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luigi capri beach club

Thank you so much for all your support with Wells Street. It was wonderful to meet those who stopped by with smiles and enthusiasm for Sunday links. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Monday and Tuesday were filled with some exciting work calls. A dream I have been manifesting since the beginning is taking shape, and I have butterflies when thinking about ideas.

This week, I am spending some time in my first love, Italy. My husband and I are in Capri for a few days, unplugging and recharging before jumping back in for a busy second half of the year. A long time ago, I met Holly and Gianluca, who run a cooking school on the island. It has become a tradition to spend an evening with them each visit. Instead of Gianluca cooking for us this time, we will learn how to make pasta and hopefully bring the skill home. You can see some of the behind-the-scenes on Instagram.

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love.

capri italy summer views

Once we are home, I will share our trip’s details, including where we stayed, ate, and what I packed. This is the view from our balcony, which is the backdrop while I work on links I love.

This week, I’ve included links from big publications and a few Paris bloggers who have written excellent articles I wanted to highlight. I hope you enjoy it!

Why you will pay more and behave better when you travel this summer 

European pharmacies are known for great skincare. Here is what you should buy from different countries in Europe. Sunscreen is key. We waited to buy ours in Italy because we packed in a carry-on, and they are better here.

Away just partnered with La Ligne, and it’s too cute! I love the luggage tags and packing cubes! 

40 films that will transport you to Italy.

6 of the best wine stores in Paris.

I packed this red dress for Italy, and it was perfect for cocktails on our first night. It is currently on sale and worth grabbing. The dress comes in multiple colors, but red is my signature.

A Paris house untouched for 75 years. You are going to want to see this dreamy kitchen. 

9 Paris Olympic events that are free and require no reservations

I have been living in these sandals while in Italy. They are perfect for sliding on for the pool and walks in Capri.

New Paris restaurant updates from David Lebovitz. I was happy to see some of my favorites that are included in The Paris Guide

This is the hat I packed for Italy. My husband was nervous about it getting crushed in my suitcase, but it was made for packing and it bounced back as soon as I took it out of the suitcase.

15 breakfast ideas for weight loss from a Dietician. We are always looking for new breakfast ideas packed with protein.

How to shop the Paris flea markets like a pro from House Beautiful.

Similarly, Ajiri Aki, author of “Joie,” takes you through the Puces with Homeworthy. You may enjoy this video if you love learning about Paris antiques.

My travel uniform for Italy. I had to be very strategic since I was packing in a carry-on. I wore this striped shirt, Madewell kick-out jeans, and sneakers. It was very on-brand when arriving in Capri.

This week’s best sellers include the cutest espadrilles I have seen all over Capri. Now, I want to buy a pair.

The health benefits of raspberries. They are one of my favorite fruits; I eat them almost daily.

A new airline for dogs will soon operate out of Chicago. I know there are mixed feelings about the topic. We need the price to drop just a little.

The royal garden just outside of Paris may save the planet. I visited it a while back with La Cuisine Paris.

I mentioned that it had been an exciting couple of weeks. My J.Crew campaign officially launched here. The lemon dress is perfect for Capri, and I can’t wait to wear it to a special dinner.

France’s first cheese museum opens in Paris.

Could you join the 5 am club? My husband and I love getting up early. He rises before me, but we are happy to be so accomplished before noon, even on the weekends.

For the business minds, I love using Flodesk and rave about them often. They are my preferred email provider when I send out links I love. This article was featured in Forbes from a start up to a marketing powerhouse. I am so proud of this female duo and all their growth.

A flight attendants secrets for surviving long haul flights.

I brought One Italian Summer to read on the beach set in Positano. So many of you mentioned how you enjoyed it.

one italian summer

Jet lag, get back in the rhythm sent in from my sister.

Françoise Hardy a French pop icon has passed away at age 80.

The cookbook I keep raving about is buy one, get one free. Get one for your kitchen and gift one to a friend. Plus, it is on sale!

For left bank lovers, Paris Perfect shares their favorite on Rue Cler. It is a must visit street when close to the Eiffel Tower for wine, cheese, and a café visit.

You’re vacationing all wrong. Here is how to have a restful break.

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  1. Ohhh, I’m so sad to hear about Francoise Hardy! I was listening to hear all weekend and didn’t realize she had passed! Her music is so beautiful.

  2. I am a long time subscriber and always look forward to–and enjoy!–each one of your posts( and calendars!! thank you!)
    I am a user of diclofenac,both pills and gel.I have discovered,though. that the gel is harmful to dogs if they lick it.As a loving “fur ball”mommy to our two Yorkies, I thought it
    beneficial to pass on this information to other dog parents who might be using it as well.

    • Thank you, Natalia. I appreciate you bringing this to my attention and other dog moms from EDP. I will keep an eye out for Henri. xo

  3. I was recently in Paris and developed a sore throat – the pharmacist recommended Endomune + a throat spray and it worked like magic. I wish NHCO products were more available in the U.S.

    • Thank you, Jennifer! I wish I had popped by a pharmacy in Italy before boarding the plane back home for some of this magic.