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Paris Summer Seine Stroll Print

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Happy Mother’s Day! I sent cards to my aunts, mom, and sister this week. Mother’s Day looks different to everyone. If you are struggling, I am sending you lots of love this Sunday. ❤️ P.S. Being a dog mom counts. Henri bought me flowers over the weekend.

May - Links I Love Week 19

I had a busy week of deadlines and projects this week. By Saturday, I was exhausted. I had a visit to the farmer’s market, a workout, a nap, and date night. After weeks of cold weather and rain, there is finally a break in the weather, and not only do we have sunshine in the forecast, but we also have warm weather. Chicago is jumping from early spring to summer in a week.

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s links I love. There are a lot of fun ones!

May – Links I Love Week 19

A complete guide to Parisian interiors design and décor

How to survive Mother’s Day when you have lost your mom. This holiday is so hard for so many. As a culture, we are becoming more sensitive to those who have lost their mother figure or don’t have great relationships. This is a great post written by someone who has lost both of her parents. I hope this helps someone. 

True Crime mini-series “The Staircase” is starting on HBO Max on May 5

Dresses for spring. I pulled together some of my favorite affordable options here.

The Moulin Rouge has been turned into an Airbnb and you can spend the night

Greece and Italy drop travel restrictions as of now you still need a negative test to fly back to the US.

The best family-friendly resorts in Europe to book this summer

Why solo female travelers are joining group tours I hosted two Paris group tours filled with solo female travelers and they made amazing friendships. 

Henri and I will be at the Gallagher Way French Market to kick off the season in Chicago.

You can come to hang out with us on May 12 from 5:30-7:30. Details are here. 

20% off Madewell shorts, dresses, and sandals ends today. I ordered this dress, these sandals, and these sandals. I may add in a white shirt after Henri ripped mine when I returned home from BVI.

How to help a loved one through a sudden loss. You never know when this will happen. It’s a good read to bookmark. NYT

I have my eye on two summer dresses from Sézane and I ended up buying this polka dot navy one. They have new releases this Sunday. You can see my Sézane sizing guide here if you need help with sizes or questions. 

We are a bit behind but we started watching 9 Perfect Strangers over the weekend.

5 ways to be a more accepting person via NYT

This week’s Best Sellers

Avène just launched a RetrinAL serum for anti-aging.

They sent me a bottle to try. It claims to help with wrinkles and uneven skin tone. It also is great for hydration. I will report back. You can try it along with me! Avène is using a plant-based alternative to retinoids. You can read more about the differences here. 

Italy is launching a digital nomad visa If I didn’t have Henri, I would sign up in a minute! 

Boden is 20% off on everything if you spend $150 or more using code S150 I have this dress and this sweater in my cart. 

18 recipes you should learn by heart If you are looking to up your game with cooking. These are a great starting point! Via NYT

I am crushing on this hotel in Lourmarin, France. The rates are under $200 and it gets great reviews. 

A mother’s day garden of grief. This was written by one of my college sorority sisters. I didn’t know her struggle until she posted this beautifully written story on Facebook. I hope this helps anyone else who is struggling right now.

Is it safe to fly with no mask mandate in place?

I love a good matching pajama. These moonlight pajamas from Nordstrom are adorable and under $50. They also have a short sleeve version for summer. 

11 picture-perfect French villages you can quickly reach by train from Paris 

I made this sweet potato kale salad for dinner last week and I can’t stop thinking about it.

It took a little time to prepare but you can make things in bulk and have leftovers. We are adding this to the rotation. I will probably be making this again tonight.

You can now ask Google to take your private information out of google search results

Filorga one of the French skincare companies I have been using for years is having a 30% off sale. This basically breaks it down to Paris pricing. The Optim Eyes is great for puffiness, dark circles, and wrinkles. 

These airlines are now offering free wifi

Meg Ryan returns with a new Romcom “What Happens Later”

Stars who rewore their wedding dresses. As I am just starting the process to look for mine, I can see how this could be an appealing idea. 

My Hudson straight jeans are currently on sale. I have the Nico style. I bought them before Paris and had them hemmed. They are perfect and very on trend right now. 

The best people-watching cafés in Paris

For those in need of a Real ID, we got another extension.

I let time get away and haven’t done this yet. A new passport yes, but no real ID. I have another year and so do you! 

Why People Can’t Stop Adding lol to Texts

Spring cleaning tips for your home

This striped dress is super cute and affordable for summer. 

Brisk walking could make our bodies ‘rejuvenate’ by 16 years

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  1. I am now so nostalgic for Paris and France. Love your clothes and your pajamas. Maybe I will make it back to Paris one of these days. Thank you for all the wonderful information. Merci

  2. Every link you reference to NYT (New York Times) is unavailable to me as a former subscriber! They require renewing subscription. Just thought you’d want to know this.