Links I Love Week 45

Links I Love Week 45

I am spending the weekend in Florida with my niece and nephew for what they call Auntie Camp. My sister and her husband are traveling, and I am helping out with them. It was a quick “yes” when she asked me, knowing how fast the kids were growing up. I feel I missed so much during the pandemic years not seeing them as much. They are at such fun ages. It’s been a busy but fun weekend.

This also puts a lot in perspective on the war in the Middle East and makes my heart heavy for all the families grieving. I continue to keep those in my prayers and send you all love.

As many of you have mentioned, you want me to continue with links I love as they spark joy and sprinkle the magic of France in your inbox. Thank you for your continued support. 

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love. 

Paris’s new hotels embrace color and quirk. You are going to want to see these designs! Via The New York Times Style Magazine 

Le Cordon Bleu pastry workshops now available at Hotel de la Marine in Paris

I got caught wearing my husband’s socks this week. I never owned a pair of Bomba’s, but they ended up in my sock drawer a few weeks ago, and I secretly kept washing and wearing them until I got caught. They are 25% off right now, so I will be ordering my own socks and a pair of compression socks to wear for flying. 

How to use price alerts to get the best flight deals 

15 best things to do in Paris with kids 

I wore this travel set on my way to Florida. While I usually travel in jeans, this was a dream. Frank & Eileen sent it to me, and I am forever changed. Yulia and I shot it earlier this week, and I promise to share photos of it styled soon. These pants are now on my wishlist for the holiday. I have never been into dressing up for the holidays, but I am into it this year. 

Mary Tyler Moore’s jewelry is going to auction at Sotheby’s I watched a HBO special on her life on the flight home from Paris and loved it. I grew up watching reruns of Mary Tyler Moore as a kid. 

11 best French pharmacy products of 2023

I ordered a few new bras from Wacoal this week. It’s hard to find cute bras for bigger chests, and this is a brand I have owned and loved for a while. My closet needed a refresh. 

What to pack for Paris in November 

P.S. My white vase that so many of you asked about is back in stock. I expect it to sell out quickly again.

These velvet-washed pillow covers are similar to what we have on our couch but for a much better price. I love the navy and the marigold. 

How to make mashed potatoes step by step. This is always my contribution to Thanksgiving. Each year, I do it a little differently. They are always a hit with the kids! 

Ways to support the blog this holiday season

Sézane is now available in Canada with duty-free shopping! 

The Future of International Travel Is Passport-Free

Christmas ornaments for the Francophile

Blondo makes a waterproof bootie, and it’s cute! $150 is a great price point, plus it’s waterproof. 

Sleep more and be happier via The Atlantic 

Jenni Kayne is running an early black Friday sale for 25% off. This is a great time to splurge on a sweater. 

How to set a table: A Guide to Holiday Parties and Casual Dining 

The history behind Cire Trudon candles made in France via NYT

My husband and I love collecting matches from our travels. You can create custom matchbooks here for your home or holiday party. I wanted to do it for our wedding, but time passed. Add a special anniversary or date to the box. 

I have been loving two clean sunscreens that offer a beautiful tint and zinc protection, including this Odacité one with SPF 50 and Weekend Skin. (I just placed a reorder for it during the Credo sale) Sunscreen should be a year-round part of your skincare routine. 

You can’t leave Vegas without trying this croissant. Could someone please try and report back?

5 Mistakes to Avoid While Traveling During Shoulder Season

If you bring a puppy home this holiday season, Henri’s dog bed is on sale. We have bought him two, one round and the other rectangular, in different parts of our home. The best part is you can get it monogrammed. They are 10% off right now using the code SAVE10

The food styling secrets behind “Lessons in Chemistry.” 

Best sellers this week include this velvet blazer that so many of you snatched up! I ordered one for myself with a sparkle top for the holidays.

Don’t Forget to Clean These Things Before Guests Visit for the Holidays

For the littlest Francophiles, The Parisian ABCs. Such a delightful book is sold at a small retailer in NYC, French Wink. You can support a small business this holiday with this gift. 

I love the new arrivals at Mango!

The Best Shows and Movies to Stream to Help You Appreciate Your Family This Thanksgiving

13 outfit ideas that epitomize Parisian style via In Style 

Save 20% off this Avène hand cream using the code SINGLESDAY. You will thank me this winter! I always have one stashed in the kitchen to use when my hands get too dry.

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  1. Love this weeks links and stories. Looking forward to trying the sun screens; living in the desert wearing sunscreen is essential. I use the Olay (yellow top) 30 have for years it blends easily and since running errands or simply picking up the mail in 105+ degree weather I reapply often. After this summer I’m looking for an upgrade so thank you for the recommendations. Big hug to Henri & sending love and peace to you and your family.

    • Hi Jo,

      I hope you love the sunscreens. They are clean and have Zinc in them. Both important qualities for sunscreen!

      Sending lots of love to you xo Keep me posted on what you think of the new sunscreens.

  2. Loved the links. I had been looking for something like those Madewell loafers. (Suzanne’s ran too large!)
    Is the Travel outfit worth the price??

    • Hi Robyn,

      I LOVE the travel outfit and can totally understand the concern on price. I just ordered a Quince cashmere travel set for half the price and will review it to let you know how it is. Perhaps that is a better price point and option 🙂

      Traveling home in the travel set now and I do love the comfort and feel of it. While I typically travel in jeans, this is a nice change especially for a 7 am flight. xo

  3. Nice that you gave French Wink a shoutout. The two ladies are charming And their shop is at top of my day shopping (after Bergdorfs). Posh here is also a lot of fun at this time of year.

    • Hi Patti,

      I haven’t met the owners of French Wink in person just online. They seem super sweet and I would love to visit their store one day. POSH is a dream especially this time of year.

      Lots of love to you!

  4. I wish that I could read all your links to The Times, but I would have to subscribe to read the article. Am I doing something wrong? At a dollar a week I don’t want to spend $52 to read a handful of them.

    • Hi Yvonne,

      NYT charges for their content, I do not. If you aren’t happy with the way they run their service I suggest you reach out to them directly. I do my best to identify NYT articles and you have the choice to read them or not. Sometimes, that requires a subscription. I do find their content valuable and I pay for a subscription. Thank you xo

  5. I have quite a few pants from Frank & Eileen and boy, they’re so expensive! I even asked if they had any promo codes and no. But I still love them!

    • Hi Kathy,

      Try signing up for their emails. I have seen a few promo codes come in that way and in printed mail. They won’t allow me to share the codes on the blog because I have a large audience and they don’t want them going viral. I do love their Sligo pants. What are your favorite styles?