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There is a lot happening right now with travel and Coronavirus and I am reading a lot more articles than normal just to understand the situation here and abroad. I felt the blog was the best place to share the articles I am reading and what I have found helpful.

If there is an article that is not included below that you have found to be helpful, please link it below. I want this to be helpful to readers around the world.

France Announces 15 Day Lockdown to Fight Coronavirus

The Psychology of Uncertainty: How to Cope with COVID-19 Anxiety

Everything Travelers Need to Know about Getting Sick Overseas

Your Travel Insurance Companies May Cover Coronavirus

Coronavirus and Travel – What is the situation in France?

How to Stock Your Pantry, The Smart Way

Flatten The Curve

Should I Cancel my trip to France because of Coronavirus?

Peter Greenburg shares his Special Report on Coronavirus.

Travelers Coronavirus Questions Answered by Afar

How Does the Coronavirus Compare with The Flu?

What you need to know about Trump’s Europe Travel Ban

Coronavirus Why You Must Act Now

Dining in the time of Coronavirus

How to deal with fear in a Coronavirus world

What if Coronavirus means your kids are stuck at home

A List of NYC Cultural Institutions that are Closing Their Doors for Coronavirus

How to talk to your kids about Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a ‘catastrophe’ for Paris tourism

President Macron’s Televised Address dubbed in English

Learn at Home with Scholastic if you have kids at home

Social Distancing: This is Not a Snow Day

France closes all bars, restaurants, and non-essential shops.

Via Paris By Mouth an important read

France’s Bistros Close, in a Frenzy of Cheese and Paté

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