Where to Eat Breakfast in Paris

where to eat breakfast in paris everyday parisian

A typical Parisian breakfast includes a simple croissant or tartine (toast) and coffee. Hotels can offer a high-priced breakfast which you can quickly get out at a café in Paris. It all depends on what kind of atmosphere you want, your budget, and your convenience. You can expect to pay around 10 euros for coffee, croissant, and juice. Depending on the place, you can get freshly squeezed or bottled juice. I prefer fresh squeezed and wouldn’t pay for bottled juice.

There are variations of the typical breakfast, for a few euros more you can get eggs or yogurt in addition to the tartine/croissant.

If you are headed to a Parisian café you will find a simple menu breaking down the different types of breakfasts. This will usually be out until around 11 am.

where to eat breakfast in paris everyday parisian

where to eat breakfast in paris

Some of my favorite Cafés for Breakfast:

  1. Café St Regis on île st louis

  2. Café de Flore

  3. Carette

  4. Les Deux Magots

  5. Café Nemours

  6. Au Petit Fer à Cheval / Les Philosophes (same owner)

  7. La Fontaine de Belleville

  8. Bar du Marché

where to eat breakfast in paris france everyday parisian

Craft Coffee Spots that serve Breakfast in Paris:

  1. 10 Belles Bread

  2. Cuillier

  3. Coutume

  4. Boot Café

  5. Le Peloton Café

  6. KB Café

carette paris where to eat breakfast in paris france everyday parisian

where to eat breakfast in paris everyday parisian

Brunch in Paris

This is new in the last couple of years as the American/Brooklyn influence has grown in Paris. I wake up early so I don’t love Brunch as most people do. I have already eaten breakfast and I am ready for lunch when most people are eating Brunch. I have a Brunch buddy Magali that I will spend my Sundays with and we have tried a bunch of spots over the years.

  1. Holybelly The pancakes are out of this world good. I recently went again on my last trip to Paris and there was a line on a random Monday. Be prepared to wait. If you can, arrive when they first open to avoid a long wait.

  2. Dersou – this isn’t your typical Brunch but I really enjoyed my meal here. I had a salmon bowl that was similar to poké and Magali had an Asian soup. We switched halfway through but I liked my salmon better than the soup.

  3. Café Oberkampf – The Granola and The Lost in Cheeseland are my favorites.

  4. Big Love – I lived right above here for a bit and it was so convenient and dangerous to be so close. They do not take reservations but you can pop your name in and walk around the neighborhood or get a coffee to drink outside while you wait if the weather is nice.

  5. République of Coffee

  6. Hardware Société

  7. Claus

P.S. For my full list on Where to Eat and Drink in Paris you can check out this post

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  1. My husband and I went to Holy Belly on our last trip to Paris and it became our new favorite breakfast spot! Our second favorite is Breakfast in America if you need an American breakfast.