Links I Love Week 27

I spent the holiday cleaning out my closet. This project was overdue due to travel, sickness, and family visits. City living means my closet isn’t huge, and I need to keep tabs on what I have and where. I have a donations pile and a few things I am sending to my sister. Cleaning out my closet helped me see what I had too much of and where I needed to fill in the gaps. Surprisingly, I need some new workout clothes, and I have been all set for socks for a long time. Or until Henri finds the sock drawer. 

This Sunday is big! The blog turns eight today. I am working on a post on reflecting and learning lessons along the way. I have been running my own photography business for 16 years, and the blog has been around for eight years.

My husband and I head to the East Coast each summer to see family. It used to be a weekend, but now, with Henri, I don’t want to leave him behind. We compromised, and we are now driving to the Boston area. Henri gets to go on vacation! We rent a house, and we will be working from there for the next week. It takes a lot of planning and packing. 

Grab your coffee and croissants, and join me for links I love. 

Grasse alley way France

French etiquette tips to follow on your next trip to Paris. 

I found this quiz hilarious and a lot of fun. What generation are you when texting? I sent this to my sister and husband. 

Everything you need to know about the Paris opening Olympics ceremony. Will you be watching?

How to remove sunscreen stains. I turned my Frank and Eileen Mary dress orange from all my sunscreen in Italy, and I was crushed. I found this article for some help. 

Pink umbrellas grasse

Beyond Paris, 9 of the best places to visit in France this year via Afar

48 of the best things to do in Paris, according to CNTraveler 

The etiquette of splitting the check. I wish I had this when I was in my 20’s 

The best anti-aging eye creams via Allure 

Sleep better at every age. This is something I am constantly working on. 

Nice France windows

Inside the Paris Olympic venues. 

An essential guide to drinking natural wine in Paris 

I made this halibut with green olive salsa verde for dinner this week. Our garden has growing herbs, and I could grab parsley and cilantro to finish the dish. 

My husband requested granola, and I made a simple recipe (p.231) from Cooking in Real Life. We also love this recipe if you don’t have the cookbook. 

Since it is blueberry season, I made blueberry muffins, a recipe I keep on hand for summer. Make sure to leave them uncovered. I made the mistake of packing them up, and they were too moist. 

I have put all my selects here for those shopping for the Nordstrom sale. 

Anthropologie is up to 40% off on home. This is the time to buy that furniture or mirror you have been eyeing. Our gold fireplace mirror is from here. 

This is a sign to get rid of goal-weight clothes. 

This week’s best sellers include the red flats so many of you asked about from Madewell.

The best Retinol for mature skin 

Ziip Halo sent me their device to try out. It helps lift, sculpt, and glow with noncurrent and microcurrent. There is an app for a guided experience, ranging from a few minutes to a longer session, depending on your time. You need the microcurrent gel on your face to use the device. I have noticed a visible difference in my skin since using it. Use the code REBHALO at checkout for 10% off. 

The new Cherrybombe issue is all about Paris. I bought it and can’t wait to dig in. A preview, with David Lebovitz talking about Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies, can be found here. 

Grasse France summer

Over the long holiday weekend, we binge-watched a few things. 

Presumed Innocent on Apple TV. We are all caught up for now. I know a movie version exists, and I have not seen it. It has been fun to chat theories on Instagram about whether Rusty did it and, if he didn’t, who did! 

The Last Thing He Told Me

The Lost Kitchen. We started this, and Erin French so inspires me. 

I ordered these dryer balls from Quince to sub out dryer sheets and love them. 

Jenna Lyons favorite beauty products and morning and evening routine. 

The Saks-Neiman Marcus merger will create a luxury retail giant. More details in the NYT gifted article 

A new French restaurant, Bar Parisette, opened in Logan Square last week. We visited for dinner over the weekend. The lemon tarte for dessert was delicious.

20 of the best free things to do in Paris 

On the Blog:

5 Favorite Summer Dresses 

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  1. If I’m remembering correctly, some time ago you mentioned crisp white hotel sheets and had a name or a link . I want to change out ours and don’t know anyone who actually has any.

    Merci, Rebecca


  2. Congrats. So enjoy your writing & pics. Have been following for quite a few years not quite the 8 but love all the hints tips & snippets as well as your visuals.
    Ooh love the cookbook club idea I’ll keep an eye out. The problem can be access to books ( I’m in Australia). But even hearing about books is fab. Thanks again and look forward to your posts, emails etc. Lisa

  3. Congratulations on your 8 year blog anniversary. I haven’t been with you from the beginning, but close to the beginning. I went to Paris in 2017 for the first time. When I was researching for that trip, I found you. I have been a big fan since. There was a much delayed return in 2023 and we have another trip planned in April 2025. I find so many tips in your weekly favorite links that I save to my travel folders. Thank you for weekly email… always has meaningful content. Enjoy your vacation. All the best!!

  4. Love the photo of the hanging umbrellas! I’ll bet this was an installation by the Umbrella Sky Project (, which originated in Portugal and has created installations in other countries since (including in Chicago!). Here’s their Instagram account ( and an article in the Washington Post about them ( I hope to see one of these in person one day! So magical.

    • Hi Alexandra,

      Thank you for all this great history on the umbrella project. This photograph was from Grasse, France a few years ago. I was lucky enough to also see the colorful umbrellas in Paris as well. I hope you get your opportunity to see them one day soon.


    • Hi George,

      This particular photograph was taken in Grasse, France a few years ago. They had the streets lined with pink umbrellas and I couldn’t resist capturing it.

  5. Besides the tarte, how was Bar Parisette? I think the name is a little corny, but we plan on going this week.

    • The staff was overly friendly. You would not think you were in the city of Chicago. Our meal was good. It is hard to make decisions on the first week of a new restaurant. I ordered steak frites and my steak was very rare to the point even the waitress and chef commented about it. They claimed it was the lighting in the kitchen which was an odd response. They might need to change their lighting 🙂 It has room for improvement and worth checking out.

      The check with two drinks came out to be a reasonable price and we both had starters. Nothing like the pricing of other city French spots that I find to be overpriced.

      Keep me posted what you think!

  6. Happy 8th anniversary to you and the EDP blog! Thank you for sharing such thoughtful and uplifting content. You’ve created such a lovely community. And it’s been lovely to watch you and your work evolve over the years. Cheers to many more!

    • Thank you, Trinity! I am so grateful for all your support these years. It has been a joy to write each week and I am so proud to see this Francophile community grow. Cheers to year 8 and many more exciting adventures to come. x

  7. Hi Rebecca
    I am the author of two independently published novels. My first one, The Mattress Vendor, is set in rural southwest France and features all the elements your readers would love: romance, decorating, outdoor markets, travel in the Champagne region and PARIS! The heroine is a Boston journalist who inherits her French grandmother’s home and travels there to discover her family–and an unexpected love. I would like to send you a copy to read in hopes that you would consider it for your EDP book club. Independently published books don’t often get the distribution and recognition they deserve. Perhaps the EDP club is a good place for some indy attention. Please let me know how I can get the book to you–either electronically or the paperback edition.
    Here’s the link:

    • Hi Donna,

      Thank you so much for reaching out! Would you mind emailing me the details please [email protected] I also encourage you to join the EDP Book Club on FB. I can send you the link when you email. You can chat with the group there too!