What to do in Paris in November

November is considered the shoulder season. The tourist season ends at the end of October and there is a bit of a break before crowds pick up in the city for Christmas. I have spent every Fall in Paris since 2013. It is one of my favorite times to visit Paris. This year, I decided to push back my normal visit and I booked a trip for November.

What to expect with the weather:

The days and nights will be crisp. Pack a warmer coat and scarf. You can see my full packing list here. A leather coat was good up until October, but you will need something heavier for November.


Warm Coats


Early November, you can have one last warm day (it happened last visit) but you can never be too sure.

You should expect to have a few rainy days during your visit. Pack an umbrella and make backup plans for rainy days. I highly recommend my favorite Blondo boots. They are waterproof and comfortable for walking around Paris.

Here are a few ideas on what to do when it rains. 

The light is one of my favorite things about Fall. You will see the most beautiful golden light all around the city through November. Plus, as a bonus, the sunsets are pretty amazing. I don’t see these colors at any other time of the year.

What to do:

Cedric Grolet opens his bakery in mid November. Have a pastry for me as I am missing the opening by just a few days.

Check out one of the many exhibitions in the city. You can visit the regular museums but if you have been to Paris before, here are a few new exhibits to check out.

If you haven’t seen the Van Gogh Lumiere exhibit, I have heard great things from so many readers. I haven’t been all year but it ends on December 31st, so now is my last chance. You can book online in English and the tickets are 29 euros each.

Toulouse Lautrec at Grand Palais

The exhibition runs through January 27. Tickets are 15 euros and you can purchase online.

Degas at the Opera at Musée D’Orsay

The exhibition runs through January 20th. The combined ticket is 22.40 euros for the special exhibition and general admission.

Visit the Louvre for the Leonardo da Vinci Exhibition

Tickets are in high demand. Right now there is only one open day in November. Pre-booking is essential!

Stroll through Luxembourg Gardens and The Tuileries. The colors are still vibrant at the beginning of November.

Activities in the city:

November 11 is Armistice Day. Expect a lot of things to be closed. Bakeries and cafés in the center of the city should be open.

November 20 – December 31st Galleries Lafayette will be opening a skating rink on their rooftop overlooking Paris. This is not to be missed and this is a new ice skating rink in the city. The rink has free access, bring gloves as you will need them. The ice skating rink in front of Hôtel de Ville Required them. The rink is open from 9:30 am – 8:30pm. You can see the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night from this view.

November 21 is Beaujolais Nouveau. This is marked by the third Thursday of November with fireworks, music, and festivals.

The Champs-Élysées will light up the street for Christmas on November 21st.

Visit the Christmas windows at the major department stores including Galleries Lafayette. This year’s theme is the Christmas beehive. More details as they are released.

I will be in Paris early November and I was told by a source that works with Galleries Lafayette the tree should be up. I took this photo in 2015

galleries lafayette christmas in paris by rebecca plotnick

galleries lafayette christmas in paris by rebecca plotnick

Galleries Lafayette has now installed a walkway so you can walk across the glass dome and get up close and personal with the tree.

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  1. I’m going to Paris the last week of November so I’m looking forward to hitting some of these spots. Thanks for the post!

    • Hi Ashley,

      Your welcome! I hope you have the best trip. Keep me posted on how it goes.

      Safe travels,

  2. Great post! Been thinking of going. Toulouse Letrec and Degas exhibit I would Iike to see. Great information. Thanks.

  3. I stumbled on your blog by accident. I’m returning to Paris, in one week, after 15 years. This is a great blog for finding the latest on what’s happening now! Thank you!

    • Hi Karen,

      I am so happy you found me! I hope you have the best trip to Paris. October is a great time to see Paris. Let me know if you need help with anything 🙂