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Happy Sunday! I am back in Chicago. This week, I took an unintended break due to getting sick on the way home from Italy. Strep throat knocked me out hard, and I needed to rest my body. I am feeling much better, and my energy is slowly returning. A few postcard snaps from the trip. I shot with my camera while there, and we had the most magical day at Fontelina. The beach club was not my favorite after the first trip, but we gave it another try, and I am happy we did. New prints are coming to The Print Shop soon! 

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love. 

If you are in Chicago, don’t forget to stop by POSH for a fun Francophile event with Jane Bertch of “The French Ingredient” from 3:30 – 5:00 pm. I will be there too!

10 wood fence ideas to update your curb appeal. We are having a new fence installed soon, and it has been fun to come up with possible design ideas for our garden area. 

My sister and nephew will be in town this week, and I cannot wait to have them in Chicago for a bit. Auntie cookies are a must, and I have already requested to see Inside Out 2. 

How to tip in Paris: Here’s a breakdown of amounts for each hotel staff member, restaurant, and service provider. I am a big believer in tipping at hotels, especially the concierge or front desk attendant who makes a reservation or arrangement to make your stay extra special deserves a tip. 

20 apartment balcony decorating ideas via Elle Decor 

Welcome to Perimenopause. It doesn’t have to be hell. This was a conversation I started having with my sister and friends lately. 

I especially love wearing Merit makeup on hot summer days. In Italy, I kept it very minimalist and only packed the essentials. They have some great kits that offer discounts on products. Some days, it was just a little mascara and lip gloss for an evening out. 

The best day trips from Paris via CN Traveler 

Air France adds new suites and services at Paris CDG airport including an exclusive airport experience. We typically fly United but I am intrigued to try this. 

I have two favorite pairs of white jeans: these from Madewell, the kickout crop I packed for Italy. (Bonus: they are on sale!) I also just added these from Frank & Eileen to my wardrobe. 

All about the inflammation diet and the 6 foods to eat

This week’s best sellers include espadrilles for a second week, two great affordable dresses, and a look-a-like slip pillowcase for a fraction of the price.

I threw this dress on to meet a friend, and it was such an easy and flattering piece. I have it in two colors. There is a look-a-like at Target, and I bought it in a third color at a fraction of the price. 

A water emergency halts tourist arrivals in Capri. This is so scary, and we just missed it. I’m thinking of my friends in Capri who run a small business there. They told me the restaurants had to shut down. Capri runs on tourism, and its window is from April to October. I hope the emergency ends soon and they can resume a busy and fruitful summer.  

The 15 best beach bags for summer via In Style. I love this affordable find, an additional 15% off, under $50. 

This journal is a game changer. Thanks to me, my mom, sister, and niece all have one. It is one of my favorite gifts. I also gifted it to a struggling friend, and she recently texted me how much it has changed her outlook and mood. 

Are your ankle socks aging you? This is for my husband who brought this up to me recently. 

On the flight to Italy, I binge-watched Under the Bridge. It is a coming-of-age story of a girl who was murdered in a small town. The show highlights bullying in high school in the 1980s. 

A Swiftie’s Guide to London 

I received multiple requests to report my thoughts on the new Caudalie sunscreen. I packed it for Italy and used it daily. My skin felt softer after daily use, which surprised me because I usually think sunscreen can leave a film. 

capri hat and sunscreen

Speaking of sunscreens, one of the biggest trends I saw at Italian pharmacies was stick sunscreens for your face. I have this one from Avène and want to try it from Elta MD because I like their sunscreen. 

A flight attendant’s guide to seat reclining etiquette 

I packed these denim shorts for Italy. They are a favorite from last summer that I can’t wait to wear on repeat. This was a big trend, along with a button-up half tucked into jean shorts, that I saw all over Capri. 

Jenni Kayne is running a 20% off sale. This is typically when I buy anything I have had my eye on. I bought this dress last year, and it has been a reader favorite. Their items tend to run true to size. Sweaters can be oversized, and you may want to size down one. 

As American Express acquires Tock, who is winning the reservation wars? Via Eater 

The Sézane summer archives start this Sunday. Here are a few tips for shopping the archives. Once you have your strategy, if you need help with sizing, check out this post. 

6 secret gardens in Paris you should visit 

Henri and I can match in our Breton shirts. St. James has an adorable Parisian pup shirt! This would be ideal for the colder months as Henri runs hot in his coat. This shirt with the heart elbow patches is a great match and something a little different. 

Dreamy kitchen inspiration from one of my favorite UK brands. I dream of renovating our kitchen, and these are my styles. 

This French pharmacy cult favorite is currently 25% off. You can buy it online if you can’t visit France this summer. This article explains the product and its cult following. 

How to dress like you belong in Paris via Vogue. That’s a helpful tip! 

Can we please let croissants be croissants? Via Eater

The Diptyque Paris candle and other city candles are back for a limited time. They are back in the vault next week. 

My friend Jane shares what it is like to write a book in Paris when the inspiration doesn’t strike when you want it to. 

I fell in love with lemon dishes in Capri but couldn’t figure out how to ship them home. These are much more affordable and look similar. 

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  1. Hello — Just wanted to comment on the Hulu series you mentioned, Under the Bridge. I watched the trailer and have read the book on which the series is based (several years ago).
    At the time the actual event happened (1997), I was working as a teacher and bullying prevention consultant, and was hired the next year by the Vancouver School Board as their Safe Schools Coordinator, so this tragic event was top of mind for all people working in that field and of great concern to educators and parents. The murder took place in Victoria, BC, which is the capital city of our province of British Columbia.
    Eventually several young women were charged and found guilty and an accomplice, a young man, was also incarcerated. Kelly Ellard, the main female perpetrator was jailed and after serval trials she remains in Jail. The young man, Warren Glowatski, who was also jailed, eventually sought a restorative justice process and ended up connecting with Renee Virk’s family to seek forgiveness and make amends, and together they made many presentations to school communities, justice workers, and people working to reduce youth violence. I have no idea what he is doing now. KellyEllard has never sought forgiveness
    From the trailer I watched, the story appears to be very much over-dramatized, and has likely veered quite a bit from the book, which was more based on the true story. Once this series is available in Canada, I will watch it and see how much it actually reflects what happened. The events had a profound effect on the entire education community and our understanding of youth violence, particularly for the role of the young woman who was most responsible. Racism and discrimination also played a role.
    I came across this article in Variety ( which reviews the series and has a wonderful quote from Lily Gladstone, who says, “I really hope that looking at the series, we focus on the true part of true crime a little bit more than the crime aspect,” she said. “Sensationalizing the crime elevates the perpetrator to celebrity status and erases the victim in the process. And when we do that, we also lose the opportunity to talk about what made that person… what in society enabled it so that vulnerable person became the victim.”
    Just trying to bring a little more light to the true story and the impact it had on the broader community when it happened.