My Word for the Year 2022

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I was challenged to choose a word for the year. It has been a trend in the US for the last couple of years. I don’t know if this has made it to France so if you are new to the topic, this article in the NYT will be helpful.

Instead of coming up with resolutions for the new year, this is a theme that you carry throughout the year. I was burnt out at the end of 2021 and choosing a word for 2022 just as making my goals for the new year felt exhausting. My word came to me during yoga during the Christmas break. The word CONSISTANT was the word that came to mind. I thrive on routine and at the end of 2021, it all went little nuts trying to balance work and everything else.

I stopped working out which is something I used to do daily. I blocked it off as my “morning meeting” for years and towards the end of 2021, I let it go. Working out is something that brings me joy and also gets the creative juices flowing. It is the one time of the day that I am not connected to my phone or able to check email. When I worked out in the studio, I would put my phone away for the hour and it was so nice to unplug. Working out from home has its challenges. Emails and texts don’t stop just because I do. In 2022, I am ready to get back into a consistent routine of moving my body daily.

When it comes to work and the blog, I have Sundays for Links I love and I am very excited to challenge myself to do a year of recipes. I love cooking and baking and I would love to get more active in sharing the recipes with my readers. Every Thursday is blocked off on my calendar to share a recipe. I have the next few months scheduled out and I am looking forward to hearing feedback and seeing all of you be inspired in the kitchen.

In my personal life at home, we have designated days that I cook, my finacé cooks, and nights we order out. We meal plan and grocery shop together to plan out the week. He jokes about this one, but it helps us stay healthy and organized.

As a solo entrepreneur managing two print shops and a blog, I didn’t have a designated day off and would run a week to week with no break. I am working on finding a day off that works and making that consistent throughout the year.

Leave it to me to come up with two words for the year. My second is BOUNDARIES. This means a lot for different people. For me, I set up boundaries on social media and the blog. I don’t talk about my personal life and share photos of my family. That is something that I personally chose and that is ok. This also comes into my work life when I have decided to say no to certain projects. They may not be a fit or I just have too much on my plate. It is important to be able to say no if it doesn’t feel right or you don’t feel comfortable.


In terms of goals for the year, I believe in writing things down to help manifest them. I spent the beginning of 2022 writing my goals down. It doesn’t have to be a big goal, but I encourage you to write them down for the year. They can be personal or work-related. Your goals don’t magically happen because you write them down. It takes action and hard work to achieve your goals. Be consistent and slowly work away at them until they become a reality.

How do you feel about goals? I would love to know some of your goals or words for the year 2022. Drop them below and share them with me.

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