Henri 8 Months

Henri is officially 8 months old! You may be thinking how is this month a significant number? I got Henri when he was two months old which officially makes me a dog mom for six months! He has been with me in his forever home in Chicago for the last six months and I couldn’t be happier.

We have had our challenges with potty training and chewing. I may have lost a few chairs and a shoe or two in the past couple of months. Overall, he is the best companion and buddy I could ever ask for. His breed is known for having separation anxiety and I think the feeling is mutual. Wherever he goes, I want to go and vice versa. He follows me around the house and I honestly love it. I just have to plan my moves strategically. When he is sleeping, I rethink getting up just so I can squeeze in a few more minutes of work.

Henri has recently found his bark. He didn’t bark for the first few months and it was so great! He finally found that he makes noise and can voice his opinion and fears of danger with a loud bark. He loves to protect me when he hears any noise and he barks at his own shadow or reflection in the mirror. He doesn’t like going on late-night walks because it scares him and he pulls to go home quickly.

I am very lucky because he is the friendliest dog. We love to go on walks to find friends to play with. He has a few girlfriends in the neighborhood and he has a doodle next door which is now one of his best buddies!

His favorite toys include this puzzle I found on Amazon. He taps it when it isn’t full so he can play the game and discover any treats. I also picked up some bones at my local grocery which keeps him busy. He loves to play ball and I will often find him playing by himself. He keeps the ball in his mouth and tosses it and then picks it up and does it again. Henri loves playing fetch with me and could do it for hours if I let him.

To all of those who have followed along and sent love to Henri over the past few months, thank you. I am so grateful for this sweet and furry addition to my life.

I am already brainstorming ideas for his first Halloween. What do you think Henri should be this year?

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  1. Hi Rebecca,
    My puppy is 9 months old, a female Cavoodle, she too feels just like Henri, barks at herself and at the windows and doesn’t like walking in the dark either. She has lots of friends in the our street and likes to walk during the day.
    We live in Australia and our COVID is up and down. We have just came out of lockdown in Victoria. Still wearing musks. I love your blog, and look forward to visiting Paris, France one day. 🤞🏻
    My suburb is Mont Albert, Melbourne 3137

    • Hi Maria,

      It must be a doodle thing! Our neighbors dog also barks which is where Henri may have picked up the habit. I hope your sweet puppy has brought you joy in this pandemic as much as Henri has brought me. Stay safe and I hope you get back to Paris soon. xo

  2. Napoleon Bone-Apart. Avec une bone bowtie and Napoleon hat, and tri-colour cape or tail ribbon. J’aime Henri and your writing inspires me to return to Paris. Merci.

    • Thank you, Candy! I am definitely thinking of playing off his name or doing something French. I can’t wait to play around with some ideas.

  3. Henri’s new haircut is adorable. But what’s with the ears?
    Regarding Paris: I’m still reluctant to go until I get the booster vaccine. I even started wearing a mask again at the grocery store. What a bummer.
    Macron is much more forceful than they are here about getting people vac’d.
    Your trip to Italy has inspired me to travel again, but it may take a little longer.
    Thanks for all your weekly info.
    Regarding booster, I may not need it, but if it’s available, I’ll take it.