Links I Love Week 19

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms, stepmoms, aunties, dog moms, grandmas, caretakers, and single parents who do double duty. To those of you struggling with relationships, loss, or conceiving, my heart goes out to you today and every day. 

This was the week of tech hiccups. I made many mistakes this week in my business, but I learned a lot. It is part of the wild ride of entrepreneurship. That being said, The Paris Guide 2024 is officially available for purchase. Thank you for your patience and support. 

The Paris Guide

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love. 

Links I Love Week 19

I am jumping into my site updates this week. It is exciting, and I cannot wait for you to see everything. My tech team made me a video to teach me, and they swear I can’t break anything. Made to Thrive is simply the best! 

A 614 square foot Paris apartment with a stunning gallery feature wall and fun color choices

In some fun family news, my sister adopted a doodle over the weekend. Luca is a brown version of my dog, Henri. They are the same age and weight, except Luca is slightly taller. The family is adjusting to the newest family member, and I cannot wait to meet him. 

Everything you need to know about planning a trip to Paris this summer 

Fall into the rhythms of la Pitchoune Julia Child’s home in the south of France

Parvel luggage is 25% off through May 13. I love the look of this carbon-neutral brand and have had my eye on this bag for a while now. This bag has sold out seven times and is made of recycled plastic bottles. 

As someone who suffers from migraines and experienced one last Sunday, this article on migraine hangovers is timely. If you have had a migraine before, you will want to read this. 

My Raybans are 20% off. I can’t tell you how many times I have misplaced these and thought I lost them. (meltdown included) I may need a second pair with a bit of a variance in style for the summer 

classic raybans

The best Paris souvenirs (by me) were posted earlier this week on the blog.

A vibrant new poolscape dazzles at the Italian hotel Le Sirenuse. I have been lucky to be around this pool a few times and hope to see the new design soon. 

This hack using Merit’s instant glow serum is genius. Freeze a little in an ice cube tray and rub on your skin in the morning to depuff. 

A dupe for this Sézane dress is available at Target for $20. My friend Kalie sent this to me. (the look for less)

6 subtle ways your body is telling you have gut inflammation 

We are updating our backyard area and need a new rug. These look promising, and I recently saw a friend post hers on Instagram, and now I want to order one. This is the one I have my eye on since we have a navy and grey theme. 

Another great Boden find. I ordered this dress in red. It looks like the perfect fit in my signature color. 

This week’s best sellers include an adorable pair of espadrilles, a cute pleated skirt, and other great finds at J.Crew.

Lavender is the springtime answer to pumpkin spice. It is popping up everywhere. I just had a matcha lavender latte. 

This lip gloss is a fun pop of color year-round. I wore it for the event last weekend. It goes on easily and isn’t sticky. 

After a few rainy days and over-ripe bananas, I made this banana bread this week. It hit the spot and was perfect. I would make it 10/10 again. 

A travel essential for me is a cashmere wrap, even in the warmer months. I get chilly when flying. This cashmere wrap is on sale and comes in tons of colors. 

Inside the Grand Palais renovation. It has been under construction for three years and is finally finished just in time for the Olympics. The renovation is stunning! 

Luxembourg Gardens spring Paris

Busy Phillips and the subtle symptoms of ADHD she missed for years. I was diagnosed in college and feel it is essential to educate and help those who may suffer, too. 

15 tricks you didn’t know your iPhone could do. These blew me away! 

Avène is offering 25% off using the code SPRING25 at checkout. Some favorites include their thermal water and cicalfate staples in my beauty cabinet. They also launched many new items, including a mineral sunscreen stick (purchased!) and this hydrance cream with SPF 30. 

How Netflix ruined Atrani. This is an interesting article on how travel is disrupted by being featured. This is true for Instagram and so many places, sadly, Paris. 

If you are in Paris at the end of the month, the big picnic of the Champs. I am curious to hear how this turns out and see photos. 

A few weeks ago, I shared about this pillowcase I was curious about. After some convincing messages, I pulled the trigger. I am loving it, but it does take some adjusting. There is a noticeable difference in my skin when I wake up. 

How to get cheap last minute flights according to the experts 

Being a mom is hard work. Is it harder on millennial moms? The Millennial Mom Midlife Crisis 

And Just Like That, Season 3 style snaps. I didn’t love season 1, but I binged season 2 on the plane. I’m ready to see what happens in season 3. 

Vogue shares their take on the best restaurants in Paris 

I read this article on pore vacuums and now I am tempted to test this one out.

The best US airlines ranked by CN Traveler. Sent in from Alyssa, who is a Delta loyalist. 

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  1. I enjoy your posts and your style. but have never left a comment before. After reading that you suffer from migraines and then reading that you wear RayBans I wanted to make sure you knew the connection between polarized sunglasses and migraines. I never knew about it until I got a new pair of prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses. Soon after I started experiencing migraines and they were horrible. It was my sister who figured it out after many months and dr visits. I had the lenses changed to non-polarized and haven’t had a migraine since and it has been a few years. 🙂

  2. Apologies if this author book recommendation has been mentioned before. Cozy Mystery is my new obsession and Mastering the Art of French Murder by Colleen Cambridge is wonderful. Based on a friendship with Julia Child, when Julia is attending the Corden Blue and her American/French friend who is a bit lost having lot her Rosie the Riveter job once the men come home from WWII. I’m loving it and the second book, A Murder Most French is available for free in audio format on iBooks. Highly recommend this author.
    In regards to the previous comment I find your posts positive, with a terrific sense of humor much love for your family and Henri is your joy (as all pups should be) and honest. You share the bumps in life we all deal with. And the reality of how wonderful yet stressful running your own business can be. I love that you encourage us to take time to take care of ourselves, moms especially need to find some time to recharge, we women take on so much. Last nights episode of Maryland on PBS, excellent show was a great example of a this; character’s husband had daughter call her to ask where the shower gel was, her Mom had just died which was why she was away from home – seriously how many of us can relate to a scene similar to that in our life. Thank you for a terrific place to come to every Sunday and for sharing your love of travel, family, Henri I look forward to your posts, emails and Instagram posts. Have a wonderful week.

  3. It was nice to see all positive notes about your last week. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like you sometimes get into a more negative spiral. Examples would be things like much needed rest, overwhelmed, too much to do, etc. Love the recentfocus on the positivity!!

    • Hi Susan,

      Thank you,Susan. Sorry if it comes off that I am in a negative spiral. I find myself to be a very positive and happy person, with a witty sense of humor. Do you follow me on social or just read Sunday links?

      I balance a lot offline in my personal life that I don’t share publicly so sometimes it does feel overwhelming. I also work 7 days a week which doesn’t help 🙂 Have a great Sunday xo