is up with a reflection on my last trip to Paris

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  1. Why not create a master list of packing items? Wardrobe items will change from trip to trip depending on locale and season, but everything else on such a list is static no matter where or when you go, or for how long. I can’t imagine ever traveling without having packed according to my list.

  2. Bonjour, Rebecca! I am a relatively new follower of your blog, so I was surprised to hear that you are from Cincinnati! That is where I live! 🙂 I am happy to see that my song made it on the rainy day playlist (Ballad du Paris)! I am going to go play it right now! Merci!