Links I Love Week 18 Year 2024

Paris balcony apartment

Links I Love Week 18

May kicked off with a bang! I have been working with my designers and developers to update the EDP site. We talked for months, and everything landed in my inbox on Monday. It was very unexpected and threw me. I am very excited to share the updates with you soon. Working through everything and learning all the new features will take a bit. That being said, The Paris Guide launch ended up being pushed. It just isn’t ready yet. I hope to have it in your hands soon. I appreciate your patience. 

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love. 

In The Paris Guide, I share my favorite restaurants for lunch and dinner. Here is an amuse-bouche with five of my favorite lunch spots. 

I saw a preview earlier this week of “The Idea of You” now on Amazon. There are mixed reviews. I was a bit bummed on the ending since it didn’t match up with the book. It was still good, and I enjoyed watching Anne Hathaway’s outfits and the movie. We were invited to Alamo Drafthouse, a theater in Chicago where you can order dinner at your seat—such a fun treat.

Links I Love Week 18

6 classic handbags to buy now and keep forever via In Style 

The google maps features all travelers should know about

Why this luxury apartment is a bargain is something you may not know about Paris and how it differs from other European cities for housing. 

Our coffee maker is on sale. I dragged my feet on buying this machine and wish I had done it earlier. We save a lot on making coffee at home now. I have joked that I ran EDP café out of our kitchen. The sale is offered at Sur la Table, Williams Sonoma, and Bloomingdales. I highly recommend our machine. 

Breville coffee maker

9 Places to see the summer Olympics without setting foot in Paris 

This week, I was invited to a Stoffer Home product launch in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was a drive to get there, but I have been such a fan of Jean Stoffer for years that I jumped at the chance. Her home was stunning, and every design detail inspired me. I felt like I stepped into a Nancy Meyers film set. They have a store called Stoffer Home in Grand Rapids with tons of home items to shop for and a coffee shop. I picked up these coffee cups for EDP café and want to buy so many more items. 

You may have heard that France and Italy have incredible sunscreens. If you travel in the summer, you will want to add this to your pharmacy list. What is holding us back from having better sunscreens?

Before leaving Grand Rapids, my friends Abby and Tiffany visited this antique shop. I picked up a new dresser that is now by our stairs. It was $175 and brings me so much joy. We still need to style it a bit, but playing around with it and finding all the right pieces to pull it together will be fun. 

new dresser

The Musée D’Orsay will soon be able to be booked on Airbnb 

Your complete guide to French interior design, according to the pros 

One of my favorite skincare brands is Amala. It is a clean brand with so many great products. I just ran out of their eye cream and need to restock. I use their oil nightly, and it smells so good. It is like a mini spa experience. They have 25% off until Sunday night. I bought this wrinkle treatment out of pure curiosity and rave reviews. 

The best vintage stores in Paris, according to Vogue 

This week’s best sellers an affordable pair of linen pants and sneakers. This month’s best sellers are all about the classics for spring with a great pair of Raybans and a striped shirt.

this week's best sellers
this month's best sellers

For all of you headed to Paris for Taylor Swift, you may enjoy this post on the locations in Paris for her music video Begin Again. (one of my favorites) 

Maggie Rogers shares her skincare routine video, which includes a lot of French skincare. I love her thoughts on aging. 

Miss Morgan's Book Brigade

The next EDP Book Club book is here! I chose “Miss Morgan’s Book Brigade,” which is by the same author as “The Paris Library” (I loved that one). It is historical fiction set in WWI and the 1980’s. Grab it on Amazon or, or your local library. Join the EDP FB group, and you can chat with other Francophiles. I will host an online chat and something in person in Chicago later this month. 

More great new releases from J.Crew. I love a pop of red and this dress is perfect. Also, this sweetheart poplin dress is under $100. Have you bought anything from J.Crew you loved recently?

The cost of coffee is set to skyrocket 

Inside Jessica Helgerson’s 550 square foot pied a terre in Paris. The dining room is stunning! 

What is a travel advisor, and do you need one? I just signed up as one. More details on that are coming soon. 

Perimenopause increases your risk of depression by 40% 

The treadmill desk might really be work it. Have you tried it?

The best hotels in Provence according to Vogue

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  1. I started to see more ads on this week’s blog post. There are too many ads I see as I scroll down the pages, and it is disturbing. It is sad that it takes away of joy of reading your blog posts…. Is this the change you made purposely?

    • Hi Wako,

      Thanks for reaching out! It is a tech glitch and should be resolved on Monday. My tech team doesn’t work weekends.

      I appreciate your patience with this. xo

  2. Rebecca-can you tell me what type of weather to expect in Paris for the last week of May? Trying to make practical choices for the clothes I need to bring. Thank you!

    • Hi Lisa,

      I have a whole blog post one what to pack for Paris in the spring that might be helpful to you!

      The weather has been tricky this year. Keep an eye on the weather app as it gets closer to your departure. Hopefully by then you should have warmer weather. It is known to be rainy so pack layers and a coat that you love. Sneakers are ideal for walking around the city.

  3. I bookmarked multiple stops from your recent Grand Rapids trip – I live a couple of hours south and have been thinking it’s probably time for another “hooky day” road trip sometime this month. Past discoveries in the area that I love re-visiting have been Nantucket Bakery, Schuler Books & Music and The Found Cottage

    • Hi Liz,

      Wonderful! I highly recommend it. Thank you so much for sharing your recommendations too. Grand Rapids is too cute and definitely needs a revisit soon!

  4. Hi Rebecca!
    I’m a huge fan of your blog and can’t wait to try some of your lunch recommendations during my trip in November. I just wanted to make you aware that one of the restaurants has a typo in the name. Bistro Rougement is spelled Bistro Rougemont.
    Have a great Sunday!
    All my best,

    • Hi Christine,

      Thank you so much! I appreciate you catching that human error typo on my part. I will fix that right now. Yikes!

      Have a great Sunday xo

  5. You’ve shared that you like to buy coffee beans when you travel, but I was wondering where you get your “usual” beans in Chicago?!

    • Hi!

      We haven’t found a place that we LOVE in Chicago for beans. Soloway is great and we enjoy their coffee.