French Beauty Brands You Can Buy in the US

One of my favorite topics is French beauty brands! I have a slight addiction to buying and trying as many French beauty products as possible. It started back in 2013 when I moved to Paris and is an ongoing journey. You don’t need a plane ticket to snag these French brands. They may be a bit higher in price than in Paris but they are worth it. Below are some of the most well-known brands you can find at a French pharmacie or department store.

French Beauty Brands You Can Buy in the US

French Beauty Brands You Can Buy in the US

French pharmacie in Paris.

Below is a breakdown of some of the most popular French beauty brands you can buy in the US and what to buy from each brand.


Klorane is known for its French girl cult dry shampoo. It is a must! I was always nervous about using dry shampoo until recently. I spray it directly on my hairbrush before running it through my hair to disperse it more evenly. You can do this to refresh your bands, after a workout, or to prolong a blowout. If you are going to skip shampoo in the morning, you can use dry shampoo the night before to soak up any additional oil. Let it sit in your hair overnight and wake up looking refreshed.

Their shampoo, masks, and leave-in conditioners are all great too. I currently use the mango one. I have been using their shampoo for years.


Bioderma is famous for its micellar water. Makeup artists used to stock up on this at pharmacies in bulk during Fashion week. This is one of the French girl beauty essentials. It is great for removing eye makeup. I love packing the Bioderma wipes into my carry-on to refresh my face after landing.


One of the brands that you can find the most of in my medicine cabinet. The formulas are clean and based on vine and grape extracts. Some of my favorites include the gentle scrub, night cream, and detox mask. I can’t leave home without this lip conditioner in my pocket or bag. I swear by it!


Sisley is a splurge brand in comparison to the other French beauty brands in this post but I love it so much. I use their gentle cleansing milk daily. I also really enjoy this Black Rose mask and Sleep mask for travel. I also swear by their mascara. It is pricey but I haven’t found anything I love more than their mascara.


Nuxe is famous for its body oil. It is always on every beauty pharmacie list. I own it and can’t rave about it but I always recommend exploring products as we may differ on opinions. Maybe I am just not a body oil person. Come summer, this is the thing to put on your body to look and smell good.


I love burning a Diptyque candle when I am home. I have them all over in different rooms and it is one of my favorite items to gift. I have a Diptyque drawer for that occasion. I am often asked if they are worth it, they last forever! Plus, they smell so good. I don’t eat out or order out so having a fancy candle to burn at night after I make dinner is my guilty pleasure.


Another cult brand. Makeup artists rave about this brand and they use it under makeup for plumping and hydrating.


Avene is based on thermal healing water. Their thermal water is has a cult following. I am a big fan of so many of their products. I use their body balm for my dry skin in the winter and their sheet masks for hydration. Their hand cream is the only thing that can save me from the deep winter dry chapped hands.


One of the most well-known products from Clarins is their double serum made from plants to fight signs of aging. I have owned and used this product and really loved it.



I haven’t explored much of the products from Darphin except their cleansing milk which smells amazing. I would love to have a facial by Darphin in Paris one of these days.

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  1. I don’t see Phyt’s on your list. I am trying to
    find a concealer called Correcteur Anti-Cernes for dark circles by Phyt’s.
    Can’t seem to get anyone to call me back when I do get a phone number that has this prouduct on their website.

  2. What a wonderful, complete EU skincare article. Any way I can download for future reference? Help is appreciated also to ensure my subscription for your articles and product updates. I used to purchase Caudalie @ Sephora in the US. My dream is to one day visit Paris & esp. the Caudalie Bordeaux spa. Thank you in advance.

    Kind Regards,

    Donna Thomas
    Easton, PA US

  3. I did not see Payot in your list.
    Do you consider this brand a good product.
    I used it a few years ago.
    It is not easy to purchase it in USA.
    Sisley is a very good brand but very expensive if you want to try a bundle of items.

    • Hi Angela,

      I haven’t tried Payot which is why it wasn’t mentioned in the top 5 list. There are so many French skincare brands and since it is just a top 5 list, I had to be selective of what I shared. These are the brands I use the most. I am happy to hear you enjoy Payot.

  4. The French beauty finds at Costco are usually all online, making it way to easy to click and add to your cart 🙂 Not as fun as perusing the shelves of a tres chic Pharmacie but so convenient!

  5. Love this list! I’m definitely going to try some of these French beauty products. I had a trial size of the dry shampoo and it was utterly amazing! Also wondering if you would include L’occitane in this list? I love their wallet sized hand crème for the winter months. Non greasy and ultra moisturizing. I’d love to see a French Beauty Box where some of these brands are bundled & one shipping rate! Thanks again! Cathy

  6. OMG @Deborah! Sisley at Costco?!? I’ve fallen in love with SIsley – it’s so pricey in Paris but even more so in the U.S.. It’s almost worth it to go to Paris and stock up on Sisley stuff – and it will essentially “pay” for the plane ride over to Paris – compared to purchasing the Sisley products in the US. lol.

    I’m in love with my Sisley Phyto Lip Twist lip balm – mine is #5, which is the Berry color, I think. I also love the Sisley tinted moisturizer – and really want the All Day All Year (I should have bought it in Paris but thought it was too expensive at 100 euros – but here in the US it’s so much more expensive). The Galeries Lafayette Sisley sales lady gave us a bunch of samples to try so I went back and got the Sisley Hydra Flash Hydrating mask – which is so amazing. Really moisturizes my winter dry face.

    I’m also eyeing Violette_Fr brand – a very small boutique French skincare / makeup brand – her Boum-Boum Milk and iconic red lipstick – looks so French chic.

    Thank you for this inspirational post, Rebecca!

    • Hello Jennifer!

      I love your passion for Sisley and that you know your lip twist color! Mine are 13 and 22! The prices in Paris are way better. If you sign up on their newsletter they do seem to be having 20% off sales and I do see it online occasionally for sale at the department stores in the US. The prices still aren’t the same but a little better with the discount. I too am tempted to try the Violette FR brand. Let me know if you give it a try!

  7. Agent Nateur is also amazing. It’s made in America but formulated in France with French ingredients. The owner lives there part-time while formulating. Holi (mane) is an incredible collagen supplement that I take every day and has really helped me improve hair thickness. She has a tight range of incredible products that are kind of pricey but very, very worth it.

  8. Hi Rebecca, happy new year! I love your French pharmacy list, there are so many terrific recommendations. Did you know that Costco also carries some of these brands at terrific prices? They are currently offering a 2-pack of Embryolisse for $36.99, a Nuxe 4-piece set, 4 Sisley products, and a Caudalie oil. They seem to carry different products from these brands throughout the year. Happy shopping!

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thank you for the great tips for shopping for French beauty at Costco. I haven’t been in a few years but I will keep an eye out next time I am in.