Links I Love Week 17

This was a crazy week! I launched the new site on Tuesday 🥳 and I have been balancing a few other work projects. The Print Shop is getting a face life soon as well. Henri and I had puppy class over the weekend and a few other weekend activities. On Friday night, I was asleep on the couch by 9, and Saturday I had a good long afternoon nap. Re-entry into a work-life balance feels like a lot these days. Anyone else feeling it too?

I got my first manicure/pedicure in over a year and it felt so good! I got Fairy Taylor on my fingers and Bubbles only on my toes. I don’t know if you remember back last Summer, I tried to do my own pedicure and failed so badly. It took me forever to scrub off the red-stained toes.

I also got a brow wax at Benefit. It is the only place I go for brows. I have done a few touch-up tweezes in between and that is it. Luckily, heavy brows are in this year.

I hosted an IGTV Live last Sunday with the author of “The Paris Library” here. Henri made an appearance in the beginning. 🐶

I joined in for the kick-off of the Julia Jubilee celebrating Julia Childs. The first chat online was between Stanley Tucci and Ina Garten. You can see the other online activities that they have scheduled for free here.

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s links I love.

The big news is that France plans to reopen to vaccinated Americans this Summer. Do you feel you are ready to go?

It’s not just you. We are all socially awkward now.

How to have a happiness breakthrough via The Atlantic

I ordered this Très Bien sweatshirt for me in blue and a matching one for my niece Emma. I showed her over Facetime and she was thrilled to match.

If you are interested in the Jewish experience in Paris, you can take notes from this post.

The importance of routines. I really loved this article and could really relate to the author. Having a routine during the pandemic has helped my mental health so much. (NYT)

I share an Insider’s Guide to Paris here. You can take notes for some of these spots for your next trip to Paris.

How to Get a Vaccine Passport

We consumed the least amount of wine in nearly two decades last year. Surprisingly since I feel like I consumed more at home than any other year. 

New Martha Stewarts: the next-gen women redefining entertainment

These beautiful and delicious macarons arrived on my doorstep on Friday morning. They would make a perfect Mother’s Day Gift.

Yes, ladies, the vaccine can affect your cycle. Don’t worry, it is temporary. 

Can’t eat out? In locked down Paris, a chef can come to you.  

Anthropologie has 20% Mother’s Day gifts for a limited time. 

8 Ways to do Sporty French-Girl Style according to the Wall Street Journal 

10 Things You Can do to Improve Your Relationship (these can be applied to any relationship) 

Kiehl’s is on sale at Nordstrom including my eye cream.

That anxiety you are feeling? It’s a habit you can unlearn. I had this conversation with a few readers this week. You can listen to this hour-long conversation while you are working from home/cleaning/walking the dog. NYT

Lou and Grey sweats are $35 for a limited time. I love their sweatshirt and sweatpants. They are so comfortable.

7 Ways to Get More out of Your Walks

Chicago friends, Green City Market opens next Saturday. I am so excited to have this open again in my neighborhood. Henri and I will able to go here for walks and pick up fresh produce and flowers. Last year, they were only open on Saturdays but they will resume the Wednesday schedule again. Phlour has one of the best croissants in the city and they have a stand here.

I noticed my Zella sweatshirt is on sale at Nordstrom. This one has lasted over 3 years of washes and dries.

7 Ways to Deal with Stress about Post Pandemic Life. Another great article about re-entry

How to make a real Niçoise salad according to Vogue Paris

On the blog this week:

Henri turned 5 months. An update on what we have been up to.

Lemon Pudding Cake (I loved this Spring recipe for one or two)

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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