Links I Love Week 38

Links I Love Week 38

It’s been a BIG week for me personally and in my business. I sent out my wedding invitations on Thursday. They should be hitting mailboxes soon. We have a VERY small guest list. 

In my business, I launched my two calendars! There is a small and big Paris calendar for 2023. It is the same format as in years past making it a great two-in-one gift. There is also an Italy calendar that focuses on the Italian beaches. I love them both so much! This is a great way to support me as a blogger and photographer. 

There is a special presale price on the calendar which will go up next week. These will not be discounted again and will sell out by the end of the year. 

Grab your coffee and croissants and join me for this week’s links I love

The New Hotel with the Most Beautiful View in Paris

Decoding the dress code: What to wear to a wedding now. I feel this question has popped up more and more as we are dressing up less. Via NYT and may require a subscription 

I bought this Henley in 3 colors. I had a similar one last year and loved it and have worn it so many times. I needed more. They are great for layering under sweaters in the winter.

The New Hotel Madame Rêve Feels Like Paris’s Best-Kept Secret The hotel is in a great location in Paris and you wouldn’t know it if you just passed by. I experienced the rooftop bar in May and left unimpressed. But I encourage you to check it out for yourselves to form your own opinion. 

Bright Ideas in Travel 2022

The Madewell Insider Event is on. They are offering 25% off everything. If you are a top-tier member, it is 30% off. This is a great opportunity to stock up on items or purchase that one splurge item at a discount. I bought my leather jacket last October at the sale price and I don’t regret it. I have worn it so much! 

The energy crisis in Paris is causing the Eiffel Tower to darken an hour early

Henri’s Halloween costume. It only makes sense. I cannot wait to surprise his best buddy Ray at UPS wearing this on Halloween! 

I have been updating my sweaters in my closet as the weather will be changing very soon. These three will replace some that I will donate. This Alex Mill one is super cute, I bought it in a small navy, The James sweater from Sézane, and I finally caved on this Jenni Kayne sweater on sale over labor day. 

How the Instagram algorithm is hurting small businesses

The headband is the ultimate fall accessory. I have plenty! Plus, they are super cute with bangs. 

The wedding is less than 100 days away. I kicked my fitness routine into high gear and added in Melissa Wood Health. Has anyone tried it? I am curious to hear feedback.

Polène the French handbag company has opened an NYC location. I highly recommend checking out Polène in Paris and NYC. I have one of their bags and it is one of the most asked-about items in my closet. 

We started our registry at both Crate and Barrel and Williams Sonoma. Our first wedding gift arrived from my future in-laws. It took us a bit to get started on our registry but now we are excited to add to it. If you have any tips, we would greatly appreciate it. 

How to Properly Set a Table for 8 Guests This is so helpful as we are entertaining more! 

This week’s best sellers! It’s all fall and I am loving it!

French railway TGV unveils high-speed trains of the future

Korres the Greek clean beauty brand that I have been using since this summer is currently 30% off. I don’t know how long this sale lasts but I am adding this just in case. Their velvet skin drink is my favorite product. My dry skin loves it! It gives me a fresh glow and it smells so good. 

Which Vaccinations Are Required for Travel? Via CNT

Anthropologie launched their holiday preview. Get ready for cuteness overload! I love these holiday plates which they bring back every year with this mug that sells out! They have different city scenes, my hunch is London will fly off the shelves first. 

Does my relationship really exist if they don’t appear on Instagram? 

Go ahead. Ask for help. People are happy to give it. Via NYT and may require a subscription

She was only in Paris for three days. She met the love of her life on the Metro It’s a cute story and can totally happen. 

Things to do in Brittany France according to CN Traveler This is somewhere I would love to explore. 

I ordered a few items from Sézane last week with the launch. One dress I am returning but this coat is SO cute. I love the button closure. It will be perfect for colder days in Paris and Chicago. I ordered it in size 4 in black. 

6 unusual visits to do in Paris

What Do Dogs Know About Us? Via The Atlantic

Talbots sent me the cutest French-themed mailer including this top and this bracelet. Inside the box was the most adorable croissant cereal. You can read more about the cereal and the founders of the bakery here. It’s a must-stop if in Brooklyn. 

Paris Fights Back Against Love Locks via Forbes

The best of clean beauty brands in 2022 according to Allure Beauty. I now want to try this cream. 

The dirty martini is making a comeback and I am here for it. 

paris september everyday parisian

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The best Paris souvenirs (I love the reader comments too)!

My photography journey. When I got my start plus some adorable photos of me as a kid!

A guide to the 9th arrondissement of Paris. This is a neighborhood you should explore after you have checked the top tourist spots on your list.

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  1. Agghh! Thank you for the heads up on the Anthro city mugs/plates – I never seem to catch the ones I want before they sell out, but I was able to snag London and Paris.

    • My pleasure, Liz! The London one is super cute. I had such trouble snagging these in 2020 and finally got my hands on them in 2021. Enjoy them all season long.

  2. Hi Rebecca! I love Melissa Wood Health workouts. I am a recovering exercise nut who did way too much and finally realized less is more. I adore her workouts and do them almost every day as my sole form of exercise (outside of walking my dogs). I love how good I feel and have been blown away at how effective they are without weights. I love the focus on form and alignment, and the convenience of a quick 15-30min at home is ideal.

  3. You won’t regret that Jenni Kayne sweater!! I purchased it this past January and got so much wear out of it. Thinking that with her next sale I will add an additional color ☺️ Also, love your Italy calendar . It will make an excellent Christmas gift for my mom this year ☺️