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Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying the weekend. My dad is in town from Cincinnati to watch the Super Bowl with me. Our hometown Bengals are playing and we are so excited they made it this far. The last time they made it to the Super Bowl, I was 6 years old and they lost in the last two minutes. It has been fun to have my dad around in Chicago, catch up on life and share good meals. Plus, I think Henri is growing on him. ❤️

If you aren’t a football fan, you can enjoy an extra-long list of favorite links from this week. Grab your coffee and croissant and join me!

There have been big updates in the travel world for France and a lot of Europe in terms of COVID testing. France scraps COVID testing for all vaccinated travelers (there may be a paywall) You can access a similar article here and another article here. 

Rick Steves on the uncomplicated romance of Paris 

The freedom of chartering a catamaran in the British Virgin Islands 

8 Unforgettable European Roadtrips 

I am updating a new/old room in the house and looking at replacing the coffee tables. Yes, I know I purchased this one earlier in the year which is on backorder. I am looking at these nesting tables to brighten up the space.  I am getting design help from Abigail. It has been fun to bounce ideas off someone else and get some fresh views.

Is It Possible To Prepare For Emergencies—Without Panic?

Bobbi Browns over-50 looks going viral on tik tok 

The new hotel in the South of France that I added to my honeymoon wishlist 

French kitchen inspiration 

The best places to retire around the world It’s never too early to start planning the next chapter 

4 tips for splitting the bill when you don’t drink and your friends do 

We watched the Tinder Swindler over the weekend. This true crime story sucked us in for 2 hours. 

I swear by this Laundress stain bar. It’s affordable and is an easy solution to spot-treat stains at home or on the go. 

Where have all the flowers gone? (NYT) 

The Best Foods for Sleeping Better

The new Sezane lookbook launched and I want everything from the new collection. I am back in Paris in spring and want soo many things. Birthday presents ;)?

The best restaurants near Paris tourist spots according to a local 

These Sites Honor the Legacy of Black Women Throughout the South

For an anecdote to diet culture

This Le Creuset heart mug is too cute!! ❤️

I recorded a podcast episode with The Simple Luxurious Life about traveling to Paris during the pandemic. You can listen here. 

I found the noise-canceling Airpod Pros at an even better price here. A great Valentine’s Day gift that should arrive in time if you order now! Add a fun playlist to the gift. 

I love this sleek A-line midi skirt for spring/summer (adding it to my wish list for Paris) This is another fun skirt by Alex Mill. I can’t wait for dress/skirt weather. 

My bangs have become part of my signature look. I filmed a little tutorial on how to style your bangs here. 

How to want less (listen to this 42-minute article here) 

This J. Crew bag is currently under $50. I was crushing on it last year and finally broke down and bought it for Henri. It is what I keep his toys/food in when he goes away for the weekend to my friends when we are traveling. It comes in multiple colors and is perfect for a beach/pool bag or to tote kids’ toys. 


11 Tips for Anyone Who’s Learning How to Relax

I talk about these Rubbermaid fridge containers a lot, but really I love them that much. My sister just bought a bunch and my dad mentioned he has them now too. I got them first and mail cookies to my family using them so they can reuse them. You can use them for the fridge/pantry. 

The best Italian restaurants in Paris

A Clean and Tidy Home Can Boost Your Mental Health—Here’s Where to Start

Be your own Valentine, this year and every year 

On the Blog:

I made a reel making my chocolate lava cake. The trick is not to let it cook too much. I am going to make two again on Valentine’s Day. The ingredients are easy (pantry finds) and it is so delicious. 

Paris A Love Story

My Amazon Kitchen Favorites

Reader Questions Answered on Travel to Paris

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