What to Watch Right Now

Chicago is COLD and we are at home most nights and weekends stay safe and warm. The big question is always what should we watch next?

Below are some of the shows we have watched on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and HBO Max

Please comment below and share what you are watching to help readers find something new and different to add to their personal list.

And Just Like That We stopped three episodes in. I just couldn’t do it. I had high hopes but I think they tried way too hard and missed the mark

Tell Me Your Secrets This haunted me at night but it was so good I couldn’t stop.

Big Sky Similar suspense to Tell Me Your Secrets. I was into the first couple of episodes but I felt the plot took a wrong turn and I had to turn it off. Amazon Prime

White Lotus We binge-watched this over Christmas break. It was a good escape and the Hawaii scenery gave us warmth on the cold nights. It was a bit crazy and over the top. There is a White Lotus 2 taking place in Sicily which I am intrigued about.

Sex Lives of College Girls This had me laughing out loud! It covers real-life issues, the cast is diverse, and it is well written. HBO Max

This is Us I am going to be so sad when this is over. I am savoring every last episode. I love the big three so much.

Stay Close We binged this on Amazon in a few days. Suspenseful and kept my interest. Amazon

Maid A woman suffers from domestic violence from her partner and will do anything to keep her daughter and her safe. Inspiring and eye-opening. Amazon

Safe By the same author or Stay Close Harlan Coben. Both are set in the UK and are suspenseful enough to keep your attention. This is what we are currently watching. Amazon

Marvelous Mrs. Maisel I can’t wait for Midget to be back in February. This will be season 4. You can watch this on Amazon

Don’t Look Up I know there was a lot of hype behind this one with the all-star cast but I couldn’t get into it. I watched it until the end but regret wasting time on it.

Lupin This two part series based in Paris not only has beautiful scenery of the city but a great plot to keep you engaged. The series has subtitles in English but is in French so it is a great chance to practice your French.

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  1. Has anyone seen We Are Lady Parts? Hilarious! I loved it and have watched it twice. It is about an all female Muslim punk band which sounds crazy but it is really fun. And representation! It is so great to see a cast of Muslim women. 100% on Rotten Tomatoes!

  2. Same for And Just Like That. I’ll keep watching out of morbid curiosity.

    Recently stumbled up Chasing Life (Hulu) Characters are likable and storylines are interesting. It’s a good choice for when you want something that doesn’t require too much attention or adrenaline before bed. Also started Difficult People (Hulu) for something a little more humorous.

    About 4 episodes into Locke & Key, but can’t watch it right before bed, my brain gets too wrapped up in thinking about it.

    I love I’m Sorry! Watched it a few times, wish there were more than 2 seasons.
    Scrubs is always a good “comfort” show.

  3. Agree on SATC. Also agree with others that The Flight Attendant and Ted Lasso are great. I also liked Only Murders in the Building on Hulu. And got into Workin Moms and I’m Sorry on Nextflix

  4. Agree that And Just Like That was terrible. I only made it through the first two. We watch a ton of Acorn and PBS. All creatures Great and Small. Series remake, true story. Fantastic. Around the World in 80 days. Anything with David Tennant is great. Love Masterpiece Theatre on Sunday night on PBS. Acorn is great. So much to choose from. We watch mostly British and French TV. Brokenwood, Queens of Mystery, Miss Fisher Mysteries. (Her clothes alone are worth the watch!) Foyle’s War-one of the best series ever made. Vera. There is a great French language series on Acorn- Candice Renoir. She is a beautiful, smart, strong woman. Doc Martin, and Manhunt, both with Martin Clunes, but very different. Manhunt is based on true crime stories in London and the acting was superb.

    Netflix-Sweet Tooth. Eerily similar to the realities of the pandemic. Good Omens with David Tennant and Michael Sheen is excellent.

    Oh well, I could go on and on, but won’t. Thank God for streaming. Jeopardy is the only thing we watch on network tv.

    Can’t wait for Mrs. Maisel!! The acting, the clothes, the 50’s furniture, all top notch. We loved Lupin, too. Have to watch it in French. The English voice that was dubbed does not even come close to capturing his real voice!

    Thanks for all the suggestions. Will follow up!

  5. World on Fire and Atlantic Crossing both good too! Masterpiece Theater past shows. Personally, I never get tired of Gilmore Girls and Fraiser. The Nanny is on HBO Plus and that’s always a hoot. And Northern Exposure (dvd only) can be amusing. Ally McBeal was very popular about 20 years ago. Some current stuff trends dumb, so worthwhile going back til another good series comes along!

  6. Watched part of Gilded Age and so far intend on watching more. While there are some similarities to Downton, I still think it’s worth a watch. Looking forward to next Mrs Maisel.

  7. Loved Lupin. Have you watched Call My Agent. Also subtitles but I really enjoy it. It helps me focus on my French. I find those shows I never pick up my phone which is so nice. We watched ozark and felt it was hard to get back into but by the end we were hooked again. Recently watched Dopesick. Hard to watch but Michael Keaton is amazing along with the rest of the cast. Also Yellowstone was great too.

  8. Thanks for the recs! Totally agree with you on SATC remake, and was so looking forward to it! I highly recommend Succession on HBOMAX. Can’t get enough of the storyline, the scenery (the Hamptons, Croatia, Lake Placid, rural Scotland, Manhattan, etc), the acting and the twists. It’s complex and one of the few shows I can watch more than once. Best to watch with someone else because there are always question 🙂

  9. I don’t have HBO Max but was able to watch the first episode of Just Like That. I agree with you and I’m not interested in getting HBO to watch. However, I also watched the first episode of Flight Attendant and I would subscribe to watch this, and probably will. I was hooked after the first episode. We really enjoyed Ted Lasso on Apple. We’re currently watching the last season of Ozark but I’m having a difficult time getting back into it. Also agree with you about Don’t Look Up. I hope you watched through the credits. I will check out Lupin based on your recommendation and the comments. Thanks!

  10. Has anyone watched The Flight Attendant on HBO Max? I’ve been hearing some buzz about it but haven’t watched it yet. My hubby heard of a new show available on Netflix Feb. 3, Murderville. The trailer looks kind of zany and it features different celebrity cameos in episodes, that are totally unscripted in their part … may be fun and different.

  11. Love Lupin. Can’t wait for season 3.
    I recently watched all 9 seasons of Wentworth on Netflix. I thought the acting was great.

  12. If you have AcornTV, the Doc Martin, Queens of Mystery and Agatha Raisin series are all so delightful and charming, each filmed in beautiful settings. A Place To Call Home is very, very good, also on AcornTV. I’ve found so many good shows on BritBox and Acorn.

  13. We love All Creatures Great and Small on PBS and Amazon Prime. It is a simple show about country veterinarians in the Moors of England. The scenery is to die for. It’s also a family show and for animal lovers.

  14. Thanks for the suggestions! We have loved Modern Love on Prime and of course Ted Lasso on Apple TV – so good!

  15. My husband and I have been watching Formula One – Drive to Survive on Netflix. Learning about the sport, teams and drivers. Bonus is seeing great footage of cities and race courses around the world. Oh to be in Monte Carlo someday.

  16. Bosch on Amazon is very good. Great characters, actors and production. It’s a series based on Michael Connelly’s books featuring his Harry Bosch character. I agree with your assessment of And just Like That … I too couldn’t get past the third episode … it seemed so forced and such an injustice to the original SATC characters, in my opinion. Ditto with you on Big Sky. Virgin River on Netflix is very binge-worthy. Thx, Rebecca!

    • Hi Robbie,

      Thank you! I started Virgin River last year but dropped it for some reason. I need to pick it back up. Thanks for the reminder and tips for other shows to watch.

  17. We always watch a series at night before bed with a cup of Sleepytime tea; it’s not easy finding something we both enjoy. Blacklist, Outlander and now Endeavor have been favorites!

    • I love that you have a routine for the night and to watch a series. It makes the days easier when you have something to look forward to.