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Happy May! It feels like April flew by so quickly with my birthday and the site launch it was one big blur. Spring has arrived in Chicago and we have finally have had some warmer weather which has caused the blossoms to pop and we have tulips all over the city. There is good news on the travel front in Europe, June 9th is the expected reopening date for American travelers. P.S. If you need a new Passport, the wait time is 3 months right now. I would start the process for travel later this year.

Links I Love Week 18

12 Essential Pieces You Should Own by Age 30 according to Vogue. I am way behind!

How to help India right now with the devastating surge in Covid cases.

I bought an ice cream maker this week. In anticipation of Summer. I wanted one last Summer but I think it was a hot ticket item because of lockdown and they were sold out. This one was on sale and 10% off on top of that. I am excited to try it with fruit flavors from the local market.

The E.U. says Americans can come, but Europeans wonder how I have wondered this myself. I hope we can get more vaccinations out to Europeans before Americans are let back in this Summer.

Everything You Need to Know About Eating in Restaurants Right Now. The world has changed, so have dining rooms.

The Carnavalet: the history of the museum of Paris is opening their doors again. I have yet to go but it has been on my list for years

Macron lays out the four stages of France reopening.

I use lemon daily. It is a big ingredient in most of my cooking including my salad dressing. My favorite juicer cracked and I ended up buying this one. It works so well with both lemons and limes.

Take a tour inside Ina Garten’s Farm House. It is dreamy and this is one of my favorite links this week. It’s so good! Plus she shares some helpful tips for the kitchen.

Unpacking the Effortless Cool of “French Girl Beauty”

I have been searching for a solution for bad rental floors in an apartment and I finally found it with Chasing Paper. My current place doesn’t need these but I wish I had found these a few years ago for my last kitchen.

I ordered this French-inspired white bistro set which should arrive next week. I have an idea on where to put it so Henri and I can enjoy our morning coffee.

The coming conflict between introverts and extroverts via The Atlantic

The World’s First Floating Pool is Unveiled in London (this is so cool) The architecture alone is worth a look at this article.

My Nikes are on sale. They are $50 and I love them. I sized up .5 a size to a 9. They come in a bunch of colors but I got pink.

Three women share their later in life accomplishments. As a late bloomer myself, I loved this article.

Félix Potin, the French Godfather of Modern Grocery Stores This is a really fun story and something I hadn’t read about before.

I love this Montauk tote bag. It comes in three colors and having it monogrammed would be so great to transport some of Henri’s things from park to dog class, to car trips.

A nervous person’s guide to Re-Entering Society (NYT) “If you don’t want to jump into the pool, dip your toe in first”

The Moka pot is making a comeback. I sent this to my sister who loves hers. I bought it as a gift for her last year. We know about them from our trips to Italy.

Missing Paris? Visit Virtually with a class from La Cuisine Paris

5 Summer Skirts almost as good as an Italian Vacation (WSJ may require a subscription)

Work: What if we went to the 4 day work week?

On the blog this week:

Homemade Salsa and Chips Recipe

My Favorite Espadrilles

A Weekend Guide to Paris

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