5 Things to Do in Paris on Your Birthday

what to do in Paris on your birthday

When it comes to locations to celebrate a birthday, one of the best places to turn a year older is Paris. The city has some of the best restaurants, architecture, and shopping. I have celebrated many birthdays over the years in the city of lights. There is something special about doing it solo, honoring yourself, and doing exactly what you want. A birthday with a loved one, friends, or family is also a grand celebration. Here are the top 5 ways to celebrate your birthday in Paris.

What To Do In Paris on Your Birthday

Parisian rooftops view from Hotel Dame des Arts Paris, France

Enjoy a Rooftop Cocktail With a View

Notre Dame Paris Sunset View

There are several rooftop bars in Paris. One of the best views is from Cheval Blanc, overlooking the Seine and Pont Neuf. Enjoy an Eiffel Tower view for sunset and watch her sparkle at night. Cocktails will cost around 25 – 30 euros, and the view is worth it. Drinks at another hotel, such as The Ritz, will run around the same price without the view.

Pont Neuf Paris View Cheval Blanc

Reservations are not required. If you plan to enjoy the sunset, you may want to arrive early for a good seat. It was chilly during our trip, and I was seated close to the door for easy access to take photos and a quick run back inside.

Eiffel Tower Paris view Cheval Blanc

​Shop for A Birthday Present in Paris

shopping in Paris flowers left bank

The person who knows you the best is yourself, and you know exactly what you want when it comes to the perfect gift. Shop at Galleries Lafayette, Rue St Honore, or Sézane, and choose one special item you will remember for your birthday in Paris. It doesn’t have to be big as Paris is an extravagant gift. A scarf, shoes, or jewelry make great gift ideas to bring home. 

A few favorite gift shops include Merci and Marin Montagut for ceramics and Diptyque or Cire Trudon for candles.

Book A Facial at Biologique Recherche

biologique rechereche paris facial

Biologique Recherche has two locations in Paris and is known for its cult following of French skincare. I discovered the brand while researching French skincare brands, and it has been on my list to try and finally had the opportunity to try the experience this trip.. You can book directly online here to make an appointment at one of their two locations. I prefer the Left Bank location and it is more in the center of Paris and just a quick walk from Luxembourg Gardens. You will have your skin analyzed for a personalized facial using the Bilogique Recherche products. The staff will make recommendations based on how your skin reacted to the products they used during your treatment. 

If you know someone going to Paris for a birthday or special occasion, you can gift them a treatment here

They have a magical formula called P50 that will change your skin. I picked this recommended product with a serum, lotion, and milk cleanser. Investing in your skin is something I am passionate about, and I want to take good care of what I have. 

The staff speaks English and is accommodating with recommendations. You can find a spa in the US that offers this service, but this is a unique experience and worth having it done in Paris. 

Book a Photo Session with Katie Donnelly

photo session with Katie Donnelly for your birthday

There is something so special about having a birthday portrait done. We do it when we are younger and slowly give up over time as we age. I booked a photo shoot with Katie Donnelly and her team this past week to celebrate my turning 42. Each year, I treasure these photos. Yes, I notice a few more wrinkles around my eyes, but the belly laughs and smiles are worth it.

what to do in Paris on your birthday

Enjoy a Special Meal in Paris

what to do in Paris on your birthday everyday parisian

I have been fortunate to have had some fantastic meals on my latest to Paris. Researching and discovering new restaurants and visiting classics are both great experiences. You can use this long list of places to eat and drink in Paris, and this classic French bistro list will help you if you are looking for something French. I also recommend checking with your concierge or apartment rental for any local spots in the neighborhood. One of my favorite new spots this past trip was Rotisserie D’Argent, which is associated with Tour D’Argent and is still being remodeled. This was a perfect little spot to enjoy a French meal with a Parisian ambiance, friendly staff, and a good meal. 

what to do in Paris on your birthday

A splurge Paris restaurant option and favorite is Akabeko. The restaurant is French Asian fusion. When they first opened last year, they invited me, and every dish blew me away. I have told everyone I can about this restaurant and put them in The Paris Guide.

Akabeko Paris restaurant

This time around, I wanted my husband to try the restaurant. Akabeko is where we had the tarte tatin I can’t stop talking about! The dishes were different as they rotated their menu regularly and seasonally with the chef. Akabeko missed out on a Michelin star this time around and hopefully will hold the honor next year. Go for the lunch tasting menu, and if you are up for it, enjoy the wine pairings.

Do you have any favorite Paris birthday suggestions or memories?

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  1. merci Rebecca, I loved reading about all your favourite Restaurants in the Marais. The area looks fabulous & so interesting. We will be in Paris at the end of September & can’t wait to visit! Place des Vosges looks wonderful & so many other sites in that area to see too!

  2. My Dad’s birthday was March 20th and mine March 21st. We always celebrated together with a strawberry shortcake (homemade by my mom). And there was always a vase of daffodils on the table that
    my Dad gave me every year. They were just that little bunch you could pick up at a market, wrapped with a delicate rubber band…i still enjoy seeing them each spring season when I am out shopping. I can always picture us together, blowing out the candles on our cake! 🎂
    Happy Birthday to you and your husband!! Thanks for sharing such a lovely story…❤️

    • so sweet, Annette! I love that you also celebrated with a strawberry shortcake. Do you still have your mom’s recipe? Have you made it?

      Happy Belated Birthday! xo

  3. BEAUTIFUL story about your birthday traditions and how important your grandma and her birthday has always been to you. And now your husband sharing that same birthday. Destiny! Happy, Happy Birthday, Rebecca–and best wishes for another wonderful and successful year ahead!

    • Thank you! I hope you and Jim are doing well. I talk about you often to my husband. You two are just the sweetest. You have plans for Paris later this year, correct?

  4. I love how you are so intentional about celebrating YOU during your birthday! To take a pause and really soak up the day is so special and something that everyone should do.
    I also love the fact that your husband shares the same birthday as your dear Grandmother. What a lovely way to carry on the special tradition you shared with her and now share with your husband.❤️

    • Thank you, Victoria! It is important to celebrate each year. I am very grateful that I found love and we are able to carry on the tradition of celebrating together. xo

  5. Nice on the high tea. Our daughter comes to Paris over weekends, or for just one day. She is on your mailing list also but I’ll be sure she sees about having this at least once when she’s in Paris. We’ve had high tea with her several times, most in London, where her work takes her to the home office from Houston. We also have it on the ship while cruising.
    Thanks for this post and keep up your good work.

  6. I LOVE your lipstick in the photo of you post-facial (trench coat, white sweater – gorgeous!). Can you tell me what it is? BTW, I devour each and every one of your posts. Thanks so much for all the wonderful information and inspiration.