2023 A Year in Paris Calendar

 A year in Paris 2023 calendar by Rebecca Plotnick

2023 A Year in Paris Calendar

The 2023 Year in Paris calendar is here! I started this project in 2020 on a whim and an idea on a long drive to North Carolina. I wanted to produce a calendar and had many requests for it but I never had the time and resources to do so. Once the world slowed down in 2020, I was able to refocus and I did some research on a printer to create my calendar.

This is my third year creating and selling a calendar in The Print Shop. Last year, I added an Italy calendar which was “A Year in Italy” that covered different cities in Italy that I had visited and photographed. This year, I decided to focus on Italian Beaches with “The 2023 Italian Beaches Calendar.” Each photograph highlights an Italian beach from Positano, Capri, and Cinque Terre. I wanted something fun and bright for the colder months of the year.

A year in Paris calendar 2023 by Rebecca Plotnick

The Idea

I wanted a calendar that was a two-in-one gift. The calendar I designed highlights a photograph I have taken in either Paris or Italy. You can cut the photograph out at the end of the month and frame it. There are twelve photographs for the price of one. I made sure to use high-quality paper on the inside of the calendar as well to make sure it would look and feel great on your walls.

A year in Paris 2023 calendar by Rebecca Plotnick

The beauty of the calendar is you can pick and choose which images you love and want to frame. You can do a set of 3, 4, 6, or all 12! I found these affordable frames from Target that are great for creating your gallery wall.

The Format of the Paris Calendar

A request from readers and customers was to have the location of the photographs listed. You will now find that on the back of every image. There are two sizes of calendars. I originally made just a small size but added a larger size last year. I LOVE the larger one personally and that is what sits by my desk.

It all depends on your budget and space. The small calendar is 5.5″x8.5″ and each photograph is 5×5″. The large calendar is 8.5×11″ and each photograph measures 8×8.” Prices for the calendars are $35 for the small and $55 for the large. There is a special presale pricing of $30 and $50 for one week.

Calendars will ship the first week of October. There will be limited quantities of the large Paris and Italy calendars. Once they are sold out I won’t be restocking them.

How to Display the Calendar

The calendar is held together by a black wire coil, there is a small hanger loop in the center to connect it to a nail on the wall to hang. There were a lot of requests for a way to sit the calendar on the desk instead of hanging it. Due to limitations with my printer and the quality of that particular design, I decided to stick with the original format.

I did find these easel options that are available via Etsy and Amazon for purchase.

The 2023 Italian Beaches Calendar

The beaches of Italy calendar 2023

The Italian Beaches calendar has the same format as the Paris calendar but only comes in the smaller 5.5×8.5″ size. Each photograph measures 5×5″ and can be framed and hung as a piece of art when the month is over. The beaches are from my travels in Cinque Terre, Positano, and Capri. The beach locations are written on the back of each month.

Italian Beaches calendar 2023 by rebecca plotnick

Italian beaches calendar 2023 rebecca plotnick

Support a Small Artist

*Purchasing a calendar is the BEST way to support me as a blogger and Paris photographer. If I have given you a great suggestion for a hotel or Paris restaurant that you have loved or really enjoy Sundays links I love, this would be a great way to thank me.

The Paris calendar was designed by Caroline Rice. Her third year designing for me. The Italy calendar was designed by Alyssa Wallen. Both did a fantastic job and I am so grateful for their hard work!

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