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As a travel photographer, I have spent a lot of time on the road and living out of my suitcase. I have learned from trial and error what I need for trips and items I have forgotten and really wish I would have packed. This post rounds up some of my travel essentials that can be easily found on Amazon.

Is there something you can’t travel without? Comment below and share.

Velvet plush jewelry box. It is under $20 and is great for keeping earrings, bracelets, and rings all organized in one spot.

TSA Approved Toiletry Bag. This comes in a set of two. You can pack all your creams and soaps in there and keep them from spilling inside your bag. If you need to take out your toiletries while going through security, this is such a big help.

Compression packing cubes. These are affordable and really help you save space in your bag. I swear by my packing cubes and I don’t pack without them. Mine are from Calpak.

Leak-proof cosmetic jars. Perfect for your creams to go in your toiletry bag. If you are just going for a short trip and you don’t want to pack the whole container, these are a great option. I love to have my toiletry bag all packed with its own items so I can just grab the whole bag packed and ready to go.

Passport and health cardholder. This comes in a variety of colors. I have traveled internationally a few times since the pandemic and having a spot for your health card is so important. I paperclipped mine to my passport and it was always passed back after customs. They weren’t a fan of the paper clip. You need to keep these important documents together and safe.

Digital Luggage scale. If you aren’t packing in a carry-on, this is a good item to have to keep your luggage weight within the limits. It is so easy to go over. ( I have done it multiple times) I am the queen of airport stress and this is one simple way to reduce it.

Portable hand sanitizer holder. An essential these days especially when traveling.

Portable phone charger. This is a must when traveling abroad. I borrowed juice from the girls on the Paris trip multiple times. It is always good to have phone access in case of an emergency.

Orange SIM Card. Speaking of cell phones. If you are spending more than a few days abroad, I always recommend the Orange SIM card for cell service. You can pop it in your phone on the airplane. Keep your old SIM in a safe spot. (next to passport is always a good bet) This is one of the main cell carriers in France and is reliable. Even if you move across different countries, it will convert to a cell provider in that country.

Laundress Wash and Stain Bar. This one sold out fast over the holidays and they are just restocking it. Keep an eye out for more availability. It is plant-based and won’t count as a liquid in your bag. Spill red wine? Grass stain? Coffee? This bar will magically get anything out. Just follow the directions on how to spot treat. You need water to activate this.

Travel steamer. Compact and easy to pack. A great essential especially if you pack dressy clothes that need a quick refresh after unpacking.

Apple Adapter World Kit I bought this years ago and it was a great investment. I have somehow held on to them this long. It is a simple plug switch to turn your Mac or iPhone charger compatible with Europe. I keep these in my travel bag and pack them every trip.

Travel Pillow. For those long overnight flights when you need to get some sleep.

Mac Converter. If you don’t need the whole world kit from Apple, you can just grab this plug to swap out from the US to the EU plug.

Tech storage pak for all your SD cards, cords, and adapters. I just bought something similar that was double the price. This is a great price and game changer if you like to keep all your tech items organized.

Tide Stick. After Jess Keys saved me from a coffee spill in Paris, I don’t know if I will ever be able to travel without one. It’s an inexpensive and quick fix to stains on the go.

Travel Tripod. This is so inexpensive and a game-changer when it comes to taking videos and photos of yourself when you are traveling alone. This is what I use in my own house to record videos. It is so easy to use too!

Noise-canceling AirPods. Great for long flights to listen to music, podcasts, or to fall asleep and drown out background noise on the flight.

Laundry bag. I like to keep dirty items from clean items and this bag is so much easier than trying to find a plastic one in the hotel closet. You can just throw it in the wash when you get home and add it back into your luggage for your next trip.

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  1. Do you ever meet American tourists for advice / lunch / dinner our treat….????
    I will be in Paris first week in May

    • Hi Carolyn,

      I would love to meet you! I don’t have plans to be in Paris in May. Perhaps another time. xox