My 5-Minute Makeup Routine

sisley paris makeup routine

My 5-Minute Makeup Routine

Last week, I headed off to an event and threw on some makeup as I left the house. I was telling a story about how I got locked in an ATM vestibule which had happened earlier in the morning and the big question was all about my makeup. If I was going to an evening event, I would have put on more makeup but for a daytime look that was quick and easy, these are my top 5 items and it took about 5 minutes.

French makeup is simple and looks effortless. I feel the focus is more on the glowy skin, lips, and eyes. This is the 5-minute makeup routine that I rely on. You can see more of my spring makeup routine here.

5 minute makeup routine with Sisley Paris

For lipstick, I wear this Soft Berry from Sisley. I love their lip twists because it doesn’t feel like you are putting on heavy dark lipstick. Even when the shade is bolder than I am used to, it glides on smoothly and feels light. It also keeps my lips hydrated and stays on for a good while.

sisley paris lip twist

My second to the last item is a concealer. I used to put this on before mascara and eye shadow but it can get messy and this is a perfect way to clean up your face. I love the metal applicator tip that you can press against your eye to reduce puffiness. This is more expensive than other concealers but this one has lasted a long time and it works which is why I love it.

I don’t wear foundation and this covers up any additional redness on my face. I dab a little next to my nose on each side too.

sisley Paris concealer

Sisley Berry Blush. Just a quick swipe of this on my cheekbones and I blend it in. I have used several of their shades but this is one of my favorites and I will continue to come back to it over and over.

sisley Paris berry blush

It’s all about the eyes. I use this lash serum daily to help keep my lashes long and thick. I was not born with great lashes unlike my sister and mom and this truly does help.

For an extra lash boost, I use this lash conditioner underneath my mascara.

lancome lash booster makeup routine

For mascara, I have been using a version of Sisley’s mascara for years. I recently switched to the So Stretch and love it. It’s a mixture of the brush and the formula that makes it for me. It is expensive but I haven’t found anything that has come close.

sisley masacara so stretch

*This post includes affiliate links. I make a small commission off of items purchased through my links. The Sisley items have been gifted over the years to me. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Beautiful! I’m closer to 40 than 30, and I stopped wearing foundation several years ago. I find that it makes me look older…and half my face is also covered by bangs so that’s a plus! Always on the hunt for a good concealer though, so I may have to check this out.

    • I am turning 40 this year. Definitely agree on the no foundation. A good powder and concealer work wonders.

  2. When I was in NYC early in December I made a point to go by the Sisley boutique on Bleecker to get a couple of the Lip Twists. I also walked out of there with that concealer and oh my gosh! I know it is expensive but it is hands down the best concealer I have ever tried. And a little goes a long way so I think it will last a good while. Now you’ve got me interested in trying your mascara.

    • Hi Cathy,

      I am so happy you stopped by the Sisley boutique and tried the concealer. I love it and it does last forever. I am just about due for a new one. What’s your favorite lip twist color?

  3. This looks so similar to my routine – because of your recommendations, Sisley has become my favorite – products are high performance and have tons of good-for-you ingredients Concealer is amazing and lasts a long time – worth the investment.