Links I Love Week 3

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This weekend, I celebrated Henri’s Gotcha Day. It has been one year since I brought this guy home. He hasn’t left my side since. We woke up to a few inches of snow which provided a little entertainment on our daily walk. I am working on getting into a routine for the new year to continue on a health journey. Sleep, staying active, eating healthy, and drinking lots of water are all part of the plan. You will see this as a theme as you read this week’s links. There are a few bonus links if you are thinking this week is a bit longer than usual. We have a holiday on Monday making it a four-day weekend.

Grab your cup of coffee and croissant and join me for links I love.

Is Parisian Chic still in style?

12 useful tips for your next visit to a French Food Market 

French girl beauty gets a clean upgrade from Chanel 

15 places you may not know in Paris off the beaten path fun places to explore on your next trip

How to be a good hotel guest

What Happened to the men of “Sex and the City”?

New Year’s Meditations For Each Enneagram Number

Looking to try something new in 2022? Here are 99 Hobbies You Might Consider Picking Up In 2022!

Why boarding a plane early is worth it

Why Taking Care of Your Pet Can Be Great Self-Care

I bought a Hatch restore clock this week. Partly to help me improve my sleep, also to help neutralize the noises in our bedroom. Henri barks at everything and anything while we fall asleep. I am hoping this noise machine will help both of us. Plus, it has a transition wake-up light for dark winters. 

5 Coco Chanel Films You Must See

I am doing a bit of research for an upcoming project and ended up purchasing some Merit beauty products. I purchased the mascara and lipstick. I will report back on how I like this clean beauty brand. 

Mindy Kaling is writing Sex Lives of College Girls Season 2 from bed. This is great news. I just wrapped up season one and loved it. 

Anthropologie expanded my favorite latte bowls to grain bowls. I just purchased some from Crate and Barrel but would gladly take these for my kitchen. 

Dorie Greenspan shares a collection of French pastry on the Left Bank. Take notes, you will want to try some of these on your next visit. 

Tour a perfect one-bedroom in Paris 

How the rules of the health pass in France will change Saturday. (you may need a subscription to view)

What happens if an SSSS code shows up on your boarding pass. (this has happened to me multiple times flying home from Paris) 

Nordstrom is having a home sale that includes Duralex glasses, Boll and Branch sheets, and blankets. I also noticed my favorite sports bras are on sale. If you are bigger in the chest, these are more fitted to your individual size vs small, medium, and large. 

How to succeed at failure 

 Pharmacy beauty is having a big sale and I decided to try a few more items. I love their honeymoon glow. I had a reader ask about a Vitamin C serum under $50 so I purchased this one from Pharmacy along with their eye cream. I will report back! 

The (Other) French Chef A good read for Julia Child’s fans 

The most anticipated restaurants in Chicago for 2022 plus, there is a new French restaurant headed our way. 

The book that turned Annie Lebovitz into a photographer via NYT

If you are looking for Gluten Free Paris ideas, check out this post. 

These microfiber cloths are so great for cleaning around the house. It is much more environmentally friendly too. 

Practical ways to set boundaries (and stick to them) in 2022 This is one of my words for 2022. 

I shared this water bottle last week and it arrived and I LOVE it. It is getting me to drink more water. It is almost sold out, just available in two colors. Grab it while you can. 

I am currently watching Stay Close on Netflix after binge-watching Sex Lives of College Girls. (which I loved) two totally different shows. 

My J.Crew coat is almost 50% off and this one is also on sale 60 % off. A great chance to snatch a warm winter coat at a great price. 

I am reading Malibu Rising before bed. 

Is Gruyère still Gruyère, if it doesn’t come from Gruyères? Via NYT

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  1. Just wanted to say thanks for the tip about the glasses at Nordstrom. We have bought 2 sets so far and they are great. The bonus was the fact that they are tempered glass and so tougher than usual. Thanks again and hope you and Henri stay warm(used to live in Chicago so been there done that).

    • Thank you, Dennis! I am so happy you love them! Henri and I are staying warm. He can handle the cold way better than me. 😬