Avène Giveaway

Avène Giveaway

I am excited to share my love of the French beauty brand Avène. Avène is a classic French beauty brand you will find at all the pharmacies. It has been a solid and reliable brand over the years using the thermal French water as the special ingredient. One of the most well known products from Avène you may know is the thermal water spray. My grandma was a big fan of this and I remember seeing her have it in her beauty cabinet growing up.

Avène Giveaway

I am partnering with Avène to give one reader 5 of these amazing anti-aging products that I have added to my beauty regimen as I have recently turned 40. I would love to share my love of French beauty with you.

To enter the giveaway, comment below with your name and favorite anti-aging tip! I will choose one winner on Sunday, May 15th. Make sure to have signed in with your email so I can contact the winner.

NEW RetrinAL Advanced Correcting Serum

NEW RetrinAL Advanced Correcting Serum

This serum just launched last week and I got my hands on a bottle. I have been using it day and night. It’s a 3 in 1 daily serum that minimizes the signs of aging and brightens your skin. One of the things I love about it is the bottle and applicator. It dispenses the perfect amount of product every time. There is just enough to cover your face and neck. It is plant-based which I really like.

The serum plumps and hydrates your skin which is essential in making you look younger and a give you a youthful glow. One bottle lasts 30 days so the 15% discount with REBECCA15 is a great opportunity to try this one.

RetrinAL 0.05

RetrinAL 0.05 - Avène Giveaway

The RetrinAL 0.05 is great for deeper wrinkles and lines. I am just starting to use this but the reviews on sensitivity are great. I suggest starting slowly using this a few times a week to see how your skin reacts. Use this in the evenings and make sure to have sun protection on during the day.

RetrinAL Eyes

RetrinAL Eyes - Avène Giveaway

The RetrinAL eyes a must for anti-aging. Eyes show the first signs of aging. My future sister in law was the one that mentioned this product to me first as her dermatologist recommended it. I couldn’t wait to try it. I use it as part of my nighttime beauty routine. As with all RetrinAL products, make sure to use suncare during the day as your skin will be more sensitive. You will want added protection.

Thermal Spring Water

Thermal Spring Water

The thermal spring water is essential for the warmer months. I love a cool spritz on my face on a hot day. It helps restore the skin’s natural PH balance.

Solaire UV Mineral Multi-Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+

Solaire UV Mineral Multi-Defense Sunscreen SPF 50+

I brought this sunscreen to Italy with me last summer and I fell in love with it. Mineral sunscreens provide broad-spectrum UV protection and works great on sensitive skin. One of the things I loved about the sunscreen is that it didn’t burn my eyes as most sunscreens do and it never felt too heavy on my skin leaving a filmy residue at the end of the day.

You can use the code REBECCA15 to save 15% through Saturday, May 14th on the Avène website.

*This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission off of items purchased through my links. Avène is hosting the giveaway. This is not a paid partnership just a partnership with a brand I love.

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  1. Drink lots of water. I can always tell when my water intake needs improvements when my skin starts to look weathered.

  2. Hi Rebecca,
    My mother was complimented on her beautiful skin until her dying day. And, I remember two things she told me 1) up until you are 30 years old your skin is what you inherited and after 30?… It’s what you deserve.
    2) Don’t do anything to your skin that hurts. Always be gentle to your face.

  3. Sunscreen always! And also being a lifelong student through new experiences, challenges, and continuous learning. The world is one big classroom.

  4. Moisturizer and sunscreen everyday! If nothing else, I’m diligent about moisturizing morning and night and applying sunscreen daily. So important!

  5. My anti aging routine was always using day cream, eye cream & night cream. I’ve added a serum and going to the dermatologist regularly for check-ups. Sometimes you need a professional opinion. :o)

  6. Sunscreen and eating a colorful diet with lots of fruit and vegetables! These products look amazing and this French teacher would love to give them a try! Merci !

  7. Meditation, exercise and healthy eating are essential, as well as beautiful Avène products. We hear it all the time, but we rarely take that time just for ourselves. Avène helps you do it! Love their products!

  8. Anti aging tip- be sure to swipe upwards when applying serums or lotions to your face and use gentle pressure using your ring fingers to apply these items, this finger naturally provides less tension on the skin.

  9. As an older woman I can attest to these three things being very important to skincare; sunscreen, hydration and moisturizer twice a day.

  10. One of my favorite anti-aging tips is to always wear sunglasses. All the squinting we do when not wearing sunglasses can increase lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Along the same line, always wear sunscreen. It’s the best thing to do to keep your skin from aging. I’d love to try all the Avène products. I’ve never used them and the truly look amazing. 💖

  11. Love! My fav anti-aging tip is drink lots of water and invest in good products that work for your skin

  12. As a Francophile, I have a deep appreciation for French beauty products including Avene, especially knowing that French beauty products are more regulated than here in the US. Having also entered the same decade as you, it would be a wonderful to add these products to my beauty regimen.

    One thing I’ve learned is that while skincare is part of the process, it’s important to look at other parts of our lives that affect aging. I’d say moving your body daily is so important, exercise but make it fun. 💃🏻 Healthy eating & don’t forget to have fun, laugh – each day 😊

  13. Love the skin you’re in, and may I also recommend Avene’s Moisturizing Melt-In Balm for the Body. Not sure if you recommended this, but I’ve been using it for the last few years. It has a lovely subtle scent and, along with sleeping on the Paris Perfect sheets you recommended, why my bedtime experience is quite luxurious.

  14. Using sunscreen year round is my best advise, since staying out of the sun altogether is nearly impossible.

  15. I’m in my 70’s and wish I’d know about sunscreen then. So best advice protect your skin and don’t smoke, although the French ladies don’t seem to be affected by this.
    I use Avene Fluide Mineral Teinte on my face, and am never without Eau Thermale.
    Can’t wait to get the new RetrinAl Serum.

  16. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! But most of all be happy and take joy in the little things. Of course I do love my serums!

  17. Physically- consistency is key with everything. Mentally- Never stop learning new things! The minute you stay set in your ways and are unwilling to try new things you become “old”!

  18. I am about to turn 52 and I adore french skin care. My favorite skin care tip is to stay out of the sun. I wear a hat and sunscreen whenever in I spend any time outdoors.

  19. Omega-3 fats are good for anti-aging! They can be found in fish, fish oil, chia seed and flaxseed. They help the body renew skin cells.

  20. Consistent skincare routine that includes daily sunscreen along with lots of smiles and laughs❤️

  21. I just turned 40 this year too:) I think lots of sleep and sunscreen are key to keeping my skin healthy. I love Avene’s spf! More importantly, humor and a smile keep me feeling youthful no matter my age!

  22. I like to mix honey and aloe vera to use as an anti aging face mask, apply and leave it on for 20 minutes before removing. It makes your skin look and feel wonderful.

  23. My anti aging tip is to drink plenty of water and always wear sunscreen (and reapply it throughout the day). Thanks for the terrific giveaway, Rebecca!

  24. My anti aging tip is finding Joy in everyday little things like my beautiful tulips or my warm cup of tea and sharing the Joy while guiding meditation! 💛

  25. Sunglasses to avoid squinting and promoting those deep “11” marks between our eyes! I’d tell my 30 something self to find great hats and sunscreen to protect skin from freckles which content and make age spots: ick! Thankfully a very gentle exfoliating has eliminated most of these. Water, fresh fruit & veggies smoothies with collagen and probiotics give you a glow! Change your pillowcase every night to avoid laying on any dirt or dry shampoo: life changing for my children’s skin.

  26. Stay active, preferably outside and year round. Walking, gardening, housework. I’ve watched my parents and their friends and family age, and I’ve seen that keeping your mind and body busy keeps you younger and more vibrant from the inside out.

  27. My antiaging tip: I always wash my face and moisturize before bed. Even after a really late night!

  28. Sunscreen and hydration!
    Recently I have been adding collagen to my daily smoothie and I definitely see a difference.

  29. Always remove your makeup before bed! Aside from the obvious cleanse, moisturize and protect – I’m constantly telling my friends to aways remove their makeup before bed. There’s no point in spending money on great products if they don’t have a clean face to work on.

  30. A few things that I know have helped me is sunscreen everyday rain or shine! Drink plenty of water, and a regular skincare routine and weekly Gua Sha.

  31. Sunscreen in my opinion is the most important anti aging product. It is an absolute must even on cloudy days. But the key is to find a sunscreen that you love, that feels great on your skin, because if you love it, you will reach for it all the time!

  32. Sunscreen, lots of water, and I swear by a regular Gua Sha routine. I think an overlooked tip is getting good sleep as well!

  33. Eating the rainbow and using food to fuel my body has helped me feel like I’m aging well. Mostly well? Also, I started wearing a wide-brim hat on walks! Also, walks and calming journaling. Okay, this is three. Ooops.

  34. Hi Rebecca, I’m turning 57 this year and love finding good skincare! My best tip is this: remember that a zeal for living life fully is a Pro-Aging blessing. We Age, it’s a blessing in disguise. Then do all of those smart things mentioned like sunscreen, drink water, rest, eat well, exercise, etc., and I enjoy good wine because of reason #1. Thank you.

  35. My tip: definitely sunscreen & hat; drink water, eat healthy and try to get a good night’s sleep. Enjoy the little things in life, and lower your stress.

  36. Sunscreen every single day! Removing makeup every single night and cleansing / moisturizing and hydration, eating well and sleeping / meditating 🙂

  37. Always remember to SMILE! It makes your eyes sparkle, your teeth shine and let’s you glow from within 💛

  38. Good night’s sleep, sunscreen and lots of water! I love Avene products as well. Gotta have the thermal spring water.

  39. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Applying it with your morning skincare is so important, but you also can’t forget to reapply throughout the day. Getting enough sleep is also a critical (but often overlooked) healthy habit for anti-aging.

  40. Sunscreen! I tell my daughters in their 30’s use it every day!! When it’s sunny, when it’s cloudy, and even when it is snowing.

  41. I have sinus issues. Sometimes my sinus cavities are swollen. When a decongestant doesn’t help I use ice. I will use either the smooth massage balls that I put in the freezer or a bag of ice. It really helps with the swelling.

  42. I’m trying to work on my preventative aging routine! Hyaluronic acid, slugging with Biafine emulsion cream, and sunscreen all the time 🙂

  43. Hi Rebecca,

    My favorite anti-aging tip? To quote Elaine Benes from the series Seinfeld: ‘One word: shade!’ So every sunny day I wear a big straw hat 🙂 And sunscreen of course. I looove Avène.


  44. Cleansing/makeup removing wipes. Great to have when you’re out and about or traveling. A light moisturizer with sunblock. Don’t forget your lips!

  45. I wear a brimmed hat and long sleeves when gardening. At age 70, perhaps I should try these products—never too old to teach an old dog new tricks!

  46. I love Avene products too! My favorite anti-aging tip is to remember to take good care of your hands too. This is such an overlooked place on the body, but is one of the first places that aging starts to show (besides the face). Don’t neglect using moisturizers and masks on those hands ladies 🙂

  47. My favorite anti-aging tip is to put sunscreen on your chest and the backs of your hands. These places get so much sun and are so often forgotten!

  48. Oops, forgot to add my favorite anti-aging tip(s). Drink lots so water, take vitamin C daily & always, always use a good sunscreen. Also, Avene RetrinAL products have made my skin look fresher & younger.

  49. Tons of water, sunscreen, shade, exercise, healthy foods with a cheat here and there and an open heart ♥️

  50. Hi Rebecca! I love Avene. It is my regular skincare line, that I use everyday and night. I recently went through a medical procedure which left my skin extremely sensitive. This is when I discovered the Avene Extreme line of products. I agree with you, the sunscreen is great. A friend of mine is going through chemo and I discovered Avene has a cancer care skin care line, which I think is very thoughtful of the the company. She was so grateful to find gentle, clean products that she could use on her super sensitive skin. Thank you for this wonderful give-away! Hugs to you & Henri.☺️

  51. Eyecream: early and often. I started using it in my early 20’s to ward off lines caused by squinting (dry contact lenses, bright sun). It has paid dividends decades later.

  52. Sunscreen. And less makeup. I put my focus up front, on skincare, and find I need less makeup that way.

  53. Eating Plant based foods are the healthiest for my skin. When I get off my healthy diet that’s when I notice my skin looks rough and bumpy and older. I have never heard of this brand and would love to try it. Where have I been?

  54. My favorite anti-aging tip is using sunscreen every day; not only in the sun but on cloudy,rainy,overcast or snowy days. Tried my first Avene product recently and it was the Avene SPF 50.Since I’m fair and have sensitive skin I find it works amazingly on my skin. Love it!

  55. Hello Rebecca!

    My best anti-aging tip is always wear sunscreen. I’ve worn it religiously since my 20s and am now grateful that I’ve made this a priority each day.

  56. One tip is to keep reading directions on products. Some are only for night time, non sun use. Using the wrong product in the sun will agitate skin.

  57. Always wash your face at the end of the day! I shamefully neglected this in my 20’s. I don’t care how late it is, I will still go through my full face routine before bed (cleanser, serum, moisturizer, eye cream). Also, drink lots of water!

  58. Wow! What a gift and thank you for the % off! I’ve used the Avène RetrinAL and RetrinAL eyes and they’re fantastic! Appreciate the recommendations of some of their other products. ❤️

  59. Avene always leaves my skin feeling so fresh! My best skincare tip is to always apply products around the eyes with just your ring fingers. This finger produces to least pressure for a smooth, even application around this sensitive area. I have to remind myself to treat my facial skin with a light touch!

  60. Sunscreen, sunscreen, & more sunscreen – I have very fair skin! And I love the Avène sunscreen!

  61. My favorite tip is SUNSCREEN! I’ve been using sunscreen on my face (at least SPF 30) everyday since I was 23. I’m now well into 69 now and most people – including those who should know better – assume I’m only 50. Good rest, not just sleep, plenty of fresh water, and a sense of wonder keep me going.

  62. I love the sun, but I have not been wise about using sunscreen. After undergoing 2 Mohs surgeries to remove skin cancer, I now put on sunscreen EVERY day. First thing in the morning so I won’t forget.
    I also really like silk pillowcases. I noticed pretty quickly a softening of aging lines after purchasing them.

  63. I find it very important to wear sunglasses and a hat with a visor when in the sun. And I second Teresa on the positive attitude!
    I am very interested in trying the eye serum.

  64. My tip is to treat your hands just like your face! I have a hand cream on almost every surface🥰

  65. My tip is to use French skincare and make it a relaxing and enjoyable time to apply it Put on nice music,have some flowers close by and light up a candle as you enjoy the skincare ritual of pampering yourself xx

  66. Hydrate, Walk, Get Plenty of Sunshine, Fresh Water and Moisturize, these are my best anti-aging tips at 73 yrs. old. I also love Avene Tolerance soothing skin recovery balm. Fingers crossed.

  67. Sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen! Beyond this, I keep a running list of questions to ask my dermatologist when I go for my yearly skin exam, and as a result, I feel that I have updated knowledge of the changing needs of my aging skin. To that end, 1. Sunscreen, and 2. Know what your skin actually needs (not what you think it does), before you spend your money on expensive products.

  68. Love Avene! My tips are – always remove your makeup before bed, drink lots of water and always use sunscreen. This Avene one is great – I agree that it feels weightless on the skin and doesn’t sting my eyes. I am packing it for an upcoming trip to warmer weather – it’s a winner. Retrinal is next to try on my list – I’ve heard good things and always trust your recommendations!

  69. I have two! Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen and always take your makeup off before bed. At the very least, use a removal wipe. ❤️